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Great game! Reminds me a bit of Shenzen I/O, if in simplified form. The description said to read the included PDF first, but I went in blind and it worked out fine. Some combinations were kinda intuitive, others I found by trial and error. The only thing missing for me is some sort of goal or end game. Other than that, really great entry. Well done! ;)

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Incredibly polished for a 48h jam entry! The gameplay loop is simple, but fun. The controls are difficult, as per theme, but managable. Having a limited number of people you can hold before you start losing any control was a great idea, too. Overall, it’s a great entry, I loved it!

A really great idea! Had some fun with it, managed to win after my second try. I hope you’ll keep working on it, this could turn into a pretty solid game if developed further. Well done! ;)

Interesting idea. It could use a little bit more feedback for the player though. Other than that, pretty good jam entry. Well done!

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Amazing game! Not only for the wonderful artystyle and music. You’ve also managed to give the player a ton of audiovisual feedback on every action, and included a well-done tutorial.

I’ve had two problems with the game:

  1. Sometimes the interactions weren’t detected properly - when I grabbed the faulty item and tried to throw it in the trash, sometimes it wouldn’t work the first time I tried it. I don’t know if it’s the fault of the interaction itself or perhaps a problem with the colliders. Maybe increasing the size of thrash area detection would fix this.
  2. In one playthrough, I went to the right side of the factory to fix one of the machines. Before I was done, a fire broke out cutting me off from the entire left side of the screen. I couldn’t move through the fire. I couldn’t extinguish the fire, because I was holding the wrench and couldn’t drop it. Perhaps letting the player drop currently held tool (and auto-return it to its spot) would work well.

Overall, a really great entry. Incredibly polished for a 48h jam. Great work!

A very good platformer! I always like the idea of single player co-op. One thing I’d add is the ability to jump down from a platform, so the player can go back in case they are stuck. I’ve gotten to a point when I’m standing in front of a closed door and I can’t open it in any way. I tried jumping around to see if there’s another way I didn’t notice at first, but it looks like I’m simply done. Other than that, a really nice entry. Well done!

A nice idea (and pretty good execution)! Could use a little bit more gradual mechanic introduction, but you can get a hang of it pretty quickly regardless. Good work!

This game is like the story of my life, only I do less fighting and more coffee. Nice art style and sound design, the controls are responsive. A well done jam entry. ;)

Really great entry! I love the different types of spells, and slowly introducing them was a good idea. As others have said before me, the game could use a lot more feedback, but I know how difficult it is to do everything in such a short time. ;)

There were a few bugs I’ve encountered:

  • sometimes, despite me having Energy Shield spell, the Snuzzlepuffs were able to kill me
  • sometimes when I got the Emerald Scattershot twice in a row, the second one didn’t fire anything

This looks like a good idea to continue working on. You could add different enemy types, having partial resistances to some spells, but weaknesses to others. More spells, perhaps some randomly dropped from enemies pickups that let you control your spells for a short time.

Overall, nice job on the game. I enjoyed playing it. ;)

I always knew both Roombas and cats were spawns of Satan, but I never connected the two together. It’s a pretty nice idea for a game. Perhaps there should be some sort of penalty for dropping non-valuable items into the pentagram - I imagine somewhere in hell there’s a very angry Satan stuck under a pile of old grimoires and skulls.

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An interesting idea! It took a moment to get a hang of it, but after it clicks it’s pretty fun to watch everything unfold.

My problem with it is that it sometimes gets pretty laggy. For seemingly no reason, it doesn’t react to me clicking a tile, and a few seconds later it clicks another one on its own. It also lags out a lot when you click an exploding tile and the chain reaction sets a lot of tiles alight.

One way I can see this be improved is to make the fire burn a lot longer. Right now, when you set the first tile on fire you only have around a second or two before the game ends (if you don’t put another fire in the field). Having it burn longer would give the player some time to think about their next move instead of clicking nearly instinctively.

Overall, a nice idea for a game. I liked it. ;)

A really difficult, but satisfying puzzle game! It’s fun to watch how simple changes to one block position can affect the entire outcome. I had a lot of fun trying to figure it out. Great job! ;)

A fun little puzzle game! The skating on ice is done pretty well. It can easily make you lose control if you’re not careful, but it can be managed. The added difficulty of having multiple objects under control is a real challenge, but it’s a fun one. Nicely done! ;)

Very fun puzzle game! I hope you keep working on it, I’d gladly see how this evolves.

A great looking game! I only wish the controls were a little bit more precise. I think there’s something wrong with hitboxes on the “Synchronize” bars, because they sometimes don’t detect my mouse cursor on them, and other times they stop when the cursor is barely near them. Sometimes they stop immediately, and sometimes they take half a second to realize I’m pointing at them. It’s the same with the circles. That made it very difficult to synchronize all parts. Besides these, I think this is a nice idea. Could become a really good agility testing game, if you continue to develop it. Well done! :)

A nice idea! It has this really great old-school feeling to it. Well done!

