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Hi, and thanks for your comment!

I've also heard of those kind of games but never actually played any of them, so I don't really know how they were like. But what you described "simple" and "warm sprited" was exactly what I was trying to achieve with this game. The competition element between the teams was actually just an extra element, attempting to motivate certain groups of people who really enjoy competetivenes in games. Originally, I actually intended it to be fully cooperative game with only 1 team. But in the late phases of the design I suddendly had the idea of multiple cooperational teams playing the game at the same time (and then possible trying to compete with the other teams).

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Some comments: 

Visuals: The game looks really nice and and sprites are detailed. Especially I like the trees and that there is variations in them. The colors fit really well to winter atmosphere. Also, the red color makes it easy to distinguish interactable elements from the background. Only graphic related thing that would need an improvement in my opinion is the pier, which I did not even see at first because it just blend into the sea graphics.

Music: The music is lovely! The main song fits well to adventure style game but I especially enjoy the sudden change to more threatening music part in the forrest. I really wish the music wouldn't stop each time a dialogue is started or room changed but I assume that is a problem of the Bitsy editor and couldn't be easily overcome.

Gameplay: The gameplay is quite simple and the game is very short. The game presents the challenges well (e.g. you cannot cross the sea, you cannot get trough forrest, ...) but in the end there is a limited number of things the player can do and all the problems can be solved quite easily by talking with / collecting everything red. If the game intends to focus fully on the narrative, then it might be appropriate that the obstacles are not difficult to overcome. Although you could consider adding some (more difficult) puzzles or narrative choices to the game to vary the gameplay and increase the importance of the player. Currently, the player can experience the story of the game but does not really affect what is happening.

Theme: No Code Low Code theme is clearly well followed using Bitsy as the engine. Additional theme Winter is incorporated to the graphics but on a mechanic level I feel that the game could have been more focused on the theme. I didn't really feel the game to be about winter because all of the actions the player (or the character) is doing is not really related to winter spesifically.

Overall the game was a short feel-good adventure game with nice graphics and lovely soundtrack.

Consider checking out my project & giving some feedback if you have time:

If your game is just an html file you could easily set it up playable online on I've noticed you usually get more players having the game availabe without downloading anything.

On Edit Game page where you have the html file uploaded, just select the checkbox This file be played in the browser and everything should work fine.

Thanks! Glad to hear you liked it.

Thank you for the comment! It's really good to hear you enjoyed the experience!

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Is okay to use columns or other ways to layout the content so that it fits in one page?

I think the F.A.Q. tries answer to this question with the line "For example, Tunnel Goons (by Nate Treme) is over two smaller pages, and most 24XX games (by Jason Tocci) are across three half-pages, but you’d be hard pressed to argue that philosophically they aren’t a one-page RPG, especially if they can be printed on a single sheet." but I have troubles understanding whether the statement means that it is okay or that it's not. I'm not sure whether my confusion arises from my my non-native English level or if the sentence just is not written so clearly. In any case, I would highly appreciate if someone could clarify to me how this rule should be interpreted.

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Hi! I worked in a two person team but I did not realize that we both had to be marked as admin/contributors in They did not have an account previously so they created a new account now and I added them as admins/contributors to the game. Is it possible to still get the prize course for them too? Would they need to get their own link for the Google Forms from you or could I just share the same link you sent to my email to them?

Thank you for organizing this jam. Hopefully you will be able to help.

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Hi! I found your game from I have tested and rated the game and here's my feedback about it: 

