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Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to work on improving that core part of the gameplay!

Thanks for the feedback! This game was made for a jam, but I hope to release a more functional version soon!

Thanks for the feedback! 

The web version is the entire game - it's made in twine using html, CSS and JavaScript so a big part of the jankiness is me still figuring out how to make stuff and learning how to code. The original version of the archery minigame was in my last game Delve - you just clicked buttons to select your aim (high/medium/low) and draw strength. This new iteration was a project for me to learn how to create CSS animations and SVG maps which interacted with JavaScript functions. 

Do you have any suggestions for ways to improve the minigame?

 Improving the overlay images is the first goal. Those were some 11th hour creations heh. I was thinking of adding a reticle overlay which the player could adjust to different power levels to see where the shot should hit if they are at 50% or 25% power, for example. That would help focus the game around the timing element.

Which parts of the story feel most rushed to you? Where did you feel like you wanted to explore the world a bit more? I'm going to be expanding this out for a future feedback jam, and would appreciate your feedback!

Thanks again for playing :)

Ah, yes, the colors make it a lot easier to see at a glance!

Cute concept - seems like you've been inspired by animal crossing to make your own version! I like the music. It feels like the content has a ways to go still. Good luck with future versions!

Cool twist on pong! Took me a bit of time to realize I was the red orbs - at first I thought, wow I'm really good at this game, but the controls don't seem that responsive... :P The AI is quite good and definitely beats me but if I had a teammate to play this with, I image it would be a different story! I love couch co-op games and feel like this could be an early prototype for a 2-player console game. Maybe AI could decouple and have each orb move independently. Could get quite complex and fun.

Notes from gameplay:

- Graphics are simple, but work fairly well to convey what they are. Chests are clearly chests. 

- Enemy art and explosion animation is well done, reminds me of old atari games like Turrican

- Music is a bop, but could be a bit more spacey to fit the game vibe. Loops well. Replaying the game via space does not END the prior playing track, so tracks double up.

- Left click on rock while holding pickaxe doesn't seem to mine

- Shooting feels smooth, intuitive and easy. Aim handles nicely and enemy wave movement speed is a nice challenge without being too hard.

Decent little prototype to test out some different mechanics. Nice use of sound and art assets to create a cohesive experience.

Camera being fixed makes this disorienting to play, but I seem to have got the hang of it eventually! Got up to #2 on the leaderboard! Looks like there may be a memory sink, however - the longer I played, the less responsive enemies got. Sound began to cut out and lag and the entire game became very slow when trying to enter my name for the leaderboard. Very tricky enemies. Maybe start them out a bit more slowly, so the player isn't being killed in the first few seconds. Once I had some time to move around, the game became easier!

Good use of simple UI/art, sound and a core mechanic to create a cohesive minigame!

Notes from gameplay:

- strong, identifiable pixel art. This is clearly the moon with earth in the background. I like the little thruster animation!

- Some of the trash feels too fast for the robot. Maybe consider something like speed boosts

- The momentum of the robot adds a fun layer of difficulty

- UI to tell me how I'm doing would be helpful

- Funny cut scene after losing. I like the shadow on the font, makes it crisp and legible

- the "ending" page is confusing. Are these clues? Different levels?

- somehow I ended up in your code? I'm guessing these are different endings I can discover?

- Yep. Did the "don't move" and got another ending, heh

The gameplay itself could be improved and tightened, especially with the addition of some UI/sound and perhaps one more movement mechanic. Beneath this, there's an interesting little surreal narrative going on, which I found engaging!

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I think this is a good basic start for something like a mindfulness app! The text could be made easier to read, some sound could help enhance the 'de-stress' vibe and maybe consider user input options, like different types of coping activities (outdoor/indoor/art/etc).  Nice job with the moving background art!

Notes from gameplay:

- Unclear which sprite I am controlling

- I think I'm the one on the right, although there is a second ship with the same design rotating the sun as well

- Struggling with controls. I seem to have gotten myself into a crazy spin which I can't stop, so my ship looks like a fidget spinner on steroids

- Gravity doesn't seem to affect my ship the way it does other items on the screen? I move right through the orbiting field of debris and hit the sun every time (edit: using gas helped)

- What am I aiming at? The other ship? Some color coding of assets may help here, eg making that ship red and mine green, making shots different colors/larger

- Why are there comments from 2 years ago on the main itch page?

Interesting concept and I like the use of gravity to enhance the classic asteroids game. Controls feel tricky to figure out and difficult to use. I seems to win most by just setting my ship spinning wildly.

Clever use of 3-D space for Go. I've seen chess and connect 4 with this concept - go is a very ambitious adaptation! I unfortunately don't know the rules for go, but figured them out a bit while playing. Managed to beat the AI with a smaller-size cube, Ending the game seems like it's missing some logic - no indication of who won, and need to fiddle with the play AI command/cube size or restart the game to play another round. I think the display could be made a bit more clear to read. On the larger cubes it can be tricky to track which depth level I'm interacting with after manipulating the cube.

Very interesting concept! I bet this would go over very well with fans of go!

Notes from gameplay:

- i like the color scheme!

