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thinking of mac?

A topic by AlexWhiteLikesAnime created Mar 15, 2017 Views: 335 Replies: 4
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i have a mac but i am getting a proper computer in a few months... this game looks amazing but i cant play it atm and i want to play it now.. it is ok if i have to wait but i was just wondering for mac or apple users if there will be a mac version?


A mac version is definitely possible, but I don't have a Mac to build it on. On github I'm working through some issues that some other people have had trying to build the game for Mac, though, and when those are sorted out I might ask if they can send me a binary to put up.


And someone (koro-xx) has built a Mac version of v1.0! I've put it in the downloads section.

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thank you so mooch but what osx does it run on? im running 10.11.6 and i tried to open it but is says something is wrong with the osx


I think it runs on 10.9? I don't know anything about OSX, sorry.