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ai making problem

A topic by dgn30 created Jan 25, 2019 Views: 265 Replies: 4
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heyllo i was trying to play on custom game but idk how to make a base ai thats spawns ships like the other level how do i make ai on the custom game??


Hello! Are you playing in autonomous mode, or command mode?

If you're playing in command mode (which is the default, so you probably are) you can design a base using the process designer, then use "autocode" (which is a button in the designer's main menu) to automatically generate AI code for the base.

If you're playing in autonomous mode, or if you're trying to design a base for an enemy that will operate by itself, it gets a bit more complicated and you'll need to do some coding.

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but the levels that has template following to spawn process of the game but the custom game im making is not (base is white the other process is red when locked) i like to play with my process i made on custom game :| but how to make the base spawns process


Hm... you should be able to play a mission then go straight to the custom game menu and it will still have the enemy processes loaded in. I think. Not all of them will work in a custom game, though.

You may need to increase the "starting data" setting in the custom game menu, because when you play a level some of the enemies start out with extra data.

If that doesn't work - do you get any error messages?

if you edit the ai's unit it does save the procces

when you edit it on custom and save it

you can click campaign and check on player 1