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Astrobase Command 0.3.4 Closed Alpha Patch Notes

- Teleporters have been added to the Astrobase!
- The wheel when setting the Median Species Appearance in the Species Creation should be easier to interact with.
- Your crew should now start with someone who has the physics skill.
- You should no longer start with a reactor that is too hard for your crew to possibly manage.

Astrobase Command 0.3.3 Closed Alpha Patch Notes

- Loading saves with missions in progress should no longer cause missions to break.
- Nebulae fallback/safe mode added. This will allow everyone to play the game without crashing their GPU driver in cases of older GPUs.

Astrobase Command 0.3.2 Closed Alpha Patch Notes

- You should no longer be able to land a ship on the local planet without undocking first.
- Datapad Applications should now be prettier and more like as if actually displayed on a CRT monitor.
- Flightplan printouts location fields now print out the actual location instead of "LOCATION".
- Fixed a bunch of text bugs.

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Got it! Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for that one too.

If look to the tabs to the right there is a "ship" selection window... are you familiar with that screen?

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Dave here!

>Kept having characters get stuck in storage in constant walk motion.

Thanks, I'll have a look see if I can reproduce it.

>Not sure how detailed flightplan needs to be, but got them to scan the planet and land, at first the updates for log stopped, then a new log showed up with their journey on planet, but this disappeared and then was back to just the basic log of scanning planet and that was it.

FYI you can also use the buttons on the ship window to the right to do all the actions. As for the text disappearing, there is a bug in the log window that is visual... sometimes you have click backward/forward on the arrows in the upper window to get to the current entry. It's not auto-advancing properly. This might be what you're talking about? Let me know if this helps.

>Other game failed after 6 days due to no power but wasnt sure what happened as couldnt look at task logs but did have someone assigned to power.

Yeah he can fail his tasks, basically if he's bad at the skill or exhausted or bored... we absolutely need to communicate this better and its on my personal list. 

>Lots of glitches with character cards sometimes showing and other times not, same with station stats. Also player cards looked like was something behind it, but couldnt figure out how to access it.

I've experienced the ID cards breaking, what what do you mean with station stats? 

>But with all the new additions of air pump and purifiers, and needing personnel now to get supplies, bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with just 4 starting crew.

Yeah! So you can get crew out of various encounters on planets. But not sure how balanced this is right now tbh I'll have to play myself a bit more  (it's easy to turn the knob up or down). 

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Hey Lochar!

It's great you made it as far as you did. Thank you for playing!

Absolutely a lot more is planned to go in before we go to Early Access.

To explain a bit, the game right now is a platform or foundation for content. For example: you recruit characters, give them task-driven jobs (which keep the station running); character lifecycles with eating, sleeping and using the toilet; stats, skills, skill growth, ranks, promotions, personalities, personality growth, relationships, conversations;  also resources. resource management, station building; datapad, desk gui, etc. It all adds up to a stable character life-sim base builder, which has the hooks for planned story content.

The next step is adding "stuff happening," which you might be calling the meat and potatoes. These are procedural stories which interact with the current simulation, and hook into existing character and station systems listed above. This work is a major focus of work from now until release.  Examples include: space weather (micrometeorites/asteroids, solar flares, gamma bursts), anomalies, viruses, combat with aliens, theft, riots, murders, trials, visitors. Not all of these will necessarily be in the launch version (the list is to give you an idea), and we're prioritizing based on time-to-make/fun-to-play. You can think of the current build as the platform or foundation for the story content.

Also if you have any interesting scenarios or story templates you'd like to see in game, now is the time for the community to help shape the direction of the game. For example, is it more fun to deal with character relationship problems, or viruses spreading, work accidents causing things to blow up, aliens invading, etc. In short, what direction/tone of the sci-fi episodes you would like to see for Astrobase Command. Let us know!

Hey everybody! New alpha build is up! This week, we've got a bunch of improvements to scenery! Tell us what you think!