A nice idea! The game is pretty well done for a 48h jam. The controls fell smooth and responsive. One thing I would improve is the jumping - it feels really floaty. Another slight problem happens right when you lose control. Sometimes I run fast and jump so I can use my momentum after I’ve lost control to get to the flag, but at the moment I lose control the character stops in place before trying to move on its own. I think it would be better if momentum was kept. Overall it’s a really good entry, good job!

Thanks for the feedback! Agreed, some randomized events could help break the routine. I have some ideas for that, I’ll just have to experiment for a bit and see what works and what doesn’t. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for your feedback!

I didn’t want any system to work for too long, as that would make the game too easy. Someone suggested adding some form or random events you’d have to deal with, I think if I add those I’ll definitely need to make the consoles active for a longer time.

As for the instruction screen - you’re probably right. I’m considering replacing that with a list of hackable systems and description of what each of them does. I’ll also add a more visual description of the hacking process, once I upgrade it.

Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I totally agree. I’ve already come up with an idea how to make the hacking better than just spamming a button. I’ll add it in when the jam is over. Thanks for playing!

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A really well done entry! Great looking art style and really nice music. The idea / theme interpretation is really cool, too. Traveling through this weird world infested by demons and babies alike is pretty fun. The controls are very smooth most of the time, though sometimes there seems to be some glitch with both the air jump and wall clinging. I also agree with Marshall Cannon - having to move down the level isn’t really a pleasant experience, since it’s so easy to accidentally fall to your death. Other than that, it’s a really impressive game. Nicely done!

Well, I’ll give you that: you’ve nailed the theme! :D

At times it is a little bit too difficult. Sometimes the car slowly turns one way and when you slowly try to compensate, the car suddenly turns the other way quickly and you have no time to react.

Despite that, it’s a great game. Very challenging, but it’s a good challenge. Well done! ;)

Thanks for your comment!

There are three things that can cause you to lose the game: time/distance dropping to 0, life support dropping to 0% or ship’s hull dropping to 0%. If you had a lot of time left, it probably means one of the other two killed you.

A really nice idea! I like that you create your own bullet hell with every shot. One thing I think is necessary to add is some feedback on when your projectile hits the statue. Right now, they simply just pass through it and keep going like nothing happened. At first I thought it was bugged or something. Making the bullets disappear after hitting a statue and adding some sort of explosion when they hit would be really helpful. Other than that, it’s a fun little game. Nice work! ;)

An impressive entry! I loved the level design after you leave the prison, looks really well done. The controls sometimes feel a bit floaty, and it’s difficult to judge whether your attacks (or enemies’ attacks) will hit or be out of range.

One bug I’ve encountered: after leaving the prison, while fighting the goblins they sometimes pushed me into rocks, after which I couldn’t move at all (despite it looking like nothing should be in the way). Neither movement, jumping nor rolling worked, I had to restart the game.

This has the potential to become a really fun game. I hope you’ll keep working on it, I’d like to see how it grows in the future. ;)

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A really great game! The art style is simply fantastic, sounds and music are great as well.

I had one problem with the gameplay, though - very often the enemies started to shoot me while still being very far off-screen, making it difficult to not only defeat them, but even to evade their fire. I found the only way to survive long-term was to be constantly moving and firing, but for some reason sometimes my bullets destroyed enemy projectiles and sometimes they passed straight through them. I guess reducing enemy engagement range and moving the camera further away to give you more screen space would solve a lot of these problems.

Other than that, I had a lot of fun with this one. It looks stunning, I love the way lighting and shadows work. Great job! ;)

Nice take on the theme! Moving only in range of control points is a nice idea, but the ability to move the control points takes it to the next level. It’s a highly enjoyable game.

A pretty well done entry! It’s nice to see an FPS for a change. ;)

Both the art style and the sound design are nice, the animations and particle effects look good. One thing I didn’t care for were the particle effects on player projectiles. Given that we can’t stop firing, they’re constantly visible on the screen and they make it difficult to notice where the enemy is firing from.

As for the upgrade system, I think it is a great idea, but it would be executed better if the upgrades themselves were things that change the way the weapon works instead of just some stat upgrades. I guess the best upgrade I got was the one that gives you a percentage chance of launching a grenade instead of a standard projectile. Having your weapon constantly change to a different type and having to adapt to that would be really nice. I also didn’t really like the accuracy drop upgrade. In one playthrough I’ve started the game with two of these in a row and hitting something was next to impossible.

What worked really well was the enemy difficulty scaling. Not only slowly increasing the amount of enemies, but also introducing new enemies with different weapon types got the game a pretty good progression. It could easily give the game another avenue to improve, by adding more enemies with differently working AI systems (like enemies that only have a melee attack, so they try to move around the boxes and attack you from the sides / behind).

Overall, it’s a really great take on the jam theme, and a pretty good execution as well. I’ve enjoyed playing it. ;)

A great entry! At first I thought the only twist is the different control scheme (mouse instead of a keyboard), but then the first enemy showed up. I didn’t really see what was happening, just that my controls have gotten all weird. Perhaps some more prominent effect focusing players attention to the mouse cursor being “kidnapped” would help here.