  • The graphics look really great overall! Although as just a small comment: it can be seen that at least some of the graphics are from different sources/authors. For example the fence at the beginning area looks out of place because it's so pixelated compared to the rest of the enviroment.
  • Background music and environmental audio effects are great and building really relaxing atmosphere.
  • I did not notice the controls being explained anywhere. If the controls are not explained in the game itself, you should probably at least explain them in the game description on its page. Luckily, I still managed find running button. Also, it helped that you used intuitive control scheme.
  • The slight zoom effect when running looks good and is used well to create illusion of more speed.
  • Some suggestions about collecting the orbs. As the main gameplay is around finding the orbs, there could be more highlight in the event of successfully finding and collecting an orb. You already have a fitting sound effect which is great but you could also consider adding a visual effect for it to make it even more rewarding to collect orbs. It might also be helpful for the player if the game would have an UI showing the number of collected orbs and total number of orbs so the player would know how well they are doing. I could not keep count anymore after reaching 4 or 5, so at least if would have helped me!
  • Some of the objects in the game world seemed to have unmatching proportions. When inside the shed every object seem to be super large compared to the player character. They eye level of the character is below the top of a table for example which would not make sense unless the character is meant to be a child(?). Also, the shed itself seems to be almost the same size as the 2 floor nearby.
  • The game world is impressively large for a jam game! Of course this also made it bit difficult to search for the orbs. Luckily the orb placement was pretty good as the orbs usually were found in a places that looked visually interesting, drawing the player to visit them
  • Still I did not find all of them. When I ended playing I think I had found 5 or 6 of the orbs (at least the one in the house, in the shed, in the second shed, on top of the hill and somewhere around the trees on the other side of the fence). I thought I had already been in all places but apparently not. Where the last ones would have been? Is the something that happens when the player collects the last orb?
  • As you have probably already figured based on the comments by others, the blue orb on top of the stone is very confusing. If I had not already read that I don't need to collect it I would have certainty thought that it must be collected. One "rule" that I believe is generally followed in game/usability design is: things that look the same, work the same way in the game. Because I have seen other colorful orbs in the game and those were collectables I as a player would assume that all the other colorful orbs share this same function that they are meant to be collected. Following this idea, if you would want to make it clear for the player that the thing floating above the stone is not to be collected it should probably look different from the collectable items. 
  • This game is not really my genre and not something that I would usually play on my free time. To me the gameplay is too simple but I want to emphasize that this is really subjective matter. I still find the visual/audio scenery you have here as very impressive for a game jam entry. And there is probably people out there who really enjoy that kind of experiences more than I.

Overall: you have managed to build a really good atmosphere here. This games probably works the best for those who enjoy walking simulators or other slow-paced games that are more about the emotional experiences than complex or action based gameplay.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

The middle platform in 3 puzzle is something that a lot of players have commented about. Again we see that it is not enough that the developer tests their own game. One should always have outsiders to the test the game as early as possible to prevent these kind of unnecessarily difficult section.

About the last level: that is actually the current ending for the game. The character dies in the pit and the screen goes black. I can really see how that might look like the game crashing though. It was not necessarily the best design choice I have made... I probably should have just kept the game more abstract and not try to include narrative when I clearly did not have time to do it well enough. 

Thanks for playing and commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzles.

The first level should have probably been shorter to better work as a tutorial, you are right. About the copies: the characters should spawn with 1 second intervals. If it was slower than that, then it might have been just WebGL being too slow.

Glad you liked the mechanics!

And you might be right that the first level should have been shorter to make it work better as a tutorial. Or to have even simple level before the current first one. 

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! Really good to hear you enjoyed it.

I very well understand your comment about the music. It would have been nice to have longer track or even multiple different songs but I had to also do programming + level design which were higher priority. That's what I managed to do with the time I used for the background music. I'm just glad that there is at least some music! But if I were to continue working with the game later, music would obviously be one thing that needs more content.

The game only has 4 actual levels. That's the amount of level I had time to design and test. The fifth area was meant for "narrative" closure of the game: the death of the character which is represented by the screen going black. So that's how the game currently ends but I can see why people would be confused about it. I think someone else also commented earlier that they thought it to be a crash.

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That's a really good compliment. I'm happy you liked it!

If you don't mind an extra question: was there anything about the game that could be improved in your opinion. Did you encounter bugs, was certain part of the game too boring/difficult or was there something you would have liked to have more of? If I would ask you to name 1 or 2 most important things to improve if I were to continue development of this game, what would those be?

Thanks! I was aiming it to be something towards that direction. Good to here it worked.

