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:) Very fun! Simple idea and nice mechanics and progression.

But I can’t get the keyboard controls to work when the game is in full-screen mode!

:) Thanks!

:) Very cool, and very fun! Nice mechanic! But yeah, very tough!

Very cool concept and excellent level designs! Fun puzzles!

Also, the music is amazing!

And, of course, the art and animations are great.

Very very clever, very very fun!

I like the art. The music adds a lot to the mood. I love the mechanic.

I wonder why the fast-forward button exists? I just want it to always be on.

I also wish that I could remove links instead of removing whole factories.

I also wish I could full-screen this, but I suppose porting this to mobile should be a higher priority!

:) Very fun! I have got a bug report for you!

ERROR in action number 1 of Destroy Event for object oConnectorParent:

PerformEvent recursion depth failure - check for infinite loops, > check objects for parenting at gml_Object_oConnectorParent_Destroy_0

This happened as I was right-clicking to remove the lower-left-most 3-way combiner.


Lol, brilliant!

I love the concept and execution. Good art and sounds. Excellent poetry! Very clever mechanic. Maybe would be better with my spouse playing on the arrow keys? …or maybe that would have made my marriage “tepid and unpleasant.”

Lol, AMAZING! Hilarious concept, best music ever, really incredible animations and art.

It seems like the lights were maybe a tad too strong? I couldn’t ever seem to get out of the gravity well once I got in. And the level could definitely use some checkpoints, so I don’t have to hop all the way back when I die.

I also never saw the tongue in action, but maybe I didn’t get far enough?

:) I love the music and the concept!

I think a little bit of guidance/tutorial would have helped a lot! (a bit of description in your page would help too!) I also struggled to figure out how the controls at first. And then I also struggled to figure out how to arrange things correctly.

:) Very cool! I like the concept, and it fits the theme well!

Hooray, Godot, Aseprite, and ducklings! Me too!

Lol, <2 seconds, AMAZING!

Yeah, I really like BFXR for really easily making great 8-bit sounds extremely quickly.

And Deflemask is a nice chiptune tracker.

Hi Brandon!

Ducklings have mad hops, don’t you know??

Yeah, it’s mostly by design that Momma has to restrain herself to let her ducklings keep up. But there are still some rough edges in my navigation logic that would have made it feel a tad better.

Ah, I forgot to remove the ability to zoom out! Oh well. I think mostly people don’t find it? If you’re using the click-to-auto-navigate controls, then that has some built-in camera panning that makes it easier to see more of the nearby level.

:) Thanks! I really liked making it!

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:) Thanks! I was really pleased with the duckling idea too!

😉 Aw, you’ve spotted my secret to success! Pick a theme that’s irresistible, and people will forgive all the other faults in your slap-job game…

👍👍👍 thx!

:) Thanks! It was a lot of fun to make!

:) Thanks! I’m really glad you like my music and art!

:) Thanks! I like all the bits of the game-dev process, but music is always especially fun to make.

:) Thanks! I’m glad you liked my music!

:) Thanks! They gotta walk to fast to keep up!

:) Thanks! Yeah, I almost took out the manual controls entirely, but it easier to leave them in.

Yeah, I noticed the audio lag too. I’m not sure what was causing it…

There can sometimes be false-negatives in the platform graphs, and I should have playtested more to find where they were!

:) Thanks! Yeah, I like the point-and-click mechanic, because it makes a platformer like this a lot more approachable for more casual gamers. I used a library to add the point-and-click pathfinding here.

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:) Thanks! Not my first jam! …but also, I lot of the heavy-lifting was from two libraries I used: one for screen-navigation and GUI-layout, and one for platformer pathfinding.

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:) Thanks! Probably a lot of the apparent polish comes from the two libraries I used: one for screen-navigation and gui-layout, and one for platformer pathfinding.

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:) Thanks! The point-and-click platformer pathfinding uses a library for Godot.

:) Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! It’s a lot of work wrangling babies!

Yeah, it can be hard to not lose your ducklings! That’s sort of the point (Momma has to protect her babies!), but the mechanics definitely aren’t perfect and you do lose them a tad more than you should.

:) And yeah, I threw together all my sounds in like 5 minutes at the last possible moment, so I wish it were more quacky too!

:) Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

:) Very fun! Simple mechanics, but VERY well executed! Amazing art! Great theme. Excellent GUIs. Very polished feeling and fun.

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:) Very cool game! The art is beautiful, and the music really adds a lot to the mood too! Nice narrative, but it felt a little slow at times.

I like the mechanic, but I did hit a bug where I got stuck in drag mode, and couldn’t seem to get out.

Yay, cats!

Fun! I like the art and level design. Nice music too! I also didn’t quite understand how the theme fit though. And I wasn’t sure what to do with the level with the connected blocks?

Very fun! Clever mechanic, nice art and animations, nice sounds, great music. Good feel to the jump and switch. Good controls! Great level design.

:( “The code execution cannot proceed because libstdc++-6.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.”

Fun! I like the graphics and music! Could use some sound effects, but that’s ok.

It felt like there should be some momentum-based stretchiness to the rope, so that the distance between stickmen wasn’t always constant.

Aww, penguins and seals! Yay, baby birds!

I liked the sounds, music, and narrative. Very simple and captivating little game. It could use more interactive goal, but it was fun to sort of sit back and watch anyway.

:) Very fun puzzle game!

I don’t really understand how it fits the theme, but it is clever and a lot of fun!

:) Very fun! Smooth gameplay. I felt compelled to keep playing one more level…

Fun graphics, good sounds.

I found that I tended to run straight through a level as fast as possible, in an attempt to reach the enemy before the multiplied too much, so I didn’t really get to appreciate the level design much!

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It seemed like I never could find a moment when I could have a large asteroid on one side and a mine on the other.

Hooray Godot!