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Just wanted to say that I've known of your work since the olden days of The Daily Click and was happy to see both this and the revised "Karloman" available. I've been playing both and having a blast. Just picked up the Crampons in "Roving...", and wondering just how much more exploration I can do.

Again congrats on making some excellent games. You've been a inspiration to my own game-making efforts. :)

Thanks for updating your download.

I think this is one of the best games from this jam. Definitely fits in the theme, it's challenging, and the challenge scales from pretty easy in the beginning to much more difficult later on. I'm personally a big fan of retro-style games, so this scratches the itch for me.

Well done!

I've tried to play the game several times, but each time, popup messages in Chinese or Japanese are revealed, and I'm not able to start the game in the game window.

Is there any other way to play/download the game?

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Nice work! Very simple concept, but it's captivating and encourages the player to go for "just one more game..."

I liked seeing blocks tumbling all over the place, and sometimes rolling and bouncing in front of the player. Definitely adds a bit of unpredictability and chance that makes these kinds of games a lot of fun. The exaggerated camera angle is pretty wild too, and sucks the player in with even the slightest move.