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Space Bob vs. The Replicons

Salvage resources to help Bob escape the Replicon invasion. Physics-based gameplay in radial gravity. · By Intravenous Software

Random Feedback - Ideas - Suggestions - Comments Sticky

A topic by Intravenous Software created Feb 02, 2017 Views: 1,030 Replies: 48
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Developer (1 edit)

If you have something to say but it's not worth making a new topic about, drop it here.

Is there anyway to save? Also I found a bug where if you are in the crafting menu and exit escape to go to the scan menu and then leave the menu you are unable to walk away from the crafting screen.

Developer (2 edits)

Ah ha. I ran into that bug the other day for the first time but didn't know what caused it. I'll fix that ASAP. Thanks. (Edit: It's now fixed)

Currently there's no way to save. I consider the game to be a rogue-like in that sense. The idea is that the game should last 30-45 mins with permadeath. You either escape or die trying. I am considering putting some limited save points in though, like immediately prior to each boss fight, but if you continue the save will be deleted. You have one chance.

I'm sure some save points will be required when I add more bosses. At that point a playthrough could take 2+ hours and offering a save point before each boss is probably the way I'll go.

oh OK cool. Just want to say its really addicting and fun!

(2 edits)

The tutorial is REALLY fucking annoying, made me stop playing the game which otherwise seemed pretty good. The tutorial is unnecessarily long, boring, and the text is sooo slow and explains how to do things so unnecessarily detailed and like the player is really dumb. I can't find ANY WAY to skip this introduction (which explains things like you've never played a game before), and when i died i was thrown out of the game and had to start the tutorial all over again, so i just gave up on it.

My suggestions: 1) make the tutorial skippable, make the tutorial shorter and 2) let the players go at their own pace (for example don't force the player to wait for the slow ass text to finish crawling to the end of the sentence before they can progress in the goddamn tutorial. You should make it so that players can press a button to make the whole sentence finish instantly, so that they don't have to wait for the dialoge, like in pokemon), most players already knows how a game works and will only need a quick pop-up message saying which buttons are used for switching weapon, controlling weapon and and the objective of the game, and then they are set and will fully understand the game, or learn as they play. Also, whilst in the tutorial, most players won't be paying attention to their health bar, so if a player dies in the tutorial they should not be thrown out to the menu screen, they should just respawn at last checkpoint.

I love the mechanics of this game and will probably come back and go through the annoying tutorial just so i can play the game itself at some point, but i felt that this was very important to say, as new players often aren't as patient.

Sorry for the aggression and good luck onwards, the game seems promising :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback. The tutorial has had some significant updates and now includes checkpoints and a speed-up hotkey that can be used to skip through the messages. I also took on board your suggestion to speed up the gun's reload time and you were dead right. It feels much better now even though it technically does no additional damage per second.

Maybe you could download again and let me know if this solved your issues and I'll keep in mind your other points of feedback for later updates.

Update 1 & 2 Notes:

This has been equal parts tear my hair out frustrating and tons of fun. I think i've already put in 6 hours of play and I still haven't fought the boss! Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to where this is headed!

Downloaded the game a couple days ago, and I found a bug where my spaceship will continually suck fuel after a repair/refuel is complete. Not a lot but a trickle can make the difference.


I went to fix the fuel bug you mentioned Almis, but couldn't recreate it at all. I've also never seen it. Fuel levels are stored to 4 decimal places internally, and they didn't move at all. I'm happy you're enjoying the game though. That's great and thanks for letting me know. It's important to hear both positive and negative feedback to properly balance a game


When I come out of the capsule at the bottom of the planet, I just fall into space. This is normal, or I miss something? The concept of the game nevertheless wonderful, I enjoyed playing ... on the upper side of the planet.

Developer (2 edits)

No, that's far from normal. Gravity should always pull everything towards the center of the planet no matter where you are on it.

I have seen this bug happen once before though. I was watching someone play on Twitch. They got out of their lander and fell away from the planet for no obvious reason.

