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Thank you so much friend!

thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the game!

thank you and I agree! I had a problem with that as well, I tried to fix it by having that pick up replenish your double jump but it still doesn’t help as much as I thought it would. I appreciate your feedback and am glad you had fun!

Fun game overall and I really enjoyed the music and art style, great work!

a fun and simple game, I loved the concept and I feel it was executed very well! Great work

wow, even though it took 15 hours the level of polish and enjoyment far surpass the expectation! Great work on this and I loved that I could play this on mobile

haha Thank you so much for this comment and I’m glad you enjoyed it! 

Very fun game! The difficulty scaling was perfect 

wow, this was absolutely beautiful

Fun game and very serine atmosphere! This could make a very fun full game with some more time put into it

Loved the art in this game and I had a lot of fun exploring the areas!

Loved this art style and really cool ideas of having the letters guide you through!

This game was incredibly addicting! I had a lot of fun, and it was a great concept for this theme!

I was very excited to play this the first time I saw it in the submission feed and it was well worth the hype! this was a very fun game and had a lot of very cool worldbuilding, I would love to see more in this universe

Really cool idea for the theme! I love the idea of guiding the bullet

wow what a great concept for this and was fun to play! Great work!

Very fun game and loved the art style!

Amazed at the amount of care and attention that went into creating this game. Great Work!

A very fun puzzle game, I enjoyed the art style and it was a great take on  the mechanic!

Wow, this is an incredible game. I would love to see a full game of this!

Thank you and yes I agree that it doesn’t feel great to move. I spent forever trying to get it to feel even ok to control, I have no idea why but that was the biggest struggle of the game. I’m glad you enjoyed the concept and thats a really smart idea about having the guide not reset with everything else. If I revisit this concept I will look into implementing that!

thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it and I agree. I definitely could have/should have made it more apparent what you were supposed to do. Thank you for playing and giving me really good feedback!

thank you! I appreciate the kind words and for giving it a play

oh man that’s a bummer, I’m sorry. On PC you should be able to use WASD or the Arrows but I haven’t tested on MacOS so I’m not really sure what the problem could be. Thank you for trying and letting me know about the issue!

I’m glad you enjoyed it and those are both great ideas! Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to play and comment and yes I agree. I need to get better about explaining gameplay and mechanics, I think once I create the core loop for a game I only see it through me playing it and don’t think of someone playing it who didn’t make it

Wow thank you! I really appreciate that! As cool as it would be if he did he lives through this on a daily basis haha 

Thank you and yeah I definitely could have added some cooler elements in retrospect. It’s a Bullet with Butterfly Wings based on the Smashing Pumpkins song of the same name (that’s actually the sound byte that plays when you destroy it). But yes, I agree with you

Firstly I want to say that’s the greatest name I’ve ever seen! Second, I appreciate that haha. I got a little lost in the idea of making it about the band, the Smashing Pumpkins, instead of about actual pumpkins

I had initially thought about doing that and wish I would have but seeing how confused people were by the game in general i’m pretty glad I didn’t. I definitely need to work on expressing the game mechanics and rules better

Oh wow man, thank you!

here you go man, again I know this won’t count towards the jam but I hate to not make this accessible enough for others to play it

Well dang man that’s no good. It works on my phone so I don’t understand what’s happening. If I would have known I definitely would have made a downloadable APK version. I’m sorry you aren’t able to play it. I’ll upload a downloadable version so you can ( I know it won’t count towards the jam)