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File had a malware? my windows asked me to discard it.

A topic by Kpt_Sandok created May 26, 2022 Views: 255 Replies: 4
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lamao, imagine if this game about war inside a computer actually brings malware to your computer to declare war with your security system, except Im not really sure but Im too scared on fully downloading it cause windows warned me.


I don't know why Windows is telling you that; I just tried downloading the game to my Windows computer and it worked without problems. I certainly didn't put any malware in there!

Im sorry for the post, but I think the reason windows warned me was because the file was not commonly downloaded or things like that and it says it might harm my device, but I really badly wanted to play the game, I'm just scared.


Ah yes, the unsigned code warning. I think I'd need to pay Microsoft to remove that.

I feel safe to download it now, thank you!