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Hi Jon,

The galaxy itself does not have a defined width or height in the generator. It mainly exists to be a collection of all the clusters, which have no specific location attached to them.

By default, clusters generate with a width and height of 100x100 units. If you are extracting this data and using it elsewhere, you could assign each cluster its own location as a multiple of 100x100, and treat the data inside of each cluster as an offset from the cluster's location.

Currently when randomizing using the galaxy menu the default 100x100 is used. If you would like a different size, you can generate clusters with a custom size directly in the cluster menu.

It's nice to see this generator getting put to use, and I wish you luck with whatever project you are working on.

Thank you! That's great to hear that this little generator was useful.

I'm glad the music was a plus! I wasn't sure if something from OGA would have suited it better, so I'm glad that turned out well. Unreal was also an absolute blessing for handling the rendering even at such a low resolution (other than some minor issues with loading lightmaps in prod, map loads are funky sometimes). All in all, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! The level design was a wee bit cheeky to help facilitate the surprise attacks, but its all in good fun of course. :P

Now that's a plot twist. Great game, especially considering the development time.

Although minimal, this was really fun and was rather refreshing from all the clutter-filled entries in this jam. It also kind of reminds me of Ghost Guidance, which brought back some good memories.

This was a really cool concept. I'll have to get a remote desktop going with a friend so we can play this properly. I definitely think you could turn this into something profitable if you're planning to keep working on it post-jam.

I found this incredibly enjoyable. Maybe even this year's winner? :P

This is a really unique concept. Fun too.

Right click on the SCR and select Install. You can modify its settings by either going through Control Panel or right clicking and selecting Configure. In the event that you have another file association with the SCR extension like AutoDesk script files, you might not see these options in the context menu and will need to edit the registry key back to "scrfile", which is the default for Windows.

Thanks! The "pathfinding" is pretty basic. The guards will move toward you if you are on the same X or Y as they are, otherwise they will wander randomly. They don't even check for walls in their way, they will still try to move toward you. I wanted to keep the cost of the guards low so that I could have hundreds of them at a time. Doing any sort of traces or real pathfinding for each guard would severely lower the practical limit on the maximum I could have.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you!

Cool game. The urge to get 1.44MB was pretty strong, but then my hand started hurting.

I made calls to .NET's Console.SetWindowSize(width, height) and Console.SetBufferSize(width, height) at the start of each round. Then for the rest of run time I make the assumption that the console is the same size as my constants, which allows me to move the cursor around and update individual characters/pixels instead of redrawing the whole screen. You can see the calls in the PrintTitle() function here on my GitHub.

This is great. Might I ask how you did the audio?

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The engine will now load json files generated by the toneJS MIDI converter. I've posted the source on GitHub, with a debug build of the game that automatically loads and plays "music.json". The sound quality was pretty horrendous with the test MIDI I used, but it wasn't an 8-bit track, and was probably never meant to be played with just frequency and duration. Have a look and see if whatever music you're planning to produce for the jam will sound ok. I also want to say thanks to HeavyPixels for providing this great resource.

I might actually use this. I was trying to write this for .NET 2.0 so that it would be compatible with running on Windows 98, but music is more important than comparability. If I use version 3.5 I can use the WebClient class to download the JS and the JavaScriptSerializer class to process the result. That does mean I still need some tracks, just in MIDI format. I'll look into implementing this today and get back to you all.

I'm working on writing a mini game engine for this jam. The main issue I'm having right now is music playback. I've been looking at the midi file format, but it's a pain to implement a binary reader that reads all of the right parts of the file. Preferably I'd like a plaintext file with note number and duration to hold for, seperated by commas and new lines. This might not be something you'd want to help work on, but if you have some tunes that you would like to convert to this format, I can post the specification.

Thanks for playing!

Awesome video! Thanks for playing.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you had fun with it.

Thank you.

This game needs some love.

Thank you for downloading! It's not what you might call a 'true' horror game, but it was designed to make the player nervous/apprehensive.

Thanks for making a video. I'll switch the flashlight to a toggle for 0.3.

Thank you for playing. I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you. I plan on adding more/better textures in the next few updates.

Thank you for playing my game! I'm glad you liked it. I'll be taking your feedback and putting it into the 0.3 update. I've moved the water glitches to the top of the to-do list so I'll hopefully have that fixed on the dev machine by this afternoon. I'll also add some decor to the rooms moving towards 0.3.

Taming community · Created a new topic Interesting

It's difficult to get the cat to move in time before it gets laser'd, but definitely an interesting mechanic.

I'm curious. What game engine is this? It's a wonderful game and I can't stop playing it!

Here's some music just for #LOWREZJAM2017:

I won't be able to participate in the jam this year, but I have music for anyone who wants it.

It's all royalty free etc etc. Just mention me in your credits/about section if your game has any.

I'll also be adding more in the coming week, so stay tuned if you don't see anything you like right away. I'll also probably make some just for this jam (all 8-bit and stuff).

Thanks! Nice to see people actually like the thinks I make.