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I've realised that this is a bit unclear! All lines beginning with # are comments, and don't do anything. To make a setting do something, delete the #.

So, for example, this line:

#  large_fonts

doesn't do anything. But if you change it to:


The game will use large fonts. I hope this is helpful!

Ah yes, the unsigned code warning. I think I'd need to pay Microsoft to remove that.

I don't know why Windows is telling you that; I just tried downloading the game to my Windows computer and it worked without problems. I certainly didn't put any malware in there!

Hm, I'm not sure what could be causing this - does your mouse work at all? What is stopping you from clicking on the designer option?

It should be the same, yes.

They're on github at:

Are these what you're looking for?

The Linux binaries? I didn't compile those, so I don't really know (I don't know very much about Linux, I'm afraid).

There should be a .exe file in the directory - probably Libcirc.exe. Does clicking on that instead make it work?

Sorry, I forgot to check this page for a few days.

I still can't quite understand when this error is occurring. If you're still interested, would it be possible to attach a screenshot with the error message displayed? That would really help in working out what's going on here.

I'm still not sure I understand. Do you mean when you start the game?

Sorry, I'm not sure I understand. Which "launch button" are you clicking? And could you give me the exact text of the error message it gives you?

Hi, Vanilla! Sorry I haven't been around the Discord for a while - too many other things keep coming up. I'll pay it a visit sometime this weekend and see what's going on.

Hm... you should be able to play a mission then go straight to the custom game menu and it will still have the enemy processes loaded in. I think. Not all of them will work in a custom game, though.

You may need to increase the "starting data" setting in the custom game menu, because when you play a level some of the enemies start out with extra data.

If that doesn't work - do you get any error messages?

Well done!

Hello! Are you playing in autonomous mode, or command mode?

If you're playing in command mode (which is the default, so you probably are) you can design a base using the process designer, then use "autocode" (which is a button in the designer's main menu) to automatically generate AI code for the base.

If you're playing in autonomous mode, or if you're trying to design a base for an enemy that will operate by itself, it gets a bit more complicated and you'll need to do some coding.


Thanks! I've added a link to the github release page. Would you mind if I uploaded it to itch so that it can be downloaded from here as well?

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Could you try changing to fullscreen or fullscreen windowed mode, or turning mouse capture on or off? The init.txt file has options to do that. I'd be interested to know if that works (I haven't been able to reproduce this problem on my own system).

It would be great if someone else was able to do this, but unfortunately I don't have a Linux system to build it on.

Hm, I don't know what could be causing that.  Have you tried changing to fullscreen or fullscreen windowed mode, or turning mouse capture on or off? (edit init.txt to change these things; there are instructions in the file).

That looks well-protected and probably quite effective! It might be a bit underpowered, so a better core would be good, but for a time when the 6-cores aren't unlocked yet I think it's a good design :)

Thanks for the bug report - I think this might happen when you use build_process to build a process from a template that hasn't previously been locked, or maybe where it's been locked with a cheaper process. I'll look into it!

Cool :)

Thanks for your comments! It's always good to hear about people trying out autonomous mode :)

It should be possible to assign values to enums, and when I typed in the enum in your post it worked correctly (MSG_REQUEST_ESCORT was 500, etc.). Are you using the latest version (v1.3)? I don't remember there being a problem with enums in the earlier versions but it's possible that there was and I fixed it.

The game does use look-up tables for trig functions, although they're not as efficient as they could be. But the in-game instruction cost of calling these functions is just an arbitrary number; it doesn't map directly on to the performance cost of the game itself doing the calculations and I think if it was more accurate the trig functions would probably be much more expensive (especially atan2, which is quite complicated).

I agree that custom games could be improved - the problem, as always, is time! I'd like to get to it eventually, though.

It's still at a very early stage and I don't know if it will work, so it's a secret for now.

I think so, yeah. I am working on a new game, though :)

Libcirc-win-binary-v1.3 is the one you want. I don't know what the other one is, but if you start the game (or just open readme.txt) it should tell you the version number.

The update is mostly the debugger (the BC panel). The fixes were pretty minor (e.g. making some changes to one of the fonts).

Do you still have a file called msn.dat somewhere? If so, that has your progress. Put it in the same directory as the executable (Libcirc.exe).

That design looks okay, as long as you can point it in the right direction so the back doesn't get destroyed. 63% is a bit underpowered, though - you could try using a more powerful core (if you've unlocked the next one) and see if that makes it survive longer.

The replenish is low on the orange levels to require a different strategy - you need to use harvesters because it's not cost effective to build a new base at every well. It sounds like you're doing that, though.

Looking at your designs - it looks like the 3-armed base thing has interface objects on its core, which makes it vulnerable to enemies that shoot straight for the core. Maybe move them to the components on the ends - they will be vulnerable, but unless the enemies attack from all directions one or two of them should survive to protect the core.

The Warrior process has two problems. First, it's only 61% powered, so it will have problems using all of its objects at once. Try using a more powerful core (which will also make it more robust).

Second, the two components with just a move object and an interface object are weak points - they aren't protected by the process' interface, and if they are destroyed the rearmost components will also be lost. Maybe add new components to the side and move the interface/move objects there.

Yes, I'm going to upload a new version later today - the main change is a new integrated debugging system, although it has some other things as well.

I'll mostly reply in the other thread, but there is a windowed mode - open init.txt (using Notepad or whatever) and follow the instructions there.

Excellent! No worries.

That's the template file save option, which saves all templates in a binary format for multiplayer. Those need the .tf extension. If you download the latest version of the game (v1.2) it changes some things to make it clearer how you're suppose to save and load the processes.

Have you tried saving using the editor and also giving the file a .c extension

Are you giving it a ".c" extension?

Are you trying to save the "template files" in the template panel? Try saving the individual source files in the editor panel instead.

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Changing it from "unnamed" should work - but you'll need to compile the code first (use the "compile" menu in the editor).

I think it runs on 10.9? I don't know anything about OSX, sorry.

I don't think it's that hard!

Try replacing the weak starting base with the tri_base (use the editor to copy and paste the source code, or just load tri_base.c into template 0). The enemies in the blue missions have a lot of trouble beating it...

Do you mean the first yellow mission?

If so, have you unlocked the interface object from the blue missions? Try using a commander or destroyer but replace a couple of the move objects with interface objects (remember to autocode afterwards!). The interface makes your processes last much longer.

And someone (koro-xx) has built a Mac version of v1.0! I've put it in the downloads section.