Here are the patch notes for version 0.2.13:

  - Changed home star category distribution for improved variety
  - Improved star visuals
  - Improved gas planet visuals
  - Added terrestrial planet
  - Added planetary rings
  - Reduced scenery load time by 50+%
  - Updated species creation color scheme
  - Updated audio for Asteroid Shooter

  - Fixed moon crater rendering
  - Fixed home star scaling according to star category

Hey folks! I only just realized I haven't been posting our patch notes here for a while! Sorry about that! 

Enjoy some added variety in crew uniforms!

Here are the patch notes for version 0.2.12:


- Added uniform distinction between Enlisted, NCOs and Officers
- Added rank pins on uniforms
- Added crew body types
- Updated female crew animation
- Allowed starlight to hit characters


- Fixed female models having claw hands in certain animations
- Fixed appearance updates when promoted
- Fixed crew uniforms changing when new recruit applications appear in the inbox 

Sorry for the late reply. A new build went up last Friday.

If you've been following along, you know by now that we have a Patreon to help support our team as we explore expanded creativity. 

Our first initiative is the production of an Astrobse Command novel. We're releasing a new draft chapter monthly to our 5$ patrons, letting you follow along as the adventure develops.

 Swing by and check it out.

Hi everyone,

We'll be suspending our weekly builds for the Holidays to focus our efforts on implementing save game.

The save game feature is a monumental task given the numerous procedural variables that all rely upon each other for things to work on the station and in characters' head. Each has to be saved and re-loaded without breaking anything. It's not the best of times to be adding

This will let Adam concentrate while Dave, Daniel, and I rotate through the patented Jellyfish lash to keep him motivated. Gotta keep that lashing arm fresh for maximum motivational effectiveness.

That will give us the opportunity to deliver a bunch of smaller shiny bits and bobs for you to gleefully tear into in January.

On a different note, we'd like to know where you first heard of Astrobase. We're continually working to expand the community, so we'd like to reinforce where we've been successful, and improve where we've been hard to find.

Daniel – @Polygonatron

Hi Everyone! This week I worked on little project that I’ll hopefully be able to talk about soon. Nothing to see here, uhm, bye!


Dave – @Dave_Astrobase

Hi everyone! Since Adam continues to be well fed on design, this week I spent capturing footage and working with Max on a new marketing campaign!


Max – @Max_Shields

Hey all,

I finally wrapped up a 1st pass on that design notice I’ve been working on for a while. I also spent a bunch of time with Dave doing the Mad Men thang.


Adam – @adam_blahuta

Hey Space-Friends!

On top of the ongoing efforts with Construction and Save Files, I ninja’d in some bug fixes for the most egregious ones. It was nice to see all our efforts on character appearance in the rolodex card portraits not get messed up by the highlighting system turn them into yellow blobs!

Hey everybody! Expect a few smaller weekly builds over the next few weeks. We're actively working on Save Files and the Construction Job, which are both large-scale features requiring a bunch of time.

Here are the patch notes for version 0.2.7:


- Asteroid Shooter High Score added to Game Over screen
- Text fixes during observation behavior


- Characters re-assigned to different custodial/maintenance tasks no longer stand in place instead of going to work
- Re-assigning a character to a different division with highlighting active no longer highlights their portrait
- Re-assigning characters to jobs on different floors no longer makes them invisible in their portrait(edited)

Many thanks for the feedback, Lochar!

Our Designer, Dave, shares tips and insights as he takes us through a two hour Astrobase Command session.

Our coder Adam just had a baby, so we gave him a pass this week!

Hey Lochar,

Thanks for the feedback! Great stuff! 

