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I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you liked it! I'm planning to make it easier to regain missiles in the future. 

Tanks for the feedback! 

Thank you for the feedback! I will make it, so it's easier to hit with the missiles in the future.

This game has very cool music and aesthetic choices, but it's a bit to close to a walking simulator.  An Idea could be to add some changes to the environment when taking drugs (like doors that open to new areas). Changing the mouse and key controls mid-game is frustrating, which is not fun (at least for me). It was brilliant to make it so the player can see drugs thru walls, but they were still a bit too hard to find. This game has some potential, and with some more development, it can become a cool little game. Great entry!

Thank you for streaming my game! It was very fun watching you play 😃

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Thank you so much for the feedback! The reason for the ammo pickup system is to force the player to move by not just killing the enemy but thinking about when they should kill the enemies. However, I should make the ammo pickups more common and easier to pick up, what do you think about that?

Also, your idea about adding enemies dropping ammo is quite interesting. I could make their spawn rate dependent on how many missiles the player has (fewer missile = more "blue enemies") to make the game more engaging for players who have difficulty picking up ammo, definitely something I need to think more about.
Once again, thanks for the feedback!

I love the concept of this game, and it has some potential! Are you planning on continuing to develop the game?

Really cool game, I will probably play some more after the ratings are over! The only problem I had is that I think the first level is too difficult. Great entry!

Thank you for the feedback!

If you want to get started with Godot, I strongly recommend you watch HeartBeast:s tutorial series as it is, in my opinion, the best free complete Godot tutorial out there.

I am planning to improve the AI of the existing enemy's first, when we will see if there is a need for more enemies.

Nice concept! Love how polished and good looking the game is. The only problem I had was the proses of finding the exit and spikes were a bit tedious. It would be nice if there were an option to see them without pressing any keys. Great game, make me wish I had more fingers 😃! 

Wow! this game sound and looks fantastic! The only problem is that the lens flare from the sun is a bit too much, can't see some of the plastic bags. Big thumbs up for this one 👍!

Really loved the art style! I think the longer levels need some checkpoint as it was a bit tedious to repeat the same part over and over.

Cool game with an exciting concept! It needs some more polish, but it has some potential! The only problem I had was that the difficulty was a bit inconsistent. Great entry!

Thank you!

Feedback to the player was one of the things I was focusing on when I made the game, so I'm glad you liked it! :D


I'm already planning to add that feature, plus letting the player have more cards but thay still can only use five of them in each battle!

Thank you so much for the feedback!!

Thank you for the feedback! boom!

Here's my game, its a turn based game with one turn:

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Sorry to ruin your battery but the web version actually works on smartphones. it's super bugy but it works!

This concept is going to go a lot further!

I'm planning to continue develop this game after the jam! :D

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How did it break? and did you play the web or exe version?

and what screen resolution do you have?

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here is a really cool game you can play in your browser!

Here is a game :

Will do! 

Here's another one!

I'm going to continue develop this game. So dont worry more is coming!

Let's hope that the next years theme is only two so you can have an extra life ;)

Thank you! :D bamm! 


But the theme is only one, so you have only one life in this game!  Also I wanted the player to experiment with different combinations of abilities.

 I will definitely continue develop this game! Thanks for the feedback :D

I glad you liked it! I will  definitely do that!

That's a great idea! I will definitely implement it in future version of the game. :D Thank you for the feedback!

Awesome!! It really cool to see you play my game. Now I realise that the game doesn't make it clear enough that the enemies moves away form you when you shine your light on them.  Thank you for playing my game!!

Btw, the creepy sound is not recorded on a piano nor a mandolin but an egg slicer!