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A topic by Diewy created Mar 18, 2017 Views: 721 Replies: 22
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Please continue with the game, and add many things like multiplayer and more missions. I hope you get to make progress, you could use the game very well on Steam!


Thanks. That's good to hear!


can you help me im in need of help on mission 4.


Do you mean the first yellow mission?

If so, have you unlocked the interface object from the blue missions? Try using a commander or destroyer but replace a couple of the move objects with interface objects (remember to autocode afterwards!). The interface makes your processes last much longer.

linleyh got discord?

i need a code to get throw it im still haveing isuws and i dont thinks its the yellow one its the last blue one i think

For nothing, I also have more ideas, here they are:

-A new class that can detect enemies and time is temporary, or if you prefer you can add it as an object and can be added.
-Let the enemies leave a little data when they die and can be collected.
-You could add an option to leave the game without having to leave the game completely, an option that will take you to the menu.
- Finally would be a list of templates that can be downloaded.

I would love to upload more gameplays to your channel, and give some tips and strategies to pass the green, red levels and where you unlock the interface. <3

Or instead of a class would be better a structure that when building it gives you more vision.


Thanks! I'll keep these ideas in mind. But you can leave a game without exiting the program by clicking on "quit" in the System menu (the [Sy] tab). The latest version updates the tutorial to mention this.

I can't seem to be able to beat any of the missions past the toutorial!

will you be making a easy or beginner mode in the future?


I don't think it's that hard!

Try replacing the weak starting base with the tri_base (use the editor to copy and paste the source code, or just load tri_base.c into template 0). The enemies in the blue missions have a lot of trouble beating it...

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first of all, my game kept oppening and closing when I tryed to play for once all this time, secondly I really cant get past mission 4, when i fist started. and i dont have an interface


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Hello! I love this game a lot, I really do. I hope you keep working on it and adding touches here and there. I've spent hours on it already and stayed up 2 nights playing it. It's getting a bit tough but i'll keep on going obviously. Curently stuck on the 2nd Green level, any tips? They use a lot of those spread Turret things, and it's really annoying. I do have interface, but that's my situation and i'd like some help if you can spare any :) Also, Add a windowed mode, or other graphical settings? Just a suggestion if your going to keep working on it xd Thank you.


I'll mostly reply in the other thread, but there is a windowed mode - open init.txt (using Notepad or whatever) and follow the instructions there.

Also, any news if your going to be updating the game more, and when? Sorry, this game just hit me home and I want to see it played more : )


Yes, I'm going to upload a new version later today - the main change is a new integrated debugging system, although it has some other things as well.

So, is the game basically "done"? Your not adding any more new content? :/


I think so, yeah. I am working on a new game, though :)

Name of the game? And/or what will it be like ?


It's still at a very early stage and I don't know if it will work, so it's a secret for now.

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I was playing Creeper World 3: Abraxis when I saw this ad for Particle Effect: Emergence!!   It's like KnuckleCracker smashed CW:3 and Liberation Circuit together, and they had a baby. Trying it out now! Maybe you both can work on something ; )  

(even though unlikely, its an idea i'd love to see!)

Also, if you could possibly make some more videos on Lib Circ that'd be amazing, Examples:  You building ships for missions, and "walkthroughs" for some : )

hey guys any of you have discord i need some help on i think round four