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Astrobase Command

A 3D space station builder with characters that matter · By JellyfishGames

Weekly Patch Notes - Version 0.2.4

A topic by JellyfishGames created Sep 20, 2017 Views: 382 Replies: 5
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Hey everybody! 

Here are the patch notes for this week's builds (version 0.2.4):


    - Characters having a conversation has had improvements to their animations
    - Crew, Section, and Module info panels position themselves better and more calmly on screen
    - Sections and characters are now easier to select
    - Transport spheres now capped to 100 resource amount (increased from 10)
    - Increased XP gain from Maintenance tasks
    - Can now locate the character from Crew cartridge program
    - Can now see quarters and job assignment in Crew cartridge program
    - Can now locate character from Task Tracker cartridge program selected task
    - Increasing task priority of a Task Tracker task is more effective
    - All sections that use reactants now require compartments
    - Resupply resource options are now unique across the three packages
    - Alert form for not having workers assigned to a reactor has been reworded to sound more urgent


    - Crew, Section, and Module info panels should no longer zoom of screen at resolutions higher than 1920x1080
    - Pausing now properly releases held desk elements and the cursor doesn't go into a bad state
    - Camera no longer whips over to far space when changing a selected character's division

Few questions, are we getting this later? I am still showing 2.2 and no updates showing

Also are we playing a demo of alpha builds? Just curious as seen blogs about testing mid level stuff yet seems we have a starter kit and thats it. The supply system isnt infinate that I can tell as was almost out of points last play through of being able to order supplies.


Hey Lochar!

We're on 0.2.4 which is the last update. Please let me know if a download off itch does not get you this version!

Also, the blogs about testing the mid-game is achievable in this build. If you are almost out of points on resupply then it means you need to build another storage section for the resupply!

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game 111451, version #45065 (Astrobase Command is what shows but when I load game it shows 2.2.

Thanks for info about storage, didnt realize the points was based off space. Thought it was based off some kind of starter budget, but the space decreasing makes sense. :)

**I just went ahead and did the uninstall/reinstall option and got new version**

I've played builds 1,3 and 5 now, a lot of the kinks are getting ironed out quick which is nice, build 6 fixes many of the issues I was going to post about. Is there some type of roadmap for upcoming features or fixes? For example what other station modules will be added? Will gardens and life support come in different sizes and require crew to manage them?

Love what you guys have done so far and really impressed by the weekly progress on the game.


Thanks for the kind words theRealDaselk!

To answer your question, we're looking to start a monthly "State of the Game" type thing in October where we'll cover various topics of interest to the community, such as upcoming features and other plans.