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A topic by Vanilla created Apr 15, 2017 Views: 877 Replies: 13
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Any design tips for the Second green level, First Red level, and First purple level? I beat all the Orange ones already but I seem to be pretty stuck on those listed above. I've made tons of designs and even tried crazy tactics, Example: Just taking an army around the map and going after the starter Base. Didn't really work since Green uses a ton of those Shotgun spike things. Tips or ideas to help? Love the game and i'd love to see it worked on way more. This has some serious potention and i'd even buy this game if it were on Steam and had more to it. It's a shame there aren't any Guides or anything out yet, Steam would enforce that a bit. Love the game and would love some tips, Thank you!

I can hold off any attack on the 2nd Green level and the first Purple level really easy, either I "run out of time"/Data in Wells, or they are just as good as holding me off as I am them.

(1 edit) Rushed again, but that game I got pretty far i'd say. Why is the replenish so low in the wells anyways? Makes it pretty difficult. I got at least 7 of my Advanced Harvesters out and a Tribase set up at a well pretty close to the middle and some sentries that usually hold them off. Both places got hit hard and it went downhill from there. Guard3 seems pretty tough, ideas/tips on the first Red mission? Maybe you could tweak the wells a little. Idk, just ideas. Also, Ideas on my designs? I really like the spider feel of it, like what you did with Destroyer, but they aren't doing their job, or i'm missing something. What's your thought on that?


The replenish is low on the orange levels to require a different strategy - you need to use harvesters because it's not cost effective to build a new base at every well. It sounds like you're doing that, though.

Looking at your designs - it looks like the 3-armed base thing has interface objects on its core, which makes it vulnerable to enemies that shoot straight for the core. Maybe move them to the components on the ends - they will be vulnerable, but unless the enemies attack from all directions one or two of them should survive to protect the core.

The Warrior process has two problems. First, it's only 61% powered, so it will have problems using all of its objects at once. Try using a more powerful core (which will also make it more robust).

Second, the two components with just a move object and an interface object are weak points - they aren't protected by the process' interface, and if they are destroyed the rearmost components will also be lost. Maybe add new components to the side and move the interface/move objects there.

Interface objects don't protect parts with move objects on them, but yeah, imma try to use new designs.

(2 edits)

What was all in the update? You said some Minor fixes xd

I seemed to have lost all progress made, I don't know if that's supposed to happen or not o.0

I loaded up one of my designs that I had saved, and it still had the parts, which I shouldn't have since it reset me.


The update is mostly the debugger (the BC panel). The fixes were pretty minor (e.g. making some changes to one of the fonts).

Do you still have a file called msn.dat somewhere? If so, that has your progress. Put it in the same directory as the executable (Libcirc.exe).

That design looks okay, as long as you can point it in the right direction so the back doesn't get destroyed. 63% is a bit underpowered, though - you could try using a more powerful core (if you've unlocked the next one) and see if that makes it survive longer.

(1 edit)

That design usually held it's ground pretty well, and it was pretty cheap. I'd surround the Tri base, and my base with them to hold off any attacks. With a few cores with heal_other on them. I just need to work on attacking. But thanks, imma try to fix my progress now : )

Edit: I found 2 files under Itch, both said Liberation Circuit. One is newer, one is older. One is called Libcirc-win-binary-v1.3


Libcirc-win-binary-v1.3 is the one you want. I don't know what the other one is, but if you start the game (or just open readme.txt) it should tell you the version number.

Linley, could you share some pictures of some designs that you'd reccomend? The ones in the Pictures for the game seem neat, but could use a little magnification.

Hey Linley, Been a while since i've played this game. I think I made a "Decent" design, tell me what you think : )   

P.S -  Currently In-game, hopefully that's okay!


That looks well-protected and probably quite effective! It might be a bit underpowered, so a better core would be good, but for a time when the 6-cores aren't unlocked yet I think it's a good design :)

Good to know your still hanging around, can't wait for anything else you release : )

Suggestion:   A move order that makes the design face a certain direction. So your designs stop facing the wrong direction D: 

P.S:  Just got back into the game kinda, kinda addictive :P