It's one of those rare bugs that makes no sense. It should never happen. I imagine it's caused by some unusual combination of actions.

So don't worry. You should be able to go to the other side of the planet and not fall off.

" I enjoyed playing ... on the upper side of the planet." - Lol.

(1 edit)

It happened twice on a small planets (those without caves) when I was flying on the right bottom side. By the way, the game really tests my greediness, and that's how it usually ends...
And... this happends again, same circumstances: . Of course, I can still get these crystals, but it becomes a bit more complicated, you know

Developer (5 edits)

That third pic. lol. Just hanging around...Such a great bug pic.

I tested again on that planet. Everything works fine for me. I even tried to make it happen and failed. I wonder what's going on.

Operation "Save private Lander":


Did you run out of fuel?

No, I'm just practiced such an option in truth. But in the process I realized that this lander is not very usefull right now - in the mineral-rich planets it is chipper just to hitch "the train of minerals" to the ship itself.
Well, it looks cool, but worked poorly - mechanoids survived, and even more - connections mostly disintegrated and I was been swallowed by hive.

Developer (1 edit)

You like to experiment with what is possible I see. It's great that you do. I'm sure you'll let me know if you run into bugs while testing all this stuff out.

You'll have something new to play around with soon - hopefully by the end of next week. I've been working on a new liquid simulation to add water and even oceans to the game. It will also allow simulations of stuff like thick mud and will replace the current lava implementation that I was never fully happy with. It can also simulate stuff like quicksand that I'm planning to use on a desert biome in the future.

Here's a sneak look at progress so far:

Of course. Never seen a big bugs (except a broken gravity, it still appears occasionally), but small ones - yea, things clipping in each other under high pressure, but its hardly fixable as i imagine, and some connections placed around enemy drop pods (and around of some zones of player ship too) become unavailable for selection (maybe they are marked as "neutral" connections?).
Water is great, but i hope a large amount of it will not eat too mach of my CPU.
(Too bad that stealing an enemy drop pod gives nothing ... sometimes in difficult terrain they do not cling to the ground)


I've run into grapple connections that become unselectable too. It's super rare so I've yet to find the cause. If you find any way to recreate that bug please let me know because then it's easy to fix.

Water is going to have a quality setting in the video options panel. On the lowest setting you will be able to disable it's dynamic surface, and then the performance hit is negligible.

Enemy drop pods do give something if you destroy them but I never expected anyone to try and lift an entire pod to the refinery ship. Is that even possible? Does it even fit into the refinery area?

About connections - you can try to connect things to legs of drop pods (, they are really baggy in that matter.
"Is that even possible?"
Drop pod unfortunately is too heavy to be lifted by capsule... but Bob has friends who are always ready to help ( This time its doesnt work because this connection ( become bagged, but you get the point - it is possible


Wow. That's ingenious. That gives me some ideas for future secrets.

Thanks for the info on the connection bug with the drop pod legs. I'll take a look at why that is happening and sort out a fix.

By the way, do you tried to land on the edge of the Lender with the upgraded boots? I mean, this is harsh drowback for upgrade, i think.


No. I'm guessing they damage the lander. I'll remove that. It's not intentional.

Yea, and they are not only damage the lander, they are destroing it impressively quick

(8 edits)

Hurrah, really hardcore to master by training myself control! Uhh, I love this weight-pull hauling system! Make an multipendant of rocks in deep caves, cannot lift muself, use distant-controled rope-crane to ceilings and step-by-step pull all out like an caterpillar! But rising this all to refinery is hard if lander disbalanced. Ah, that hard mining what I really need in CortexCommand...

Rope is great for everything! Especially pin monsters to the ground. Even trying to take monsters alive to refinery, but there's automatic cutting...

Hm, spiders is really easy, if you pin and stomp them. Wasps is easy too, if you watch the sky and have space&fuel for dodge. Quite deadly on the exit of cave, if you can't retreat cause your rock garland here...


Uh, refinery laser sometimes cannot see little debris. Hmm, some of ropes cannot be canceled – green laser don't select them.

