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Thank you for the feedback, i will do an update to remove flikering from text and add a little explaination for the controls at the begining.

Could you send me a message with the list of puzzles that you have found badly presented?

It would be really nice so i could try to make it more understandable.

I'll make some changes after the end of the jam ratings.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Remember that good design is a bit subjective and, in the end it's you choose how you want your game to be.

With that said, here is my thoughts on all the level:

lvl 1 - this should not be the first level of the game

lvl 2 and 3 - ok

lvl 4 - there should be a clearer hint that the solution involve running.

lvl 5- ok

lvl 6 - there is no clue at all what the solution are, and it should be some hint/reminder that the player can run thru the wall.

lvl 7 - what?

lvl 8 - this one is really good

lvl 9 - there is no hint that you should exit with your clone.

lvl 10 - there should be a way to find the right path without trial and error.

Finely if you want to learn more about puzzle design i can recommend you to watch game maker's toolkit video about the subject: