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I understand this is still early alpha and you guys are really just putting pieces together for testing but i really hope the early game undergoes some serious "iteration". I like a challenge but it seems overly hard to even survive the first 3 days, you shouldn't need a miracle for your best scientist to not blow up the station every game, also makes it difficult to test anything.

I obviously don't know what the planned progression is for the game as currently in the build you have all the schematics, materials and personnel being the limiting factor.

I feel like you should be able to get a basic base going easily enough, (with the starting materials) with very little chance of failure. As you complete away missions your need to expand could somehow unlock schematics for the various higher capacity or complex modules including power generators. This is only when chances for major failures should be possible, it at least gives the player a chance get acquainted with systems and mechanics before throwing challenges at you, requiring the player to react and make choices. 

Anyway, keen to see what direction the game takes and to hopefully test more of the game as time permits

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Downloading new build now, thanks for taking on the previous feedback, these changes really should help, i do agree with Lochar however that the crew stats seem to drain very quickly and that even if they spend ages sleeping, they seem to only generate a few points to then deplete again almost immediately, essentially making it very hard to get tasks done or vital modules built.

Will see how this plays out in 3.4. Can't wait to try out the new stuff, keep up the great work team!

I've played builds 1,3 and 5 now, a lot of the kinks are getting ironed out quick which is nice, build 6 fixes many of the issues I was going to post about. Is there some type of roadmap for upcoming features or fixes? For example what other station modules will be added? Will gardens and life support come in different sizes and require crew to manage them?

Love what you guys have done so far and really impressed by the weekly progress on the game.