Uh, now I Escape from the Craft screen to Scan mode (two Escape in the row) with Roper in hand and can't move anymore, only open/close Craft screen (if you close screen, he raise the hand) and use Scan menu.


I wanna shoot when I'm on the rope! Anchoring myself on slopes and other unstable positions (especially in mountains). Maybe add this option as upgrade? Like Wrist-binding-device or Hands-free-system.

Electrochassis of Lander can make mass killing quite easy.

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I'll be looking into solving the couple of glitches you mentioned this week.

Edit: Both bugs are now fixed in Update 6.

(6 edits)

Bug: If you change Controls->Options menu toggle to any button and then change back to Escape, it gonna N/A and you can't return to Menu/Scan mode anymore by any button (restart only).

Autocutting of ropes on the board make some mad things almost impossible. What if ropes autocut only to Lander? Or make this optionable in Refinery Ship control screen somewhere (where you can move Refship on the orbit too).

Too bad, that ramming into wisp swarm crush ship in one strike, even with titanium armor. But after this I force them work out this dept.

At the very end I stuck under last smashed thing here:
Thanks to rope, it grave me out (in):
But part of precious advanced materials was stuck inside:
Sadly, Rocket pistol doesn't make any real blast wave for pushing things out (and any damage to dropships). Ah, I must move some spiders to die here... But no one alive.


I like that you are testing out crazy ideas and finding new bugs while doing it. I'll look at fixing them today. Expect another update before the weekend.


Update 7 is now available and the bugs you found have been fixed. You'll be pleased to know that it's now possible to grapple replicons and other objects into and inside the refinery. This proved to take far more effort than expected. Bugs were cropping up everywhere once grapples were still allowed to be connected to objects being refined. It was worth the effort though and allows for lots of interesting new gameplay possibilities both now and in the future.

Let me know if you run into any problems. Everything should be fine though.

HOLY SHIT. This game is amazing! But the replicons are TERRIFYING. I can't go one day without a replicon wasp/hornet chasing me! At least make it so they don't spread this fast! It's so hard to dig, no, LIVE, with them being around!

(1 edit)

Thanks, they're don't invade your refinery ship. Not too much... There's so peaceful up here, and hell on the ground.
Insufficient danger of high level invasion!

(3 edits)

THIS GAME IS AMMAZING. I like how you are going so far but what I want to see is a toal long term survival game as well as what you have now. The ability to save would go with that.

Oh and plz add sound

And multiplayer (sometime in the future)

And the abillity to get new landers (maby even stealing them from the Replicons)

(5 edits)

Uh, hot battle of ropes. I stand ground so much and failed here.

Ah, and now I can distant control Lander by R... But it's dangerous for long range transporting with player's vulnerable on the ground without something for mobile defence. Ah, I can block enter to cave by ship and be safe... Plus it's a good turret (but I cannot shoot myself). Or just make old school stone-web barricades.

Now there's no autocut on Refship anywhere. Sometimes I tangle myself in stone garlands so much and cannot exit from ship. Plus lift system can pool garlands from refinery to dock through walls and stuck crystals here.

Nice sounds addition! Especially shots, crystals and legs. Looking soon for buzzing of replicons!
But sound of slipping on ground hearing something like jet engines somewhere.
When crystals tied so close, theres so repeatable dinging.
Need upgrade for fast reeling of ropes. Main feature weapon+instrument, as for me.
Also what about special spiders, who shooting ropes, like me?

Landerblocking is great for safely scavenging.

Damn that curves.

Now I can eat swarms purely.

Lander can beat boss in solo!

But stucks here too easy...


Great feedback again Kastuk. Thanks. Found this when I killed a spider near it, I was able to shoot it but had to get real close


I've seen this too, but I wasn't sure what caused it. I think you gave me the clue I needed. Thanks for your other feedback too.

Clue? Hmm, seems sneaky : )


Sneaky indeed. If it's super sneaky then it's not what I think it is.

