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I appreciate the reply, but it definately needs tweeking because I cant get all reactor tasks complete, and their are no tools to help this.  I havent tried tricks with bad conversations because was trying to get module build asap but even that takes about 4 days to complete.  The starting crew dont exactly have bubbling personalities as most times they are negative talks, but wasnt sure how much was tied up talking vs being drained just by work so much. 12 mind is what they start with and drops down to about 3-4 when doing one of the long tasks around 50 %

1. Soon as game is loaded, find the physics guy and assign the job

2. Make a quarters module along with dining and repair - assign 3 folks to building

Between the first reactor task that uses .231 time to finish (not sure on these time units) , he never gets first task done b4 needs rest and because I cant get module built very fast, he is going to be squatting.

The first and last task of reactor are both at .231 this is always where it gets failed because he wears out doing these long tasks usually around 60%

I havent even begun to try to search planets or try the new modules because this stops me everytime

Was pysched to try new patch, but alas my start failed again.

Granted I got a crew with 1 pt in physics, and pretty much assigned them to reactor soon as game started and found the crew with right skill.

Then after that , they worked for a bit and everyone decided to eat then  crash for sleep.

Woke up , worked reactor for a bit more then  daydreamed. After this went back to sleep.

I put last 2 tasks on high priority and still had time but one of the 2nd to last tasks took awhile, during this he went to sleep for a minute , woke up worked a few % pts then back to bed. His mind points I think it was were drained so he would get a pt by sleeping , goto work and it would drain.

Never the less the last 2 reactor tasks failed out of the gate. I didnt bother playing any further because I didnt want this to cascade a few more days down the road and be another waste.

I may play 1 more time to record their starting stats to see why they are drained so fast, but not sure how faster to alleviate this. I pretty much started a module right out the gate too for rest but by time the quarters were done, it was over.

Started another game, The RNG of starting crew is kind of annoying. Not 1 engineer type, so of course the reactor had issue and fused all the fuel which was noble gas. Meanwhile putting 3 folks from start of game to build a module with repair and custodial never got fuelly done. Could not find task to either refuel reactor or fix it, not even sure who does that anymore. I see cargo hold has a job now, but used to be custodial job. My starter system had 1 planet, tried to get to another system but never saw runabout after that. Did make a new order as found I didnt have a dock after return and that made the crew show up but not run about. 

I dont mind RNG but the fail rate for reactors is too high for non trained person so not sure how to get thru the inital stages. Building a module takes days, which might be more on par with how it should be, but if cant refuel/fix anything, this causes a major issue.

I have seen it, not sure I messed with it. Did another new start, ran out of salts for reactor by day 4 while still trying to build base. 1 crew disappeared but not sure if died or what. Also lost ability again with finding info on modules, players. Will try another start with all crew building custodial module, right off bat. Sent shuttle to scan so only had 1 crew building module.

Thanks for the reply!

Will mess with flightplan a bit more to see if that helps. 

I've experienced the ID cards breaking, what what do you mean with station stats? 

I meant when player ID's disappear and cant get them back, it also doesnt let me load stats for a section/Module. Soon as get the player card back it works again. Not sure if its hidden offscreen.

Astrobase Command community · Created a new topic 3.0 Patch


I am not a big discord fan so will post here.

Played a bit with new update. I really love the changes but found a few issues.

Main 1 was pathfinding. Kept having characters get stuck in storage in constant walk motion.

Not sure how detailed flightplan needs to be, but got them to scan the planet and land, at first the updates for log stopped, then a new log showed up with their journey on planet, but this disappeared and then was back to just the basic log of scanning planet and that was it.

They were having issues on planet and couldnt figure out how to recall them.

Other game failed after 6 days due to no power but wasnt sure what happened as couldnt look at task logs but did have someone assigned to power.

Lots of glitches with character cards sometimes showing and other times not, same with station stats. Also player cards looked like was something behind it, but couldnt figure out how to access it.

Ran out of time but very excited to mess with the fleet app some more. But with all the new additions of air pump and purifiers, and needing personnel now to get supplies, bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with just 4 starting crew.

