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oh i never tried to use Ctrl with WASD probably a default shortcut from godot i used it with arrows and space with WASD

The game is amazing! I love it 
A little improvement could be to show the turn order all the time instead of pressing space to see it

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The game is really hard XD but it is fun

Increasing difficulty would be nice 

Can't rate pck file is missing 

Would be awesome to add 32bit support ! i have some old computers that still have 32bit os.

my  gpu is really old so it might be the cause : 

nvidia GeForce 7100 / nForce630i

it works fine now

MidBoss community · Created a new topic black screen

i got black screen starting the game and my gpu drivers are up to date 

maybe it's because i have windows 7 32bit ?

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thanks for your feedback didn't even thinked about the one dimensional part XD

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game is fun and i really like the sound design. great submission

funny game, good idea level design is not too bad a little bit hard in the begining. a pretty good submission

Nice little game , easy mode is really easy and hard really hard i think a better approach could be to add difficulty over time(ex: each 5 levels completed difficulty grow a bit) The game is fun could be a good mobile game 

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if anyone want to check the game i made for gmtk game jam, it's a puzzle game where you can carry only one thing at a time : it's also the first game i made using godot engine  i would be happy if you give it a rating also

thanks for your feedback. I also find that it could be more polished but i didn't had the time to do it.  Glad you liked the game

Happy that you enjoyed. Thanks for the suggestions i'll keep it in my head if i work on it later.

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Happy that you enjoyed it. I'll try to add some levels after the jam ratings maybe 

make some some funny tiles that push your dice or make the dice jump etc.. i don't know 

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Original game  (even if i don't find it fun ) it fits theme and is interesting

which engine did you used?

same error I guess it's a Godot game but he forgot to upload pck file which contains ressources for the game

One man puzzle game  where you can  carry ONLY ONE thing at a time first game with godot

Drag and drop Animals 

to end level you need to put every animals to the left side 

if one die/disapear you lost  and need to restart(up left corner)

Hope you enjoy the game

The game is awesome. 

Some bugs i have noticed (i played on windows10 64bits):

- items/coins spawn sometimes on the wall where we can't take them

-  sometimes i took exit door without wanting to (collision are a bit big maybe)

- when i pay for 1 chest in a room everytime i pay for another one its free

I also have a question :
which engine/technology did you used?

nice :) i'll try it later

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Thank you for the feedback, i will do an update to remove flikering from text and add a little explaination for the controls at the begining.

Could you send me a message with the list of puzzles that you have found badly presented?

It would be really nice so i could try to make it more understandable.

I'll make some changes after the end of the jam ratings.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Thank you for playing

I'm glad you enjoyed it

graphics are really nice a bit short and not really challenging

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ARROWS / AD / QD to move 

UP ARROW / W / Z to interact

SPACE to jump