- pixelated font is tricky to read

- appreciate the page of instructions!

I think this has potential to be fun, I'm just not really understanding how to play.  I kinda think I get it, but if the goal is to match up the pixels on the borders, I can't see what those are once it's been played. A third contrasting color might help a lot here. Happy to do a replay with more instructions :)

Interesting! I haven't heard of this console before and struggled a bit with the commands at first until I realized I had to click - click + keyboard isn't very intuitive, but I understand the browser version is basically a port.

The writing is great and very evocative! If there are any branching choices here, I can't figure out how to find them. Tried looping through a few times, but seems like it replays the same game.

Notes from gameplay:

- Nice music, though it's a bit too repetitive. Making it a few bars longer would make it feel less samey-same. There's also one beat which feels like it slurs a bit too slowly.

- Great font choice. I like the flash on "press space to begin"

- Great cut scenes!

- Unsure what the mechanics are meant to be. Replaying.

- Figured it out - I thought at first that one of the sprites being shown was my own character.

- Is there a penalty to missing shots? Is there a penalty/bonus to doing multiple shots at once?  Edit: seems so

Fun concept, though I'm not sure how intuitive it feels. The right half of the keyboard isn't one people tend to feel as comfortable blind-typing with. Overall presentation was fun and cohesive, with a nice little story framing the gameplay.

Simple, fun and intuitive. Graphics and sound are clean and well-polished! I could see this as a mobile game.

Strong solid concept and well-polished!

Notes from gameplay:

- Commands feel a bit overwhelming when reading the itch page. Good move including a tutorial!

- The mechanic to sacrifice life to save the planet sounds compelling on first read!

- Music is funky, beautiful and intriguing. Definitely gives me space vibes!

- Movement education in the tutorial is great, having to navigate to a specific spot really reinforces how it works!

- Art is polished

- Great details with visual feedback on the shift becoming active

- Really cool concept!

Overall, I think you made a great, polished version of a fun concept! I found myself overwhelmed at first, but I think this could be a type of game people find addictive - different controls may help with this. For example, this feels like it would suit a controller well. I could also see a slowed-down version as an educational game for kids. Fun concept, and well-executed!

What a creative concept!

Notes from gameplay:

- really like the music, chill and good loop

- pixelated text is harder on the eyes

- nice audio feedback with mouseover/click

- tutorial option is helpful, felt overwhelmed reading the commands on the itch page

- jump noise is super cute!

- would be nice to have less jarring visual feedback that you've selected an alien, didn't realize it was visual feedback at first, thought it was the game glitching

- oh wow this concept is really cool!

- am I supposed to bounce off myself? I don't think I have the timing skill for that. Can't figure out how to get past the tutorial level teaching about confirm orders. Keep falling on the jump to the platform with the eye.

- ah finally got the jump. Difficulty feels a bit overtuned for a tutorial.

- Browsed through the different levels and played a few. This is a really cool concept!

- maybe some extra bright hues or shadow behind the mushrooms to highlight they are interactive, I had forgotten they were and they seem to blend into the background versus standing out as interactive elements

Overall, I don't think I'm skilled enough to excell at this game, but for the right niche of players, this seems to have the potential to become very addictive! I could also see this being morphed into a couch co-op concept where each alien is controlled by a different player. Very creative and well-designed! The music was chill and unobtrusive, while the graphics leaned into the simple pixel style with a pared-down and visually-pleasing color palette. Great work. I could definitely see this expanded out into a bigger project!

Thanks for giving it a play! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Please let me know when the updated version is done so I can check it out!

Yes, please keep me updated. I'll play the game down the road.

Feels free to hit me up for QA when the game gets further along.

Don't let the ratings get to you, they were tanked. The winner got to have dozens of external votes while the rest of us got to suffer from those external votes downvoting us!

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You guys only won because you spammed ratings. You ruined the entire competition with this behavior. I will make sure to speak out against "your team" in the future.

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Also don't let the ratings get to you, this jam clearly had bots or something. The top game had 3x the number of ratings as the rest of us.  Weird jam, really unusual results. Your game is great and has potential for indie publishing.

Edit: Just learned the rating was open to everyone so basically we all got sandbagged by fans of the #1. Don't take it to heart, your game is great.

Just for the safety of my own PC, I only play downloadable games via the app, as it lets me use the sandbox:

This isn't anything against you guys! It's just a policy I have with my own PC to make sure I don't get viruses. I'm happy to play your game and give extensive feedback about that gameplay if I can download it safely.

Just for the safety of my own PC, I only play downloadable games via the app, as it lets me use the sandbox:

This isn't anything against you guys! It's just a policy I have with my own PC to make sure I don't get viruses. I'm happy to play your game and give extensive feedback about that gameplay if I can download it safely. 

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Oh and regarding the form validation, there is a fun change to text if you replay through that section (say no for form input being correct). The whole game is designed around content changing when you revisit it again (eg delving back).

I think the biggest issue for me was not knowing where to go to end the tutorial level.

BookBound Game Jam community · Created a new topic Discord?

Is there a discord for the jam?