Thanks for the reply , I saw the procedural story blogs you guys were talking about, but am curious how, for example, to handle a virus when the medical module isnt in place or a doctor position. Same with alien invaders. I am not a programmer but I figured the basic blocks would be in before starting stories which cant be implemented until the means to combat them are in place.  If a module takes alot of damage and becomes dangerous, there are no E.V.A suits available.

Dont get me wrong, this is one of my most anticipated games in a long time for a space sim, but anything that triggers injuries I want to be able to fix, get attacked, to defend with. I think stories spice up any game world. Rimworld is a perfect example, but any of there stories would become a pain if could do nothing to prevent it. Unless you guys plan on releasing the means when you introduce the stories.

I would be happy to submit stories or situations anyways but figured the props would be there to see what had to work with.

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Played about 25 ingame days, seems like ran smoother this go round and was keeping up with reactor,maintenance and stocking fairly well.

Any word of when we are going to get a meat and potatoes build? The graphic updates are nice, but I think even with the save game added, it will get boring with just the existing modules in place. I hope more gets put in before this goes to Steam or probably going to have folks giving bad reviews even in EA for not much to do. 

Once you have power, place to eat, sleep, shower, work, their really is not much else to do. 

PS with the locate option in the crew cartridge, really dont see a reason for a rolodex anymore so hope plans to build upon that somewhat.

I messed around with last build, only once so far but by day 5, my engineer was getting more and more behind on his maintening the power, took 2-3 days for custodian to move 51 units of food to another storage. I dont know if they are sleeping more or talking more but doesnt seem like much time gets invested into work.

Did like the rank pins but didnt play long enough to see NCO/Officer ranks.

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Any rough eta when we might see the new builds resuming? :)

Loved the video. Definately helped seeing the effects of conduits and compartments in action  Also would have never thought to hire based on working personalities, that was a depressing lot tho. :)

I do think setting high priority should override anything else other than sleep maybe and having a highlight over a broken job task definately would pinpoint the job as well.

Oh wow , tell him congrats! and thanks for reply!

Any signs of a weekly patch? :)

I tried 2.4 last night, not sure where you want us posting issues/bugs, I was going to add to patch notes but apparently that thread is visible in twitter so didnt want it showing there. :)

Love the location option and jobs to crew list, altho kind of making rolodex obsolete, speaking of which, would be nice if new employee popped to top of it once added.

Not sure if was intentional or not but every new employee arrives tired and never have enough time to assign them a bunk before they are crashing on floor and getting pop up for it.

Job eperience. Only got 16 days in last night but at that time, my 2 custodial folks got a few skillups in all their required fields. Maintenance guy I dont think ever skilled up in anything but was fuzzy and my reactor worker may have gotten 1 skill up or 2, but nowhere near the custodial guys. This going in with 2 folks who had at least a dot in engineering doing the power and maintenance, the other 2 we just put into custodial to fill jobs.

Life support and garden - not really sure the purpose of either and neither required any jobs and while they required resources to maintain wasnt sure if they produced anything. I imagine garden for chlling but not sure about Life support.

I added a cargo bay(the half module 1) and soon after a resupply I had some green stuff on the ground that looked like some type of acid with fume affect, but nothing showing up on task tracker , the module itself, to indicate what it was or if any issue.

Still no warnings for explosions, I had the same module explod by a crew quarter that wasnt used yet, with purple smoke coming out, but again no card, no real info in task tracker or module to tell me what happened.

I havent tried growing further than basics and unsure if new modules become available at a certain point or if all we have is whats there now. I understand a save is hard to do right now, but not sure what playing longer accomplishes other than adding alot more power and maintenance jobs, but with the rng of applicants, out of probably the 10-20 I recieved in 16 game days, only 2 had engineering and not sure wether I want to put unskilled folks in those jobs.

I do like the improvements tho and didnt have any weird glitches that I noticed, I did get 1 expired supply order but once swapped out cartridges and put back I realized a new supply came in,

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game 111451, version #45065 (Astrobase Command is what shows but when I load game it shows 2.2.

Thanks for info about storage, didnt realize the points was based off space. Thought it was based off some kind of starter budget, but the space decreasing makes sense. :)

**I just went ahead and did the uninstall/reinstall option and got new version**

Few questions, are we getting this later? I am still showing 2.2 and no updates showing

Also are we playing a demo of alpha builds? Just curious as seen blogs about testing mid level stuff yet seems we have a starter kit and thats it. The supply system isnt infinate that I can tell as was almost out of points last play through of being able to order supplies.