Also I'm glad you enjoyed the game concept. And it's interesting that you mention speedrunning because that was actually one of my early concepts before landing on more puzzle based approach.

Thank you for your feedback!

I actually had more action based speedrunning game concept about the game but then I went with puzzles in the end because that's easier for me to design.

About jumping and collisions: there has been also other comments so I have now fixed most jumping related issues that with some help from Vendolis. The problem that you had with platforms moving differently during different attempts is also a known bug but it happens relatively infrequently that it is really difficult to debug. My best guess so far is that it would be related to frame rate inconsistencies.

Your last point is also something that has been repeated by others too. Rewind mechanic is interesting solution idea but I fear that it does not fit the narrative or theme. Maybe if I would just change the theme to time travelling that could really work as a mechanic. I will have to remember this suggestion. Maybe I will make a speedrunning time travel game somewhere in the future.

Thanks for you detailed feedback! It's nice to hear that at least someone enjoyed ghosts as many have commented that waiting for the ghosts was not very fun. About your other points:

Yes, the current levels are relatively "easy", meaning that they do not necessarily need more than one ghost. The player might still get killed accidently so I wanted to have the levels scale easier if necessary with the help of the second ghost. Having only one ghost could have made many levels difficult for most players. I believe you found some of the shortcuts in the levels: the normal solution for level 2 needs 1 ghost and level 3 needs all 3 ghosts. But as the game is also a platformer I wanted to give a possibility to "cheat" the puzzles with accurate platforming so if I'm correctly guessing what you did to solve those levels, they were left there intentionally (even though the trick in puzzle 2 was just an accident at first).

There has been also other comments about jumping so I have now fixed most jumping related issues that with some help from Vendolis.

Your suggestion for the ending would have been cool. I had similar idea at one point but then I decided against because I was worried that having the game both go black and end the music could be seen as a glitch. If I would improve the game I would want to make the ending more dramatic: maybe having the music cut at first and then after a while proceed to an ending screen or main menu with a melancholic version of the main theme playing. If I were to make a full game out of this there would probably be even an cutscene at the end.

Were you distracted by the platforms above the pit perhaps? Did you think that you would have to somehow get on top of them? Some others have commented that those platforms were confusing because player cannot jump on top of them so they are not useful for the level. Those were actually added when I was thinking about adding collectables to the game. I did not have time for it in the end so now those platforms might feel out of place and maybe even confusing.

Thanks for playing and providing feedback. I'm glad you liked the concept.

I have to admit that there is both some design issues (played needing to use a lot of time just waiting and code problems (ghosts sometimes act weirdly) in the game. Some of the bugs I have managed to fix afterwards but unfortunately not all. Problems with jumping however should now be solved thanks to the help from Vendolis.

In level 4 (which I believe you are thinking about) the main puzzle is exactly what you had troubles with. In previous levels dying has been very easy so I tried to have this level have contrast to them by making getting to the spikes the most difficult part. It's trying to play with player expectations because so far the player has learned that everything is solved by using the ghosts. Getting to the spikes is possible to be done with only one character and as you said it is not even possible to get another character before you get to the spikes. The solution is to first move the middle platform down and then the left platform so there will be "stairs" going to the button on the left side. After getting there on needs to move the right platform and start building stairs again but this time towards the right side.

If you got to the level 4, you did not actually miss anything else than that level and the "narrative" ending level. I unfortunately did not have time to design more than 4 levels during the jam. 

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Thanks for trying it out anyway!

So in the second level it should be possible to just jump over the first two spike pits. Getting over the third set of spikes is the only puzzle part in that level and solving it requires using the red pressure plate and one ghost.

Please tell if you have any issues and don’t hesitate to ask if you need more hints or instructions!

Glad to hear! I’m happy that at least someone got to the end. Based on the other comments many others had issues or were not able to solve level 4

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The FAQ says: "You can fix game breaking bugs in your submission and upload those. If your game is unpleasant or unplayable due to technical issues, we want you to fix those! You just cant add new features or gameplay. or things like that."

