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Solved his issue by giving him the source download instead. He says he downloaded the windows version, and had him try Windowed and capture_mouse. *shrugs* 

This is mostly aimed towards Linley, as he hasn't been active on the discord recently. 

Vanilla here, what's shakin'? 
I'm currently trying to figure out how to increase playtime in Liberation Circuit, but I don't have the skills to beat Hard. 
My Idea was to see what the community can do to the existing code, and figure out how to mod it properly, adding custom levels, parts, and Enemy AI to fight. 
Currently what we've accomplished, I believe: 


- Wells 

- Maximum Code per Design 

- Unlocking all Parts to be Unlocked at Start 

- And a few other things I must be forgetting. 

I'm willing to try and keep the community alive, by making my own designs and helping people with levels and strategies. 
But the question is Linley, 
Can we expect anything new in the future for this game? 
If you don't have time to update the game yourself, help us figure out the code and make it more easily modifiable. 

We can make guides, and documents on what everything does. We just don't how to do certain things, or what some things mean. 
Icemourn on the Discord is probably my best bet for figuring the code out, but it'd be a morale boost to hear from you on the plans regarding LibCirc. 

I asked before for Tips and Tricks for the game itself, and now I'm asking for tips on dissecting and modifying your game. 
It's a good game, I just want to see more from it. It's a free game, and I'd be willing to pay for it, if it was expanded upon. 

I'll be in the Discord, 

For those of you who still play this game, you might be interested in talking to others about it. Since there aren't many guides on it, it's pretty hard to beat. 
- We talk about levels
- We share Designs, and strategies 
- We'll be messing with the code a bit, and configuring it. 
Feel free to join at: 
Thanks : )

Suggestion:   A move order that makes the design face a certain direction. So your designs stop facing the wrong direction D: 

P.S:  Just got back into the game kinda, kinda addictive :P

This is still being worked on, correct? Would love to test this game out for you in the future. Has some great potential.

Good to know your still hanging around, can't wait for anything else you release : )

Hey Linley, Been a while since i've played this game. I think I made a "Decent" design, tell me what you think : )   

P.S -  Currently In-game, hopefully that's okay!

xd I don't think the player will be able to fight  :]

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Edit:  Nevermind, joined the Discord and found it! Yay!

Yeah Math!

It's a part to make a shield for the upcoming update, check out the Trello page!

On the Trello page already, planned for the future! Check it out XD

He has half of these suggestions on the Trello page xd the Alloy mixing and the difficulty ideas. And a lot others planned out! I can't wait for all of this, but I'll wait for a finished game any day.

Linley, could you share some pictures of some designs that you'd reccomend? The ones in the Pictures for the game seem neat, but could use a little magnification.

Logs outside the house are for the smelting update coming, where you have to cut down trees and throw the logs under the smelter, turn it on and that's how you heat up ores. And yes, there is going to be mining for ores.  Check out the trello page  : )

Check out the Trello page : )

More suggestions means Dasius will read even more suggestions, which means more things will be implemented, and he'll be spending his time reading instead of having a life, which means he won't be able to live, thus that's an easter egg, and a message to us all, that games kill people.   = Logic.

I'd rather have a finished update than a half-baked one!  No one likes half baked cake, I should know, I didn't get paid D:

Also, if you could possibly make some more videos on Lib Circ that'd be amazing, Examples:  You building ships for missions, and "walkthroughs" for some : )

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I was playing Creeper World 3: Abraxis when I saw this ad for Particle Effect: Emergence!!   It's like KnuckleCracker smashed CW:3 and Liberation Circuit together, and they had a baby. Trying it out now! Maybe you both can work on something ; )  

(even though unlikely, its an idea i'd love to see!)

Any update about when this may be released?

Name of the game? And/or what will it be like ?

So Elemental, can you inform us what all you updated?

So, is the game basically "done"? Your not adding any more new content? :/

I'll play again when you update this : )
Let me know in case I miss it !

Playtime so far is 27 minutes, game almost crashed at the intro, I really like this playstyle and this look. I found a few things that could use tweaking;

- Talking to Claire is a bit buggy, I had to spam E in her face in order for it to register.