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So after a few replays, messing around I am still missing out on a few things and few questions. BTW think we need a thread for known bugs, or posting them here. Here goes tho.

1. Cant seem to figure out a way to fire someone or have another take over there job.

2. Not sure how I feel about a random supply package, sometimes they dont have what I need and waiting for something to do or for it to recycle seems tedious.

3. Time controls

4, Better worker feedback, they are sleeping on floor? why? They have an assigned room, were they too tired to make it? bug ?  All the alert card says is that to make sure to assign them room.

5. To much talking and not enough work! :) I think I might get 1 storage ball per shift moved because every few minutes they stop to talk.

6. I dont know if this is a bug but once I tried a second power source on a module the combustion one we start with goes black and not sure they work there anymore, yet it seems to degrade all the same and explodes.

7. Way to dismantle/rebuild a room. See above from 6, if something becomes obsolete, then want a chance to decommision it.

8. Better way to review current workers. Right now to see who I start with I have to goto Promotions cartridge, pull sheet and then review, should be a way to do this via rolodex. 

thats about all off top of my head, I still had fun even with the basic build there is, I tried to get some of the larger structures built but with no way to ff time and the random supply issue and no saves, just didnt have the patience. Will wait til more module types come down the pipe and try it again.

Ok tried new build, took awhile to adjust to the controls after got used to last set,

1. Had weird glitch which I lost a rolodex card on desk, was sitting there, right click to zoom to player and it changed to another card and now was missing 1 for worker. Never duplicated.

2. I do like the info cards now, was at least able to realize why combustion was shutting down as I ran out of fuel.

3. Lost a crewmember during some explosion, yet no card for this at all. We get alerts if no bed or eating out of dining but no deaths or injuries yet?

4. Finally able to build a life support but gave up soon after as was getting tired and that room wasnt really telling me much what it did, kept giving a storage option and not sure if wasnt glitched.

5. Supply system still is kind of sucky, most of my game had my combustion plant without power as never got fuel for a stock option. If this is going to be RNG, then need a way to prioritize a needed resource somehow.

6. 2 custodians can never keep up, storage was constanly showing balls unstocked, food taking forever to stock. It seems they might get 1 item stocked per shift, for such a big room would think had more space for employees.

I think got upto 30 days, forgot to check but did at least finally get to see skill increase happen.

Anyways thats all for now, feel like I am the only one posting issues and not sure if might need new thread for issues, observations. :)

Oh almost forgot , had a few applicants come thru with blank white pictures, and they even seem to fill rolodex with that when hired.

For keeping potential recruits, when have a sheet selected I believe can just right click to lower it and then drop on desk, it should stay there til want to hire someone or throw it away. If you meant sheets of hired crew, to the bottom left of the desk is a drawer they go back into if done with them.

Been trying to get the bigger station modeules like garden, life support,  but the time to collect the resources just takes awhile and only so much can do right now.  Was hoping to have more station type rooms but I know it will come eventually. :)

I think solved rolodex part, if highlight it below the pictures but still have it highlighted , can scroll the mouse wheel.

Played a bit more and getting used to the system in place but still a lot of polish, not to mention, having to request a sheet on the inbox for existing crew just to refresh skills. Would be nice if rolodex card had at least their best skills.

I really love the way this game is designed as a manager, but still akward getting used to controls and navigating systems.

Lack of save hurts especially if want to waste time trying to generate a species.

No sound or occasion beep is odd, not even background music.

Still trying to figure out what is essentials as didn't realize had 1 hub to start with, but will figure it out. Trying to see what can/cannot build at start without running out of resources and learning how to get more.

Only played a little while to get the hang of it but like been said, lack of saves right now makes it too hard to invest time unless can do a long sitdown with it,

I like the artwork for the quarters, havent been able to tell if storage has any visual clues on how full/empty it is.

Some of the inbox gets filled with warnings/updates is nice but they get hidden behind personnel files so didn't even notice them until I cleared some out. Maybe separate inbox for them? not sure.

But I am really excited to get a taste of this game and looking forwards to the updates and when I can run my own Babylon 5 in style.