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That is a pretty great idea! I think this could become a really interesting puzzle game. The slow movement might make it a bit sluggish, but I thought it was alright for a slow paced puzzle platformer. Three things I'd improve:

1. The controls staying relative to the player character instead of the camera are a bit confusing. I think it would be better if it would always use the same directions (left arrow moves you to the left side of the screen while on horizontal surfaces and down when on vertical ones, while the right one goes right and up respectively), or perhaps it could have a setting to switch between different control schemes.

2. It seems like it needs some form of feedback regarding the direction you're going to fall to when you engage your magboots. I have to say though, I laughed pretty hard when I was on screen 3 or 4, engaged my magboots and fell sideways through all the previous screens and left the game world with high speed. :D

3. Since we're walking on magnetic surfaces using magnetic boots, perhaps it would be a good idea to have the character simply walk along the corner and move to the attached surface instead of simply stopping (e. g. when you're moving on the floor and you reach a wall you start moving up the wall, or when you reach the end of an elevated segment, you move to walk along its side). If it would make it too easy for the player, you could introduce non-magnetic surfaces, to which you cannot attach with your boots (or the player could enter those surfaces, but their boots would stop working and they'd slide along the side until they reach a magnetic surface or fly away).

All in all, I had fun playing it, it seems like a good idea worth expanding further. :)

Not sure if it's going to become a full game yet, but I certainly have a lot of ideas to expand it further. Stay tuned!

I was thinking about adding some sort of single-player campaign, where you would have to defeat a series of different decks and you would have to modify your deck to counter them, so a "deck building" menu would definitely be there. 

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I know the game lacks good visual feedback. I simply ran out of time (even showing the currently played card in the center and the stat changes were a last minute addition). I'm thinking about adding some animations showing the card values moving from the card in the center to the stat counters they influence before the stat change is calculated.

As for the card alignment, I've done that on purpose to make it more visible which card is currently being played (before adding the card in the center). I want the cards in your hand to move and fill the space to the right every time a card is played.

I had an idea for order changing cards, but simply ran out of time to implement it. I thought about adding a card that would swap the next two cards in your hand when played. I also though a little about cards that would influence your opponent's hand, but that will require a bit more time to find a good way  of adding that. :)

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

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Thank you for the feedback!

I've added the tutorial screens in the last minutes, so they might be a little unclear on that. I'm gonna have to improve them to provide a better explanation. I'm also thinking about adding some sort of marker in the game itself, like maybe an arrow on the right side  of your hand to point out that "the cards are played from here".

As for the expansion, I already have some ideas I had to remove because of the limited time. I wanted to have cards that would buff other cards in your hand (e. g. "reduce the mana cost of next card by 2" or "increase your next two attacks power by 1") and cards that change the order of following cards (e. g. "swap positions of the next two cards"). I also wanted to add minions in some form (e. g. minions played stay on the board and deal damage every turn until killed; enemy attacks target minions first before going back to the player), but I didn't manage to figure out a good (and fast!) way to do it.

Anyway, I've got some ideas for future updates. Not to mention all the improvements I didn't have time to do when it comes to the interface. Or adding things like sounds and music.

Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks! I have a couple of things I didn't add to the game because of the time limit, but I'll be definitely updating this one. Stay tuned!

Hey, thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Hey! I've uploaded the post-jam update version. I didn't find what the problem was (I was unable to reproduce it) with the warning message window, but I did rewrite that code to a hopefully more stable version. I've also changed the way attack markers are cleared, and in case that isn't enough I made sure they're all removed when the aliens' turn is done. There's also a Windows desktop build now, though if you use it, I recommend sticking to the default 800x600 resolution.

Thanks! I've already checked and rated yours, nicely done! I'd gladly play a full top-down GoW game like this, I hope you'll continue working on it once the jam is done. :)

I'm not sure what could cause that, but at least I know where to start looking. ;) Thanks, I'll let you know when the update is out!

Thanks for the feedback!

Currently you can deselect attack / unit by pressing the right mouse button. I should have put that information somewhere in the game, my mistake. I'll also add a "Cancel" button, visible when in attack mode. That should make it more clear. I also forgot to disable the attack when switching units. It will be fixed in the post-jam version.

