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The idea is great and gives a good challenge while trying to keep track of both the player character and the AI friend.  Honestly kind of creepy with it's music and nearly jumpscares you when getting caught! Overall a good game that fits the theme well. I'd appreciate it if you checked out my game  at some point too :)

Fun game, kept me playing for a while. The jump recharges a bit too slowly in my opinion, but otherwise the game isn't terribly hard which is good. Great job! I'd appreciate it a lot if you checked out my game too.

Easy to understand and fun to play, enemy bullets are a bit hard to see and sometimes you have to wait a while for the right attack, but in fights that just adds a bit of additional challenge.

Had fun playing it. If you have time, be sure to check out my game too :)

Very atmospheric and nice visuals  overall,  not sure if the hand counts as AI  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  still a top tier game in this jam in my opinion, and quite hard.  I'd love if you checked out my game too!  

Great game, I had fun trying to lead all the viruses to Bob. Bob sometimes got  stuck in walls and didn't feel like a super important part of the game. Good game overall, i hope you check out my submission too :)

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I added it, thanks for letting me know

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Glad you enjoyed it, did the victory scene, KIN-16  and explosion not show up?
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Yeah it's not crucial to play but it makes getting speed a bit easier. I'll explain it in the game after the voting ends if i remember

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Thanks, glad you liked it. Gathering speed in the beginning of a level is pretty important to keep your speed up. Like i said to someone else, you get  a small boost at the start of the level so to get the most speed you can,  go upwards with that and then keep your cursor lower than the player as much as possible.  There might also be a bug with different screen sizes and getting the cursor position wrong, if your bird looks the wrong way then that might be what's causing it, but i have no idea if it exists.

As for the arrow thing, the bird already points exactly where the cursor is 

Thanks for the comment and rating!

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That could be a bug but the bird should gain speed as long as it's pointing down (the cursor is below it). At the start of each level you get a little speed boost, so use that to go upwards then glide into the house

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Thanks, i noticed the screen problem earlier but i didn't know launching the game in full screen was an option, thanks for the tip. Edit: unfortunately the buttons didn't work as expected when i did this so i had to change it back

Did you try the downloadable version? I tested the game on different devices and they seemed to run fine so i'm not sure what the problem could be for the bird's stopping

It might have something to do with what browser you're using, though itch should fix those problems so i'm not sure. Try waiting like 10 seconds, if that doesn't work then you can also download the game. Some of the particle effects aren't visible in the web version anyway so you'll also get a bit more polish by downloading it.

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Well polished an good looking game,  it get's hard quite fast because of the enemies being hard to get rid of.  Enjoyable, i hope you update it after the jam and fix the difficulty issues because  imo this is a really good starting concept. Good job and congrats on finishing it in time, would appreciate you checking out my game too .

The dialog is a great little addition, the sounds and music also don't get annoying. The art is good but in some places it doesn't  perfectly fit together with the other sprites. The human colliders are a bit unforgiving and the controls could be better but once you get used to them they really aren't too bad.  Overall a fun game and pretty good take on the limitation, the same idea could fit lots of other games. Good job! Would appreciate you checking out my submission too

The atmosphere, sounds and art overall are all great.  The implementation of the bird theme is kind of vague but not too bad, what i know the theme isn't obligatory anyway. Only other negative thing is that sometimes rooms lead to another, where there's an obstacle immediately in front of the player and you die.  Great take on snake!

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I might try to make something similar in the future, thanks for the suggestion and positive feedback!

I like the idea, music and details like the changing color schemes. Only problem i had was that in one of the levels (the one with some blocks and a line of coins to the moon) i got stuck a couple times because the walls didn't kill me or i was able to go past them in some place. The rocket went outside the camera and i had to restart. Keep it up!

If you after the second upgrade just start clicking the increase taxes button, you'll get infinite money.  Mortality rate can go way past 100%.  Also is there a way to lose? The president just fell off one time but idk if that's supposed to happen.

Good idea but it has a lot of bugs.

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Unless this is a rage game then i think it's too hard and some of the spikes have too big of a hitbox. It would be cool if the checkpoints worked like checkpoints, i can't get past the first one unless there's a way to change the color of the character or something in which case you should mention it in the description. Nice art if you made it yourself.

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Is the size of the game big? It basically has to download the game even when you play in a browser so that might slow things down a lot. It's been loading while i'm writing this and it isn't ready yet so i'll wait a little bit longer. Otherwise it's probably something that just doesn't work when running on a server.

Edit: It loaded, took maybe 1-2 mins writing included, i think the music is the problem. A long track can easily take up most of the game's total size.

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Yeah the music is an unfortunate minus with this and it's because i had trouble with the music towards the end of the jam and i couldn't get it to loop in the downloadable versions. It seems fine while running on a server tho so if you use chrome/edge/google (any chromium engine browser) then you could check out the web version linked in the description (that i of course also had trouble with and noticed didn't work in the morning). Oh well, that's the thing with game jams and thanks for reading my novel.

(Edit: not sure if google is a chromium based browser)

Really fun to play! I like the small planet and poly style. The aiming was sometimes pretty hard with the flowers and smaller trees

Thanks! It was pretty hard, but was mostly made to only last for a short time :)

Thanks for the positive feedback! I would check your game out but it doesn't show up anywhere

I like the amount of levels and the retro style! nice job

Nice to hear! I had a lot of ideas but this one felt the most fun

Glad you liked it! It was my first farming game so I'm happy it turned out pretty good

Thanks for all the positive feedback, I'll check your game out!

Great concept! The changing visuals kept the game fun and gave a sense of progress. One problem is that after standing still, you can't move in the direction you are facing at all. 

The idea itself is really nice. The controls feel a bit janky and the movement might be too slippery. Maybe  the gun could be aimed with your cursor instead of the arrow keys. Otherwise great game!

I love the unique idea, art and how many levels there are! The art reminds me of baba is you.

I like the simple art and the weird enemy physics, you could make the grappling more useful if it wasn't possible to just wall jump infinitely. Also the camera was really weird in some places, I couldn't see half the screen. The fighting and grappling at the same time is still really fun 

I love the graphics  and the concept! There's a lot of effort put into every corner of the game. You can even choose the difficulty

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I like all the details like flipping tables and the background + falling down. The map is pretty hard to navigate and maybe there should be more save points. Most enemies don't have a damage indicator wich is fine but maybe that could've been implemented before the other little details. I like the variety of enemies and amount of content tho, as well as the way of telling the story.