- I got stuck at the Tarp part, and the Fireplace part. Couldn't "place" the tarp even though I had 11 Wood. And I had a fireplace in my inventory, tried to place it.

- Sometimes the items wouldn't be in the storage containers, but would show up if I restarted.

Downloading the game now, it looks really neat and even better that it's being developed recently. Hopefully you keep developing this game : ) - More to come once I actually play it xd

Suggestion: Merchants

Could be traveling merchants, with huge backpacks and swords hanging off, or with carts with weapons and stuff on top of it. All shop prices are different. Example: Cart: Sells iron bars for 950, while a traveler sells them for 900.

Suggestions I have in mind:

1. Maybe add a few animals, because immersion. Maybe deer in the forest, or rabbits/birds.

2. A way to design/customise your shop. Would love to upgrade, or add to it.

3. And yeah, a difficulty system would do nicely, and maybe you can make it customizable in a few ways. Like adding extra funky challenges for extra profit. Like no sprinting : )

4. Other shops that you have to compete with, and a rep system. Sometimes you'll lose customers depending on your rep.

5. Mining right now, the way I see it being made, feels a bit OP. This is how I feel like it might come out: "I can either buy the ore, and spend my money. ORRR, I can go out and mine/smelt it for no cost while I keep my shop closed".

6. I like your repair idea, maybe your hammer or Anvil gets worn down after a long time?

7. Or maybe you can repair people's weapons for them, maybe they bring in a Great Sword and you use one bar to repair it on the anvil.

8. I like the Delivery/shop idea, where you have to go out and buy the items instead of using your fancy Wall-Pad to get your stuff, Yay, walking.

9. Drinking chocolate milk currently, maybe you could work on the house, like make it so we don't phase through the back, and make it so we can actually do something with it? (the house on the hill)

10. And finally, more monsters, and make the people actually fight them in the forest. Make it so you can actually get attacked if you wander out there.


11. The last suggestion brought this to my head, and I needed to say it.~~~~

The mining area, OR areas can be put outside of town, kinda foggy but not as much as the forest is now, and could sometimes have a "monster" there, and it will attack you if you go there. You could hire a "guard" to kill/guard you so you can go mining.


Thanks Dais for making this game, and I am really loving it. Can't wait for the update, but i'd rather have a polished update than a half-fasted one : )

Loved the art and designs of the units, would have loved if you could actually 1v1 as one of the fighting sides : )

Loved the art and designs of the units, would have loved if you could actually 1v1 as one of the fighting sides : )

When is this game getting an update, or at least an expected time? At day 8 you start to run out of time faster and faster. Takes a while to get to tin even. It's possible, and I can make a weapon in like 30 seconds. By the time you even get to tin, I can guess it gets down to the wire.

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That design usually held it's ground pretty well, and it was pretty cheap. I'd surround the Tri base, and my base with them to hold off any attacks. With a few cores with heal_other on them. I just need to work on attacking. But thanks, imma try to fix my progress now : )

Edit: I found 2 files under Itch, both said Liberation Circuit. One is newer, one is older. One is called Libcirc-win-binary-v1.3

Clue? Hmm, seems sneaky : )

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Tried the Sandbox version, so is it 3 common cut up wood for 3 copper ores? And does it take more wood the higher tier of metal you have. Just wanna get a head start on the next update : ) Tin takes a long time to buy right now, making 4$ profit for each weapon you make. Been playing a few hours, made a 100$ profit so far. Got my Charisma up to 4, and it's day 8. Starting to get less and less time for each order.

Edit: 1 Uncommon firewood can smelt ores for a while, like a minute or so. I threw in like 7 Iron ore, 3 copper ore, and 1 admantite ore. All smelted with 1 firewood. Guessing it's a time limit kind of deal

Interface objects don't protect parts with move objects on them, but yeah, imma try to use new designs.

Also, Giant Spider boss that releases the regular spiders every now and then, balanced.

And you have to take out the legs one by one, and it starts to tip over.

Dave was really funny at the begininng, and that was what hooked me. Any game with a funny robot is a good game most of the time, or any movie. Would be amazing if he kept it up throughout the game.