Dave was really funny at the begininng, and that was what hooked me. Any game with a funny robot is a good game most of the time, or any movie. Would be amazing if he kept it up throughout the game.

Also, Giant Spider boss that releases the regular spiders every now and then, balanced.

And you have to take out the legs one by one, and it starts to tip over.

(4 edits)

It's featurely interesting to fight with Roper only like Tri-Archid, but Limbo already did it.
I mean, spider tearing.

(2 edits)

Only one anchor point per Spider. limb.

Blinking voices is cute! May they be more scary in attacking?

Developer (1 edit)

That's an interesting find with grapple points on the spiders. Obviously it's not game-breaking so no need for an instant fix. I'll look into it next week.

I like the cute Replicon sounds. Spiders are cute!

Seriously though, I'll try giving wasps a slightly scarier sound, and then I'll make each new enemy type sound more menacing as they are added in the future. I think it makes sense to make the more dangerous enemies sound more scary. Did you notice that the Replicon drop ships have much deeper, scarier sounds especially when they first appear?

I think, planets and asteroids must have vary parameter of gravity for transporting differences. 
Not only replicons, lava and acid drops is enemy (in addition to knocking myself to death).
Maybe weather conditions too (with gradual increasing and fading, so player can be ready). Winds like that impulses on boss station. Storm clouds, who strike metal things nearby. Earthquakes. Raging nature.


"I think, planets and asteroids must have vary parameter of gravity for transporting differences. "

I thought the same thing when I first implemented gravity. The game already allows for different gravity per planet but it was not fun to play. It makes the game inconsistent, confusing, and sometimes even annoying. Maybe it will be used on special bosses only if it feels okay.

 "Not only replicons, lava and acid drops is enemy (in addition to knocking myself to death)."

Agreed. I'm now adding lots of new content and the latest build already has new dangers. There's a plant that spits seeds that bounce around and explode. There's also a cactus that explodes it's spikes everywhere. Some objects are also now radioactive. Expect plenty more hazards like these in the final game.

"Maybe weather conditions too"

I've been thinking about weather recently. Maybe acid rain or radioactive weather. It's something I'd like to add if there is time.


Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming. 

It's can be more interesting to explore enemy base with hidden insides.
Need an Replicon  who can cut my precious ropes, cause it's too easy to tie all down..
Enemy, who can throw things, like that blowing sawcrab here M5OuxYFVpfA?t=32m56s
For some of mid-range danger without blaster-shooting-bugs. Plus mess with cargo.


Hidden inside bases are planned for Act 3. That's been on my planned list for a long time.  These will belong to the mysterious new Archic race. though not the Replicons.

The new Rask replicons already cut your ropes when they spin. You can only grapple them for about one second. They jump and spin constantly. The Rasks are the alien dragonfly spinning things. They are deadly and kill me so often. They can jump massive distances and only need to touch Bob for a split second to destroy half his health. Fighting 2-3 of them at once is super dangerous. 

Enemies that can throw things? I've considered that too, and it still might happen, but I'm leaning towards a flying enemy that throws itself. Maybe something that attacks like an eagle.   We already have plants that throw things in build 0.7. The new purple planets have a seed that they launch if they detect the player. This bounces around before exploding. 

"Mess with cargo"? I'm not sure what you mean by that, but trying to figure it out gave me some good new ideas.

(1 edit)

I mean, throwing your tied crystals, debris, stuff and even overthrow your Lander.
Uh, cut by rolling, as I wanna say! Yes, it's will be hard to fight in corridors... But I can make barricades against them. Maybe even take Lander inside base just like shield, cause reps don't attack uncontrolled ship. But they ram and roll, if you nearby...


I like that idea about throwing things. I'll keep that in mind when designing future replicons.

At first I thought you meant replicons that shoot things, like bullets, but I'm trying to avoid that because it would feel frustrating to be shot from off screen while zoomed in with the camera. Throwing crystals and junk at you, or just randomly throwing them around, is a neat idea though.