Based on the FAQ I would understand the rules like this:

  1. Bug fixes are explicitly allowed. Players should be able to play the game from start to finish without experiencing problems that prevent them from continuing the game as intended.
  2. Editing the page: adding screenshots/videos, adding/changing text in the game descriptions is allowed.
  3. Small adjustments to the game are okay if they are done in good spirit and for the same reasons than in 1)
  4. Additional content (like new levels, puzzles, abilities, enemies), changes to game mechanics/balancing or replacing graphic/sound assets with new ones is not allowed.

I have fixed some bugs / add work arounds to them to guarantee that the game is fully playable. For example: adding a level restart button to give the player a way to recover from some serious bugs (like player character randomly not spawning at the start of the level) and fixing ground check to allow the character to jump when they should be able to & to prevent the character to get stuck in certain situation. In my understanding the rules clearly allow both of these changes. Alongside the last bug fix just today I also changed some jump parameters to make some jumps (that were meant to possible) easier because some players had had a lot troubles with jumping. This might have been in the gray area but because it was usability thing and really small/quick change I believe it's not against the sprit of the jam.

Changes that I would like to do but have not done yet because they should not be allowed during rating period include: editing the levels themselves (neither gameplay reasons or moving misplaced sprites that only affect visually), creating new levels with more mechanics, changing the main mechanic (for example by adding a possibility for player to optionally fast-forward time to make some waiting times shorter), adding a script to have background music to be cut when the game ends to signify the moment of character's death 

Hi! I tested you games current version and here's is some of my thoughts after playing:

  • I like the multiplayer star background. It's very atmospheric. Although I think there is some issues when turning. This is especially easy to see when going in circles. If try pressing up and down at the same time for some seconds you should see that the stars start to move chaotically.
  • Also other visual element of the game looked really good. Great job with this!
  • Moving up or down I feel I don't see where I'm going because the spaceship gets so close to the edge of the screen. Maybe the camera could react faster when moving vertically. When moving left or right the camera movement is fine.
  • If there was a goal in the current version, I did not find it. I noticed that one can shoot asteroids and collect rewards when asteroid is destroyed but this did not lead to anything. I guess I got points from doing that but as there was no way to see how many points I had collected it did not feel like I was making any progress. You might want to add having an UI with total collected money to your to do list.
  • The money/score gained from one item was quite high to the point that it was really hard to read the whole number and understand how large it was before it disappeared. You could consider having slightly lower values to make it more easy to the eye. I think values with 4-6 numbers are still recognizable but after that it starts becoming difficult (at least for me). Another option to improve readability of the values would be to use commas or spaces to break down the values: 123 456 789 or 123,456,789 are easier to recognize than 123456789.
  • Otherwise it was good that you had those numbers popping up when collecting the items. That's making it very clear to player that they gain something and flashing big green numbers on the screen can also feel rewarding.
  • I was expecting that hitting an asteroid would lose the game but then it did not happen when I accidently bumbed into one. I can see that you have mentioned ship damage in your future plans so you have probably thought about this but the game should definitely have some way of losing. Or at least most games have something like that.
  • About the controls: personally I would like the spaceship to have bit higher maximum speed and have it be able to change direction bit faster. Now turning feels bit slow. Unless you would specifically have meant the controls to part of the challenge or have the spaceship to behave with very "realistic" physics (=fast object changing direction slowly), I would encourage you to improve controllability of the spaceship. In many cases the game becomes more fun when things react to user input quickly.

Hopefully at least some of my feedback is useful when you are continuing with your project. Good luck!

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Yeah, I'm hoping getting stuck issue would be resolved by your fix. After thinking about it I suspect it might be related to a situation in which the character is physically colliding with the platform but the ground check claims the character to be on air applying constant downward velocity to the character which might then hinder sidewise movement.

Thanks for the explanation! It makes sense and will totally be useful to remember in the future. So would FindObjectOfType<Player>()?.transform then return null in case the object is not found?

About using FindObjects and GetComponents... I was prioritizing code writing speed over code execution speed because I had very limited time to work with the jam project. I know that they are slow but I believed this to be small scaled enough project that it wouldn't affect performance too much.

