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Dave here!

>Kept having characters get stuck in storage in constant walk motion.

Thanks, I'll have a look see if I can reproduce it.

>Not sure how detailed flightplan needs to be, but got them to scan the planet and land, at first the updates for log stopped, then a new log showed up with their journey on planet, but this disappeared and then was back to just the basic log of scanning planet and that was it.

FYI you can also use the buttons on the ship window to the right to do all the actions. As for the text disappearing, there is a bug in the log window that is visual... sometimes you have click backward/forward on the arrows in the upper window to get to the current entry. It's not auto-advancing properly. This might be what you're talking about? Let me know if this helps.

>Other game failed after 6 days due to no power but wasnt sure what happened as couldnt look at task logs but did have someone assigned to power.

Yeah he can fail his tasks, basically if he's bad at the skill or exhausted or bored... we absolutely need to communicate this better and its on my personal list. 

>Lots of glitches with character cards sometimes showing and other times not, same with station stats. Also player cards looked like was something behind it, but couldnt figure out how to access it.

I've experienced the ID cards breaking, what what do you mean with station stats? 

>But with all the new additions of air pump and purifiers, and needing personnel now to get supplies, bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with just 4 starting crew.

Yeah! So you can get crew out of various encounters on planets. But not sure how balanced this is right now tbh I'll have to play myself a bit more  (it's easy to turn the knob up or down).