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Future Plans - What should we expect from this game/Linley

A topic by Vanilla created Mar 05, 2019 Views: 247 Replies: 1
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This is mostly aimed towards Linley, as he hasn't been active on the discord recently. 

Vanilla here, what's shakin'? 
I'm currently trying to figure out how to increase playtime in Liberation Circuit, but I don't have the skills to beat Hard. 
My Idea was to see what the community can do to the existing code, and figure out how to mod it properly, adding custom levels, parts, and Enemy AI to fight. 
Currently what we've accomplished, I believe: 


- Wells 

- Maximum Code per Design 

- Unlocking all Parts to be Unlocked at Start 

- And a few other things I must be forgetting. 

I'm willing to try and keep the community alive, by making my own designs and helping people with levels and strategies. 
But the question is Linley, 
Can we expect anything new in the future for this game? 
If you don't have time to update the game yourself, help us figure out the code and make it more easily modifiable. 

We can make guides, and documents on what everything does. We just don't how to do certain things, or what some things mean. 
Icemourn on the Discord is probably my best bet for figuring the code out, but it'd be a morale boost to hear from you on the plans regarding LibCirc. 

I asked before for Tips and Tricks for the game itself, and now I'm asking for tips on dissecting and modifying your game. 
It's a good game, I just want to see more from it. It's a free game, and I'd be willing to pay for it, if it was expanded upon. 

I'll be in the Discord, 


Hi, Vanilla! Sorry I haven't been around the Discord for a while - too many other things keep coming up. I'll pay it a visit sometime this weekend and see what's going on.