By the way, you did not answer to my last question about how would it be okay to mention you as special thanks in the game credits (and would you prefer your username or some other name to be used)?

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Thanks for the comment and thank you also for actually going to check the source to fix some of the bugs.

I reviewed your pull request now and it's looking good so I will probably accept it and make a new build with those fixes. There was one thing about your fixes that I wanted to ask about. What does the ? exactly do in these lines: Transform transform = FindObjectOfType<Player>()?.transform;  ? I haven't seen that syntax before but if I can guess it correctly it might become handy in the future too.

Another thing: I would like to add special thanks mention to the game credits for your help if it's okay with you? Would you prefer to be credited with you username or something else? Or of course if you, don't want me putting any mention there, that's your call.

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If you have time and would want to fix them during the jam to get others to play a working version, I think that should be allowed. The jam FAQ says: "You can fix game breaking bugs in your submission and upload those. If your game is unpleasant or unplayable due to technical issues, we want you to fix those! You just cant add new features or gameplay. or things like that." and your game might fell into this category. At least if you don't have to make a lot of changes.

Of course I cannot speak on behalf of the organizers but this would be how I understand the rules.

Hi! I'm just going to mention this also hear in case you have not noticed but would be interested in joining: I created a channel to have a simple way for everyone to get feedback about their game by giving feedback to others in exchange: You can read the practical information from the main post but shortly, the idea is that everyone will play and give feedback to 2 other games and get feedback from 2 other jammers in exchange. If you would like to get more people to test your game, please consider joining! This is also a good way to help others to get feedback for their games! Hope to see you there but no pressure as joining is of course voluntarily.

Hi! If you have difficulties finding players and getting useful feedback for your game, please consider joining in this feedback exchange channel I created to help in this kind of situtation: Shortly, the idea is that everyone will play and give feedback to 2 other games and get feedback from 2 other jammers in exchange. Hope to see you there!

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Hi! I found your game from I have tested and rated the game and here's my feedback about it: 

  • The continue button on the title screen immediately caught my attention. I did not notice at first that Start button was inactive so I was trying to be clever and press Continue instead of Start. Because of that the narrator voice complimenting me about getting to the end felt extra funny.
  • The theme was interestingly incorporated in a way that I have not seen in other games in this jam. Having to play the levels backwards is a fun concepts and twists the normal assumptions of video games. 
  • In general I enjoyed the narrative aspect of the game. It's really cool that you actually have recorded lines for a jam game! This created really funny atmosphere to the game and improved the basic concept a lot. In general the lines worked well. Great work!
  • One super specific comment about the lines: The last line of "first level" (10) and the first line of "second level" (9) both started with the same words: "It seems that you..." I didn't notice this at first time but after losing the game multiple times later and having to play the beginning sections over and over again this started to stand out. It's really small thing but if I had played few more times it might have gotten annoying. I don't know in what level of detail you have planned the lines but you could check before or after recording that lines (at least when close to each other) would have different structures to appear more varied.
  • Sometimes when I die, I get the option to continue the the previous level (which I believe was the goal) but sometimes I only lose life and have to replay the same level. Rarely the level even restarts without displaying the menu. It felt unclear to me what I should be doing because the rules seemed to be inconsistent: sometimes dying was the right thing to do and sometimes it wasn't. You might think about how you could state the game rules more clearly.
  • Wall jumps were super difficult to do! I'm usually comfortable doing those in other platformers but here it felt to work bit differently (maybe because the box spins?) and I never figured out how to get them to work. After a lot of trial and error I managed to have success rate of maybe around 33% for single walls jumps. Maybe once I even managed to do double wall jump. I was completely stuck at the start of level 6 because of this. I played the game to that point 3 times but did not make progress over that point and I had to give up. It's bit sad because I would have really like to see where the game was going. I'm not sure whether the main problem is the controls itself or how to teach wall jumping ability to players but as this was at least preventing progress at least for me I would encourage you to think about this subject and if there would be some way to make wall jumping more intuitive.
  • Graphics of the game looked good for a jam game and the screenshots managed to spark my interest to try the game. Especially color variation in the spikes look really cool.
  • One constructive criticism regarding art was that life collectable and other collectables were really similar. I could only tell them apart by size and it took a while before I understood that they had actually game mechanical difference. One thing you could consider improving would be to make the 1-ups to look more easily recognizable. You could even look into how collectables with same function are visualized in other games and think how you could make the player immediately understand what they are with the first glance. For example, one idea could be to have heart icons on the side instead of circles.