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Re the camera angles: I think it could work as-is if you do more extensive testing and tweaking to make sure the camera angles don't obscure important areas (like in the office section, it was really hard to find the eye hallway door), they don't flip around too dramatically/quickly when the player moves through a zone, and they don't result in clipping or losing the player character (sometimes I'd vanish from camera sight or the camera would look through my model). Also ensure they don't cause friction during the chase sequences. The concept of the security cameras is great and helps silently contribute to the story, so I think finding a way to make them feel seamless to the player experience could enhance the overall game. 

I think the mouse pointing would definitely help. Maybe even try out something like click to move. Having to rotate the character before moving was probably the biggest downside of the game for me. It added a lot of frustration and made exploration feel more tedious - steering around wasn't really an important mechanic, if you think about it, as the gameplay is about the exploration and story. I got the feeling that it was meant for controller play, although the ending is obviously one meant for PC users.  Adjusting the core movement mechanics will probably also remove most of the friction from the camera angles.

Re references: I didn't mind the extraneous stuff, and I'd suggest adding in more of it when you expand the game. It'll help obfuscate the main plot with red herrings - maybe add some more details which hint towards the demonic angle you teased with the exorcism book, for example. This will make it less obvious that it's just an AI gone rogue. Including more interactive elements with it, such as making the arcade cabinet playable (ala Stardew Valley tavern) will also help flesh out general gameplay runtime.

Re: the office, having some more interactive stuff there would definitely help. Maybe lockpick a filing cabinet  (btw were we supposed to ever solve the keypad for Nick's room?) or some stuff like that to find more clues. Static details like a whiteboard or kanban board showing development timelines (maybe fallen over and player has to rearrange them into order based on swimlane tags to reveal the AI roadmap), known bugs (that one definitely has some fun clue potential!), hate mail from a crazy fan, etc could also help enhance the story. I think definitely keep some of the journal entries around the house, as well as add more things like the electricity magazine - these add intrigue, create story hooks and get the player invested in what's going to happen next. 

Re: eye fetch, maybe consider brainstorming a whole rework to this entire part of the game. Why would a video game company have eyeballs chilling out in rooms in the first place? It doesn't make sense narratively, it doesn't move the story forward, and the mechanics are dull - maybe there's a way you could address all those issues at once. This is the penultimate part of the narrative, you should be ramping up towards the climax here, so whatever goes in this part should be tense and exciting and build towards that Germain reveal/chase scene.

Re: dialog - I think you were most effective when you incorporated slang and had the characters freaking out. It felt more natural in those parts. My advice would be to brainstorm up different personalities and voices for each character and try to write the dialog for each of them in their own unique voice. Maybe Sam is really sarcastic and James is a cuddly teddy bear always checking on how people are feeling. The way they talk and the things they talk about (maybe include some dialog trees during the party or walking scene) will help show us more about each character and make it feel more natural and engaging.  It will also make their deaths more of a gut punch because the player will feel more invested in them.

Great first draft and excited to see where you guys go with it!

Thank you for the feedback!

I love the point and click aspect of this, and the art is lovely. I seem to keep encountering pathing issues when I move to a new screen, and get teleported back to the prior one. There's a lovely creepy vibe to this, with storytelling done in subtle ways through the environment and sound. Well done!

Feel free to ping me when it gets fixed and I'll give it a play to write some feedback :)

Nice art style and animation, but the gameplay movements feel a bit wonky - I don't feel like I can effectively jump over elements well, for example. Would have liked some music and more sounds during gameplay. Love the setting you've created through the background art! Feels like a great prototype for a future game release.

Notes from gameplay:

- Awesome main menu! Credits would benefit to be the same font as the start button

- Fun little intro comic! Cute music, adorable art. The lower-case t looks like an l (thought it read you have to slay)

- Credits music is a fun bop

- Nice game music

- Hendrik can POSE

- Background is a bit busy, distracts from Hendrik being fab

- Love the blue/purple galaxy print on the jacket

- Ripped jeans would be cool to have a spiderweb in the tears

- Adding shoes or hat removes the evening gown

Super cute! I had fun! Wonderful art!

Error when installing via itch app: Cannot read property "build" of undefined.

Nice music! Very tense and atmospheric.

The zombies spawn a bit too quickly at first, perhaps - I died about 4 times before I was able to get the gun! Very punishing, but fun for those who are a fan of this genre!

If you cross the river, the zombies don't kill you, but instead push you through the map to fall indefinitely.

Notes from gameplay:

- Nice main menu. I love the hover for achievement details!

- Lovely pixel art! Gives me a major retro vibe, digging it!

- Doesn't seem to be any audio? Edit: for some reason SF and music were set to 0

- Movements are fluid, fast and easy to manage

- Grapple is fun! Can be hard to keep track of where I am, though

- Nice responsive feedback when I hit enemies (eg blood tendrils)

- Music is great!

- Love the UI, great details on the border and health bar

- Nice mechanic with slowing time, especially with enemies dropping health

Fun, fast-paced shooter with some great retro vibes and beautiful art!

Hmm, I'm not seeing a browser version on the game's itch page.