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thank you :D

Nice game! I really liked graphics and sound, puzzles were also fun. However once I was stuck when I choose the wrong path, it would be nice if there was  "restart level" button.

Overall cool game :)

Thank you! Yes, I will definitely fix this issue with enemies randomly bumping into player near the edge of the screen after the jam

Well, at least 5 is better than nothing :D

Cool idea! I liked the pixel graphics and strange controls :D

Thank you for playing :)

Visuals and sounds are great! However the first time I played I got stuck on the 1st level when on enemy turn enemy just don't move.

But overall very good game, enjoyed it!

Nice game! I liked clean pixel graphics and the puzzles were good either

Nice puzzle game! It has a lot of potential, I enjoyed playing it :D

Good game, I liked the idea! I myself had once an idea about censor simulator, and I absolutely loved your game :D

I played the game twice trying to make different censoring decision in order to have different ending, but I get the same ending. Also it's unclear how my decisions affect everything that happens in the game

But overall very good concept. I will absolutely play this game if you will continue developing it!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!
Yes, I will definetely think about this issue and fix it in the future builds, so there will be no random deaths :D

Thank you! Checked the collider on the player - it's really was a little big bigger than the sprite itself, I already decreased it so it will match the player perfectly, good you noticed it :D

I will think about getting some extra points or some interesting visuals when hitting multiple enemies with a single shot, it definetily will make an experience more satisfying

Great game! Pug is adorable :)

Wow, bad fan art sounds pretty cool! xD

You can use all your artistic power on my game

Wow, cool idea! I can imagine seeing something like this in a modern museum

Nice game! Especially loved graphics and glitches

I'm glad you liked it! 

Great idea, I will definetely think about some defense against button spam 

Cool game! Destructing things always feels very good

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

It was exactly my goal - to take away some control from the player but nevertheless keep it fun

Helo! Great games everyone!

Here is my game, it's a simple top down shooter, where  you move and shoot using just one button

Nice idea! I really liked black and white pixel graphics

The paint gun movement sometimes feels a little weird. But overall good job!

I really liked the humor and the one button game mechanic!

Hey, this is my simple top down shooter!

The idea is that you move and shoot with only one button. Player is constantly rotating, so you have to chose right timing for shooting and moving.

Good job!

Graphics and effects are great! Game concept is also original and interesting, I had fun with it

However the difficulty was too high for me, wasn't able score more than 2 

Nice Game!

Hey everyone! Please check my game if you can :)
It's a top-down shooter, where you only move and shoot using 1 button