I also think the main mechanics could be introduced much faster. The first section with the WASD movement is probably not necessary, it only delays the main mechanic introduction. The enemy shows up pretty late, too. For that I think it might be a good idea to add some level objects that interact with the cursor. Maybe something like magnets that pull the cursor in when it gets too close, or fields that push the cursor in a specific direction if it enters them. The player could get used to the idea of things influencing their mouse cursor before encountering the first enemy.

Overall, it’s a really well done entry. I love the lighting effects, the platforming controls feel pretty good. Good job! ;)

Amazing! I always love a well-made PICO-8 game and this is one of them. The controls feel nice and responsive, the graphics and sounds/music are great. Well done!

A fun idea and great execution! The drifting feels really good and smooth. The puzzles make you want to keep replaying them until you get all 3 stars. Well done!

Nicely done puzzle game! Good job on the aesthetic design, it looks really good. The level design sometimes feels a little bit too unforgiving, but with practice it is beatable.

A fantastic jam entry! Really unique idea and pretty good execution. It could use some more time spent on level design, as some levels feel like they’re more based on random chance than puzzle-solving skill (like the mentioned by others before me level 2), but for a 48h jam it’s a very good game. I hope you’ll work on it some more, I’d be happy to check it out and see how it evolves. ;)

Great game! The art style and music both work really great for this one. The overall mechanic is pretty solid, and the bullet hell aspect is well complemented by the need to manage the amount of fired bullets on the screen.

I kinda agree with Charlie Gray’s feedback on enemy shooting. It gets a little bit too hectic too fast. However, I don’t think you should entirely get rid of it. Your idea of having melee only enemies would work really well - if you had two types of enemies, with only one of them shooting, it would reduce the bullet clutter already.

Another idea is to telegraph the shots - add either a short charging animation, or something like a progress bar on the shooting enemies. Maybe make them stop for a second before shooting. Something that would let the player know they are about to shoot.

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Interesting concept! I always like when a game tries to combine two seemingly incompatible genres (and does it well!). Some notes I made while playing:

  • The “you must hold down Ctrl” rule feels really bad here. It puts a lot of strain on the hand, making playing this game really uncomfortable. Was that something you added for the jam theme reasons?
  • A lot of the time it’s pretty difficult to see what’s going on - the combination of flashing background colors, dancing character and blurry letters makes it hard to focus. FireTotemGames already told you about TextMeshPro, so that part should be solved. I’d say you could probably add some background to the dropping letters, or at the very least some outline / shadow to make them stand out more.
  • Given the difficulty to focus, I’ve tried just spamming the WASD keys instead of trying to match the letters on the screen, and it works surprisingly well. ;)
  • After my fourth or fifth playthrough I got pretty far before I got killed by enemies spawning right above me, and my bullets seemed to not hit them (or at least they didn’t kill them). I left the game on the “Game over” screen and started writing this comment. After a while, I switched back to the game and this is what I saw:
  • Late in the game sometimes my bullets got stuck on something in the middle and just drifted away while rotating slowly. It might be a good idea to check “freeze rotation” on their Rigidbody if you want them to only rotate where you tell them to.

Overall, I really liked this entry. The music is great, the main character design looks pretty good (and all the different poses he makes during the dance :) ). Amazingly well done for a first game jam. Good job! ;)

Nice game! Felt satisfying every time I’ve managed to keep the guy alive for little bit longer than the last time. I think this idea could benefit from two things:

  1. Allow the player to choose where they place the item. I know the theme is “Out of control”, but a little bit more control would make your decisions more impactful, leading to better gameplay. You could then add more items, like grenades to damage groups of enemies, or sniper shots to do lots of damage to a single enemy. To make it difficult, there would have to be a minimum range around the player in which you could not place the item (so the player can’t just put the upgrade near the character every time).
  2. Add some visual stat tracking, either as progress bars or pure numbers - it would be nice to know how much more range or damage I’m getting from each upgrade. Sometimes it felt like picking up a range or attack speed upgrade didn’t do anything.

Thank you! Funnily enough, it wasn’t inspired by FTL, at least not consciously. As I was developing it I noticed it turned out quite a bit like FTL, so I had to be careful not to make it feel too similar.

As for the terminals - the right one shields the ship from taking more damage, while the left one repairs the hull damage already done. At first I wanted them to be a single console, but I’ve decided it would be more realistic to have the shields and repair system separate. It also differentiated it from the oxygen system, which does both things for the life support. I guess I’ll need to explain it better in game next time.

Thanks again!

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. ;)

Thanks! I wanted to add some asteroids hitting the ship as another way to visualize damage being done, but actually adding it as another mechanic is a great idea. In addition to running around and hacking consoles the player would have to manually fix equipment and patch hull breaches. Might be something worth exploring! I’ve also had an idea on how to make the hacking something better than just spamming one key, I guess I’ll experiment with it once the jam is done.

Thank you! I was worried I haven’t spent enough time on the music, there are a few places which I would change or improve. But I’m glad you liked it. :)