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i meant this

when you get in the stone building with workbench on it go to the door from indoors youll see the problem soon

well i was going to arts and crafts yo know the task on the game when im in on the building full of rising skeleton trying to get out and theres no interaction on the door while you get in 

when you move from other paths such as arts and crafts open the stone door from the stone building or open the  iron door from the iron if you move close to that well the interaction wasnt apearing you just stuck with a company of skeletons

im new but im exited to play this


ok i found it

this problem just went up hating me (and its been 1 year to find that bug)

yes then theres an error from the exit you know leaving the game multiple times

well liney when i exit multiple time when i launch it it says to pick one but both of it are errors that says

exit code error

i click the launch button but it says error occured cause of exit

this is really insane (rage level 100)

ok i figure it out tnx

i dont know how to build a base cuz it says make camp then all signs says to buy how to buy base (sry bad grammar)

can you fix the game the stone paths are disapearing every death and leave the game

oh ok

i tried to run the game but all i can see the gamescreen was black

can someone fix this game (seriosly)

if you edit the ai's unit it does save the procces

when you edit it on custom and save it

you can click campaign and check on player 1

(on players) to beat 3 firewall levels all you need to do is build a mini builder not harvester (the enemy is more detectable to kill) you need 3 or 4 big ships with xl weapons (or small laser,large laser dir,ultra dir) put many interface put 2 repair 1 repair other in each ship some 4 build on 1 base to make your process build faster and try to build more unarmed (or armed outposts) to distract the enemies without rebuilding a destroyed outpost process you must wait and rebuild when the fleet is going to another target make many big ships as possible (this will make the ships lives much longer) hope they have repair other when they all fixed they going to repair other ships destroy the base first after you eliminate the enemy

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i beat the game and the cutscene on the firewall level has been finished and escaped in each cutscenes on other levels to unlock the other weapons the leve will gives me hope of escaping the hostile computer this game cool and tough im glad ive keep playing this game once and for all :] escape ending is good mr linley hope the new update has multiplayer good making this game

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but the levels that has template following to spawn process of the game but the custom game im making is not (base is white the other process is red when locked) i like to play with my process i made on custom game :| but how to make the base spawns process

heyllo i was trying to play on custom game but idk how to make a base ai thats spawns ships like the other level how do i make ai on the custom game??