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Supaplex 3D is now in early access! A remake of the popular Dos game Supaplex from 1991.


For those who don't know this game, it used to be a popular Dos game that was developed in 1991. It was a difficult but rewarding game. Many levels require you to think thoroughly before making any move.

The main character is called Murphy, he is the red blob-like character. His goal is to reach the exit of each level, in order to do this he must collect enough infotrons (atom like objects). However, in order to collect these objects you have to puzzle your way though levels where you have to think before you act. Making it a difficult but rewarding experience.

This version contains all original 111 levels and attempts to have all the features of the original game. But also tries to improve upon it.
It also contains a build-in level editor that allows you to create and share levels with friends!

Link to the game page

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Link to the game

Tiny Gems is a small & simple retro game.
Your goal is to complete levels by collecting enough diamonds for the door to open.
While you collect the gems you have to avoid hazards such as spiders and boulders. 

 The game features 30 levels. And has 7 different skins.
It includes a level editor that is designed to make it easy to create and share campaigns with friends or the world.

Interesting find!

Sorry for answering late again. Things have been very chaotic lately.
I won't be able to implement this into the project directly, due to potential licence issues (No licences specified).
But it is a good resource nevertheless.

Currently there are other resources I need to attend to before continuing on a update for the kit.
I will do my best to free some time in early 2019 and implement a A* solution with your given resource as reference.

Hope it is going well for you so far.

Thanks you for sharing your findings!

Hi Chris, my apologies that it took this long for me to see this message.
For quick contact is the fastest means of communication.

Your research sounds like a correct approach.
At what part of the process are you at the moment? I'm willing to help you out on this.
I agree that it would be a good addition to have proper path finding in the kit.

This might also be worth looking into, in case you are in a rush of getting something working.

Hi Carlos, docs are up:

Ill be doing a devlog post later on as well when the new update is up.
Yeah, it's way too hot. No need to search for the sun anymore for us with this climate.

Hi Carlos, this was postponed again... Mainly due to the extreme weather last week here in The Netherlands. (38 degrees Celsius )
Just doing the finishing touches at this moment, so it won't be long.

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Played this at the Industry Day at NHTV. Interesting mix of a Pac Man game with additional stealth mechanics wrapped up in  a cool office theme. The difficulty was a bit too low for me due to the fact that garbage bins are always effective even when enemies see me when entering it. Maybe this has been fixed, but heard that this was quite a difficult game for others so it might be worth keeping.

Art wise I really like the simplistic style, it really works well for this theme and type of game. The coloring of the ground and props makes it really easy to navigate and get a overview of where to go. This type of game would be interesting to see on mobile as well. The pacing, movement and optimization might be a challenge tough.

Putting it on mobile could provide plenty of free marketing that could be used at later years for commercial products, especially it becomes a popular download with proper social media referencing and such. Maybe cool to keep that in mind.

This has been delayed to Thursday. My apologies for the wait.
I need to ensure the documentation covers all crucial information, this is taking more time then expected.

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Hi Raseru, you are only required to create a new .asset file.
Go to Assets/ScriptableObjects/Locations and right click, Create/Warp Location.

Now all you have to do is create an empty game object, and add a Scene Warper component.
Once you have filled in the Location reference within the Scene Warper component, 
it will automatically update the asset with the location of the scene warper component.

Also don't forget to set the rigidbody to static. And the Box Collider to trigger.
I will ensure this is automated in the next update.

You can test if it works correctly by making another scene warper that has it set as a target and press "Go to target location" on the component. Ensure you have set the spawn location child object correctly, as that is where the player will warp towards.

Hope this helps!

Hello Carlos

Docsify page should be up and running tomorrow. I will make sure to post a new devlog here on itch when it is done.

Are there specific topics on the framework that are harder especially? I'm considering on doing some youtube tutorials on the framework as well.
Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards,

Alex Meesters

Hello JoeTheHunter,

I'm currently on holiday till the 14th, but I'll help you with this.

Have you set the data within the Body Sprite Setter as well?
I've attempted to replicate your issue, but it is working as intended on this side.

Are you sure all data is set correctly? Such as the sprites. Note that it is important that all sprite names should stay the same when creating new textures. (I've created a tool for this to make this less tedious, scroll down)

Sorry that this isn't documented but there is an easy tool available within the package to slice up and create new data files.
Only thing you would have to do is duplicate the pants image and go to:
Assets -> ScriptableObjects -> Character -> Generator -> Character Part Generator.asset

This will automatically slice up the texture for you, just ensure it has the same dimensions as the other pants images. It will also ensure proper naming. This will save a lot of time for you. The processed image will be placed at the same location as the Character Part Generator.

Glad you got it working! Yeah sorry that i'm lacking behind on a lot of documentation. Currently busy with setting up a docsify page for the project to make it easier for users to understand how it all ties together. 

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Hello JoeTheHunter.
What joystick package are you using? Is it a free one?
I can write some code to help you out. Does the package send Vector2 UnityEvents?

If you can send me an email with further details to
I will be able to help you, and improve the product for others that might this functionality.

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Sorry, this has been delayed a bit. Due to fixes that were required in other areas of the project.
A lot of changes have been made already. I will be aiming to release a big update today that solves a lot of issues.
With inclusion of the crops. Apologies that it took longer.

I will create a new post with all contents of the update once its out

Yes this is on the schedule.

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Hi TheMartin78.

Thank you for your request.
Stores are planned to be included on June 22. In what way would you have the prizes fluctuate?
There is actually a day-night system, however within the demo there is just a component attached to the light outside.
Enemy baddies are planned for June 20.

Images of how the components work for the time system:

This is for a light that turns on after 8 o clock. And stops at 6 in the morning.

This is an example of the listener on the directional light placed outside. The value range is based on the minutes in a day.

RPG Farming Kit community · Created a new topic Requests

Place a post here. In case something is missing, or really is needed.

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If you have any ideas or suggestions for this template, this is the place