Thank you for the comment! What bugs did you encounter while playing? I'm planning to change a few thing for a final release once the jam voting is done, I also want to fix anything that might be wrong with it.

Hey, thanks for the comment! I guess I'm just a bit frustrated that I didn't manage to include some of the mechanics ITB had (like webbing units) or had to rush some in order to get it done in time. All in all, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Glad you liked it!

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Hey, thank you for the comment!

Yeah, I realized that the graphics are too similar a bit too late. I've added some colors to the units, but I'm waiting with the upload until the voting is over. I might think about switching to 2D later on, but for now I'm trying to learn 3D a little bit more. I have an idea for another game, though, which will be 2D.

I wanted to add the tutorial once the game is done, but I guess I'll need to add some help to the development version as well. I'm thinking about creating some sort of "Help" screen until I figure out a decent tutorial.

I've added the random chance late, when I figured out that I won't have enough time to implement multiple creature and knight types as I intended. I felt that, with just one type of knight and two creatures, the combat could use some randomness (I guess I took it a bit too far, though :P). I might remove it later on, for now I'm experimenting with ways to reduce the effects of that random throw (i.e. if the attack misses, the Defense stat of attacked army is lowered, so the next attack will have a much higher chance to hit), we'll see how it goes.

Once again, thanks for the feedback!


Wow, I never had a Mac, so I didn't know this would be an issue. I guess I'll have to rethink the control scheme a bit (or at least add a different control method for Macs). I'll try some things when the jam voting is over.

For now though Google tells me there are ways to right click on a Mac trackpad:

- tap it with two fingers

- tap it in the bottom-left or bottom-right corner

- tap it while holding Ctrl key on the keyboard

They might require enabling in the settings, though:

Sorry and thanks for the feedback!

Hey, thanks for the comment!

I wanted to wait with a tutorial until the game was done, but you may be right. I'll think about some sort of "Help" screen in game to direct the player (and display the controls).

As for the WASD controls, I have an idea how to implement it, but it will have to wait until the GameOff voting is done. Thanks for the idea, though, it gave me some inspiration to move away from the original idea and experiment with something different. We'll see how it works out later. :)

Hi! Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it took me a while to figure out how to properly upload the WebGL version to It works correctly now without the need to download. Cheers!

Hi! I've played Glitcher for 15 minutes and I love it.

I've reached the ADULTHOOD.JPG level and I'm not sure whether it bugged out and didn't load properly, or if I need to do something different to load this one (the "glitchy" part that I needed to click to start the level is under the picture; I see parts of it when dragging the picture, but can't reach it). I'll probably try it again later.

As for the gameplay, I've only found two things I think could be improved:

- the hitboxes on the 1's and 0's in levels could be a little bit bigger, sometimes it looks like I'm close enough to collect them and yet I don't

- I don't really like the need to manually scroll the window if I want to see where I'm going; maybe leave it as an option (for scouting ahead), but also make the camera follow the character when you move?

I love the old-OS aesthetic, and while the gameplay itself is pretty simple, I see a lot of potential in it. I hope you'll keep improving on this idea, I'll be waiting to see what you come up with next. :)

Hey, thanks for the comment!

I'm using this game to learn Unity, so I will definitely work on it more. I wanted to add some simple graphics and maybe some sounds/music, but I didn't have enough time to work on that for now.

Yeah, I know about the font. I've played with the UI elements for several minutes to fix this, but I decided to leave it for later (and I barely made it with my submission anyway :P). I think it's an issue with the Canvas scaling setup, I'll be looking into it over the next couple of days.

You're right, I could have probably made it more clear. Currently, in the combat screen the models are changing colors based on their state only - currently active unit is colored blue and highlighted units are green. The only difference between the player units and enemy units is the color of the army counter - the player's uses white font with black outline, the enemies have black font with white outline.

As for the last part, I guess I should have added some sort of screen with the controls, like:

Left Mouse Button - drag camera;

Right Mouse Button - move units;

Middle Mouse Button - speed up movement animations;

Mouse Vertical Scroll - zoom camera;

Once again, thanks for the comment!