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Oh my, I love it! Even though its years old, gems don't rust!

I only watched the video, I really liked it! Especially the way you use the mouse to aim the weapon. I'm just sad because I doubt my pc could even handle downloading it :(

Nice game!

Perhaps its written by the older guard?

Just a bunch of compounds reacting with one another, nice game!

Well done!

Thanks for making this game, I love it!

Add bayonets

Before the room loads you will get a glimpse of the sky and its like some kind of drawing, or was it. The old guard gave the possibility of an exit so I tried to find the other wall but I've been running for some 30 mins now, I've seen some rooms with all blank pictures and still its not giving any signs that I'm near the other wall. I only see more inappropriate drawings :(

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I look forward on future updates. The current game is easily beatable. I just march my army into their provinces and capital and I receive little to no resistance from them.

Multiple armies? so you can attack multiple provinces at the same time. But you only start with one army so you can make new ones as you play the game.

Look at this hidden gem I found :DD

lamao, I barricades are the true weapons, you can kill hundreds with a single click. 

You strategically place barricades so the enemy will willingly go to your desired area then once they all gather up you just place a barricade and off to heaven they go.

I killed them all cause I think they would turn into something and kill the player

I feel safe to download it now, thank you!

Im sorry for the post, but I think the reason windows warned me was because the file was not commonly downloaded or things like that and it says it might harm my device, but I really badly wanted to play the game, I'm just scared.

Thank you for making this, yuli

but yea, expanding your empire is not that hard.

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so sad I cannot be a dictator and declare martial law over my country, I can't force my people into submission :((

lamao, imagine if this game about war inside a computer actually brings malware to your computer to declare war with your security system, except Im not really sure but Im too scared on fully downloading it cause windows warned me.

my my, I am glad I found this treasure.

I don't understand, I have to choose the opposite of the positive decisions to progress through the story.

Yes, we only lost one man. Benjamin, 30 years old.

I was to install it but my pc's space wouldnt be able to keep up because this is my only pc that I use for school, its going to lag and lag is bad for online classes :( 

Maybe if I managed to improve my pc's storage a little I would be able to enjoy it.

The problem is, the enemy is too weak to respond. I never let my men fire a single bullet and they never lost a battle.  But I really loved this game

Will you be continuing this game?

hope this works fine on my potato pc, by the images are enough to convince me this is a great game.

The rocks have faces

I really like the game, but the controls are too sensitive and is inverted so I find it hard to move like a plane. Maybe if you could put a settings where players can choose inverted or not, the sensitivity, etc.

is this playable on pc?

I saw the controls but I pressed them and Im still on the ground, just above the light blue circle and my propeller doesn't move or spin (I'm not sure if it should). How can I fly?

This game is great but are you going to continue it?

This is by far one of the best free aviation game aside from tiny combat. Great Work!

they're thicc

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I don't know if its just in mine but I can't move from mission to the next mission on tutorial campaign.  And is it normal that my aircraft's wings dislocate when flying fast? But its overall a great game

perfect training game for the next tiny combat games

Will you be continuing this game?

Thank you

I glitched out of the map and fell

Love your games