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Sorry, fixed.

Having WASD inputs change based on which direction the player is facing made this extremely challenging. I feel like that adds enough challenge, the timer made things frustrating.  I would like to have more time to attempt the platforming with this unique control scheme.

I'm glad you found it useful

Thanks so much, glad you had fun!  Honestly, it's one of my favorites the vibe can get super creepy.

Hey there, I was wondering how you got your character sprites to load in browser so smoothly.  Every web build I make, the first sprite to appear on screen is always really pixelated. :/a

I really enjoyed rotating the rooms to progress through the platformer.  I would like to see this extended with harder platforming and puzzles.

This is the coolest slot machine I have ever played!

Thats a unique puzzle game!

That was fun, add a highscore and a little more polished I would be hooked!

You did a great job with the level 1 tutorial teaching me to reverse left to face right!

This was simple and fun (not simple to get a high score but simple to understand the gameplay). With a bit more polish and a slightly different control schema I could see this being a hit on mobile!

I dead :(

This was a really cool idea, I might have to try it again with a mouse, using my trackpad was too hard (I did get the 'you are almost there' message though so I think I did ok even with a track pad)

Great game idea, it was a lot of fun planning routs based on obstacles while also managing the timing for each launch to the next platform. This is a very unique idea!

This is very aesthetically pleasing

Rather than a fast forward option, I would like it to automatically speed up once there is a complete path.  I think that would add a nice polished feeling.  This is a very fun concept that I could see myself playing on a phone often.

Cute and fun puzzle game!

This is a great idea, like VVVVVV but with 2x the directional gravity!

This is very cool, I'll need to bookmark it for when I add a c64 emulator to my frontend!

Fun game and the sound design is *chefs kiss*

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That was a surprising mechanic! I just wish I could use the number pad. I had a lot of fun and had to go show this to my spouse because the mechanic is so unusual.  It was surprisingly addictive, I my have played it too long and ran out of time for now to play other peoples games.

Great name and thumbnail by the way!

I got this error as well but the game played fine for me.

This was great, it let me feel like I was a pilot in Advance Wars!

The transition from the 3D side view to the top down gameplay is so satisfying!

This gets frantic fast and is a lot of fun. I had some trouble figuring it out at first. If you decide to develop this into a full game you should add a tutorial.  Its a very good use of the theme!

I smiled as soon as the music started, it's a cute and funny game.

That is very addictive gameplay!  Solving the puzzles was very satisfying. Please make more!

Fantastic thumbnail how could anyone not want to play this!  Its fun and challenging, I enjoyed it!

Paca has so many opinions about scifi.

I held out for 140, but then the red side lost the war catastrophically and I cant help but feel that my efforts to save everyone made me partially responsible for the outcome.  So many young lives wasted in the jaws of war... 10/10

This is amazing! The presentation, the mechanic, its so good!  I would like to be able to re-map the buttons. I would prefer to have the rotate on the arrow keys so I can play 2 handed, and like some others have commented I hit space trying to jump multiple times :(

If you add more levels I can see this being a popular game.  Do like Downwell and have unlockable color filters (so I can get all nostalgic to a game boy green), put it on the Switch or Steam or here and take my money!

This looks and feels great to play!  I played a lot of Super Hexagon in the past so I kind of wanted there to be some pressure to force me to move quickly but I feel like letting me choose when to jump made me feel more in control than I would in Super Hexagon. This could be a very addictive game with only a few changes.

I love the mechanic, I wish the re-spawn was a little faster, and I would definitely like to play more!

That is EXACTLY the kind of game Lup wanted!!

No, I saw an opening and kicked the ball into my own goal 2 times... It was not a weird physics issue it was all me, forgetting how sports work... more than once... in about 5 min...

This was a fun idea, I upgraded to an un-touchable tornado of doom and the bats stood no chance!

It looks like the Lost Dutchman was unable to beat the Flying Dutchman.  They will never find my hidden treasure though!

I love the way the water looks!

I'm such an idiot I got confused and scored for the AI 2 times :(

Very Super Hexagon, I manages to get a high score of 3.. but I am a big Super Hexagon fan, I would probably really enjoy a more polished version of this.

WOW!! Thanks for making a vid of Animal Speed Dating! Paca DOES need to learn not to bring up their ex!!

They know some good places!