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This is really interesting, I think the best settings are the starting ones. 'Input cancels render' is really important to make the game responsive and fast, and 'AI waits for player render' helps to give the player the 'feel' of the individual turns. 'Simultaneous AI turns' and a fast projectile speed are pretty much required if you have 'input cancels render' as otherwise you have the strange situation where you can seem to be able to move the player before the enemy turn has finished.

I think you definitely have the important variables here, but there are also some other possibilities. In Xenomarine I have a game option similar to 'simultaneous AI turns' but the non-simultaneous option only makes enemy attacks non-simultaneous while keeping other enemy movements simultaneous. (I also have enemy animation but no player animation, which gives a subtly different feel.)

You're absolutely right, I should have done that earlier! Glad you're enjoying it.

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Xenomarine is a sci-fi horror themed graphical roguelike in which you play a space marine battling to survive in a vast, alien-infested space station.

Version 1.5.0 of the Demo has been in the pipeline for some time, and has just been released today! It includes some great new features that I think will really improve the game experience:

New User Interface Graphics

  • New splashscreen with procedural animation
  • New user interface graphics
  • New inventory screen and item graphics

Here's an example - the new inventory screen, complete with weapons running out of ammo!


Other User Interface improvements

  • One-click ranged combat
  • Better pathfinding (A*)
  • New main log options (size, detail level)
  • Improved sound effects

Apart from the pathfinding, which makes exploring levels much more user friendly, I personally think the best thing here is one-click ranged combat. The previous scheme for using the mouse to attack at range was actually designed with future ports to tablets in mind, so I had designed a two-click system that would work without any 'mouseover' cues. But I recently realised this is not a good way to design the UI for a PC version, and that I could without two much trouble add a one-click system - so here it is!


Gameplay improvements

  • Larger levels with more varied layouts
  • Improvement to alien AI (more unpredictable movement)
  • New skills: shield block and shield bash

Here's a zoom-shot of the new larger level designs:


What else?

Oh yes, improved support for Linux (tested successfully on Ubuntu!) and also for higher screen resolutions, including 1980 x 1080.

If this sounds like your thing, do try the new Demo! I'm always looking for feedback from players - please contribute to the Xenomarine community page if you have ideas for improvements, or bug fixes, or simply respond to this post!

Glad you're enjoying it, others have mentioned the movement controls too - the next release will have 3 different control scheme options to choose from, and a message directing new players to the controls window, so that should help!

As Xenomarine is still very much in development, please do give feedback on your game experience so far. Bug reports, feature requests and general suggestions are all very welcome.

Hi fellow developers,

I've been working on XENOMARINE, a sci-fi graphical roguelike for about a year now. I recently released a demo version on itch.io., consisting of the first five fully-featured levels. I think this nicely illustrates it's gameplay potential. I've had some fun moments playing it myself, e.g deciding whether to use my last grenade/stimpack/bit of shotgun ammo after getting surrounded by aliens, or just about making through to the next medibay after losing all my medikits!

I now have to complete the design of the remaining aliens, weapons and levels, as well as perfecting the user interface. Any feedback at this point would be much appreciated, and may well help shape the future of the game!

Here is a screenshot:

All feedback very welcome!