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Bugs, features, suggestions? Give feedback here

A topic by Logophil created Feb 12, 2016 Views: 549 Replies: 5
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As Xenomarine is still very much in development, please do give feedback on your game experience so far. Bug reports, feature requests and general suggestions are all very welcome.

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this is @MikeyB7667

Great game, I always liked rogue and this really does remind me of it. took a bit of time to work out the movement and how to go in the direction you want to go. I've been playing it constantly since i downloaded it, looking forward to the updated versions.


Glad you're enjoying it, others have mentioned the movement controls too - the next release will have 3 different control scheme options to choose from, and a message directing new players to the controls window, so that should help!

aah cool, that's great news.

It would be nice if you couldn't use a medpack if you had 100% health. Enjoying it so far!


You're absolutely right, I should have done that earlier! Glad you're enjoying it.