Overall: really interesting concept twisting the natural expectations for video games. Unfortunately, due too some controls being to difficult I did not see how the narrative would have continued.

Can't wait to hear you opinions on my game!

Your game screenshots look cool Pykes! I'm going to hop back in again and start with playing your game. My game can be found here:

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Well, in my mind this post was supposed be full of messages with mostly only the links. I didn't think they would need promoting as the point is to just play the 2 games assigned to you. And then it would be really easy to see what is the  previous game and what is the next game. But well... now I'm again writing here once more about general discussion topics so I cannot blame others either...

I would still like to just check that did you read the rules? So if you want to participate you should play & give feedback to the latest game before you (that would be Max Frymark's game) and then the next game after you (who ever will be the next one to comment their game here).

If you want more ratings + written feedback for your game, please consider joining this: The idea is that every participant will play the games of 2 other participants and each will get 2 other participant to play their game in exchange. In addition to rating everyone should also give written feedback for the games they have tested.

Actually, if you have Windows build, please use this page instead as it is specifically targeted for Windows games while the first link is for crossplatform/Web games.

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It might be easier in many circumstances actually. You are right in that. Thought here I would say it might make it easier to see what comments are discussion and what comments are participations. If everyone who participate adds a link in their message it is much easier to see because links are displayed distinctively from normal text.

For example, I'm not sure now whether you just came here to comment this to help or did you want to participate and explained why you did not post a link? 

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Thanks for the feedback!

Someone else commented also about waiting the ghosts to be boring but they didn't have any suggestions to fix it. Could actually elaborate what you mean by skilling to the next character?

There was controller support?! That was totally unintended even for the movement. But I guess Unity has pretty universal controller systems so it might actually automatically work so that the arrow keys will have the same functionality than left stick in a controller.

  • There was one super difficult part of the game where I was stuck so long that I almost gave up. See the image below. Getting back to the right is impossible and climbing upwards is really, really difficult. I got up to the next screen one time but then I fall from there right back to the bottom if the difficult area. You might want to consider making this area either bit more easy
  • Also I relating to that are too but also elsewhere: I would suggest that you would design the levels so that if the player falls from one platforming section, they land somewhere safe in the screen below. It easily feels unfair if the player falls multiple floors from one mistake without even knowing that it is possible.
  • Otherwise  the level structure and progression was really good. It felt like a small Metroidvania because of the double jump ability had to be found. There was also some branching paths and the player needed to come back after getting the ability.
  • I tried playing with the controller. It was cool that had managed to get that working. Not many other games in the jam have controller support! And while on the subject, if you have controller support on the game itself it would be nice that also the menu would respond to game controller. It feels weird if I have to use mouse to interact with menu but then otherwise I play with a controller. 
  • The controls felt bit delayed. It was like everything was happening only right after than when  I really pressed the buttons. It might have been my computer too though... And to be noted, I also tested with keyboard so it was not any controller latency.
  • The wall jump was nice to have. You managed to get it to work pretty well!
  • Some things that I would have hoped the game to have was background music, background image (maybe some simple repeating pattern instead of just one color) and more character animations. Those would have brought the game world fully alive
  • Bugs I found:
    • Jumping toward the corner of a platform bounces the character off. This is very dangeroud and might lead to falling after climbing a high distance
    • Jumping from a platform moving up leads to super jump!

Okay, I just went and created another one for Windows specifically. If you are interested to join, please find the post here: We can just add new chains for other platforms if the need arises.