  • Agree that you shouldn't have to dig through the rolodex to find the ID card of the new hire!
    • We absolutely intend to add more functionality to the rolodex, including solving that issue.
  • New crew arriving tired is a bug, just lower priority than save games (what Adam is currently coding!).  But glad you mentioned it, because the bugs that people notice more are the ones that need to be fixed sooner!
  • A bit about XP:  the amount granted is relative to the points of the task, so higher point tasks grant more XP and this is capped to task level. So for example, character with a Logistics (4) doesn't gain skill XP from level 1 Logistics tasks.  As you correctly noted, we absolutely need to tweak/balance the rate of skill gain relative to the different jobs, because custodial crew are always working and maintenance tasks just naturally occur with less frequency. However, maintenance XP gain was recently increased so will need to take a look and see if something is busted there :)
  • Garden is for personality growth.  On the crew info panel (grey box when you click a crewmember) you might see a "Psych: 0" or a "Psych: 1" for example in their needs section. Psych: 1 means they have some internal personality growth to work out, and they'll go to the garden and meditate to do so!
  • Life support is for converting waste into water. Apparently it is not functioning properly! (And as we add more jobs to the game, we might give it an associated job)
  • Green stuff on the ground means there is a resource with the "reactive" property in a section (in this case cargo hold) without functioning compartments on the module.  If two reactants are present in a section without functioning compartments on the module, then they'll react and cause an explosion! Each reactive resource has its own particle effect, and purple smoke is another one. If you intend to put reactants in a cargo hold, you should build it with compartments (which module builder should be way more clear about, but it is mentioned on the form you stamp to get the resource ;)). 
    • We're also in the process of upgrading the notice system in general to better explain why these things happen!
  • For the RNG on recruits, feel your pain and FYI there is a recruiter job on the feature/implementation schedule where you'll have some implicit control over that.

Thanks for the kind words theRealDaselk!

To answer your question, we're looking to start a monthly "State of the Game" type thing in October where we'll cover various topics of interest to the community, such as upcoming features and other plans.

Hey Lochar!

We're on 0.2.4 which is the last update. Please let me know if a download off itch does not get you this version!

Also, the blogs about testing the mid-game is achievable in this build. If you are almost out of points on resupply then it means you need to build another storage section for the resupply!

Hey everybody! 

Here are the patch notes for this week's builds (version 0.2.4):


    - Characters having a conversation has had improvements to their animations
    - Crew, Section, and Module info panels position themselves better and more calmly on screen
    - Sections and characters are now easier to select
    - Transport spheres now capped to 100 resource amount (increased from 10)
    - Increased XP gain from Maintenance tasks
    - Can now locate the character from Crew cartridge program
    - Can now see quarters and job assignment in Crew cartridge program
    - Can now locate character from Task Tracker cartridge program selected task
    - Increasing task priority of a Task Tracker task is more effective
    - All sections that use reactants now require compartments
    - Resupply resource options are now unique across the three packages
    - Alert form for not having workers assigned to a reactor has been reworded to sound more urgent


    - Crew, Section, and Module info panels should no longer zoom of screen at resolutions higher than 1920x1080
    - Pausing now properly releases held desk elements and the cursor doesn't go into a bad state
    - Camera no longer whips over to far space when changing a selected character's division

Great to have you here!

We're Jellyfish Games, a four-man studio. Hopefully you've already enjoyed our game. Feel free to use these forums to provide us feedback, ask questions, and talk to each other. 

It might take a bit for us to reply on here right now due to still being hard at work on Astrobase Command. If you want to reach us faster, or share screenshots with the alpha community or us, please join us on discord!

The rules for taking part in our community (here or elsewhere) are pretty simple; treat each other well and don't break any laws.


Jellyfish Games

Hi Everybody!

We've had busy times recently, as you might imagine. And somehow that resulted in being active on here got lost in the shuffle! We did read all of your feedback and have fixed a few of the issues reported. 

Some stuff, like save games is now a high priority for us, but it is a very big thing to add in and we're a tiny team so it will take a while for us to get it in to a quality level where we're happy with it.

If you want more direct contact with us, join us on our discord.