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I will post my game link here to get this started:  It's not specifically Windows game but is playable on browser also with Windows machine. When the next person adds their link here I will be downloading and testing it and that's how this is going to start.

(2 edits)

Someone was hoping to have similar system than this for non-web based games so I created another topic for that. If you want to read about the more on the context of this system check the original post trough the link. If you would like one for some other platform you can set something like that up yourself or you can send me a message and I will be happy to help.


Requirements for participations:

  1. You have submission that is playable with Windows operating system (includes also games playable on browser)
  2. You are able and willing to download Windows only submission to play and review them
  3. You have not yet played the game linked in the the current latest comment. (If you have played it already, please wait for someone else to link their game first so everyone will get new players!)

Do the following 3 steps to participate:

  1. Post link to your game as a comment to this topic.
  2. Play, rate and comment (in the rating page of the game not here!) the game linked in the previous comment.
  3. Wait for the next person to comment to this topic and then do step 2 for that game too.

You are free to repeat above steps as many times as you would like if you want more feedback.


  1. What were the best 1-3 parts of the game?
    1. Why was it cool or why did you enjoyed it?
    2. They don't really have to be "the best" parts but something that you think is worth mentioning. It can be something general (like the art style) or something very specific ("that one tree on the background of the last section in level 2").
    3. Even if you don't like a game in general there should always be some nice part of the game or something that you considered better than the other parts.
    4. Positive feedback is meant to reward the game creator for their work, tell them what they did well, and motivate continue creating games!
  2. What would be the top 1-3 things to improve?
    1. Remember to be constructive! Don't say things like: "Your character controller is trash". Instead tell how they could improve/fix the thing you are commenting about:  "I think the game would be more fun if the character could move faster." / "When I was learning programming character control this one tutorial helped me a lot: [link]" / "I noticed a bug that the character can sometimes jump second time. It happened to me usually when I was nearby a wall."
    2. Constructive criticism is meant for the game creator to learn&improve or let them no about an issue they did not know they game had.
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I'm not part of the jam organizers but I'm almost certain that it would be okay to build the game as WebGL and add it to the jam page. I think the rules were mainly concerned about not developing new features or more content. This is what they say on the jam info page: "You can fix game breaking bugs in your submission and upload those. If your game is unpleasant or unplayable due to technical issues, we want you to fix those! You just cant add new features or gameplay. or things like that." You could argue that because you have only Windows build your game is unplayable to some potential players with different operating system for example. And if you are not changing the game in any other way than adding another build version, I wouldn't call it implementing new content either.

Still, if you want to be sure, wait for the organizers to answer. But realistically speaking, I have it hard time imagining that the organizers would punish anyone who just want to make their game more easily accessible. They seem pretty nice people and the rules appear to be very relaxed anyway.

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That's a good point. This certainty is not about trying to exclude people on purpose. I actually tried to think of a ways to make the system as fair as possible. Here are some solutions that I thought about and why I felt they would not work:

1. Solution idea: any game type can be submitted. Problem: someone cannot participate because the last person has linux (just random example of rare platform) game and they do have linux machine to test the game with. In worst case this could block the whole system from proceeding if no tester comes who would have linux.
2. Solution idea: any game type can be submitted but if you cannot test certain game you are allowed to skip testing it. Problem: someone puts their link in and reviews 2 games but neither person will review them back because neither of them do not have a linux (again, nothing against linux it was just my running example).  I fear that this would be even crueler fate than just being upfront told that not all games can be promised testing.
3. Solution idea: only web games allowed. Problem: What about people with non web games? But adding them leads back to the situations 1 and 2.

In the end I went with solution 4: only web or cross platform games. My idea was that it would be the most clear division without having other issues than that it unfortunately excludes some people.

I would like this to be as including as possible, so if you have other ideas to think about I would be happy to hear suggestions. Otherwise, at least one new solution idea that I thought about now that you brought this up would be to just setup different topics for each major platform. And then Windows game creators could review each others game in one topic and linux game creators could review each others game in another topic. Would you feel that it would work as a solution? I could setup something like that if you like.