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I'm already planning to add that feature, plus letting the player have more cards but thay still can only use five of them in each battle!

Thank you so much for the feedback!!

Thank you for the feedback! boom!

Here's my game, its a turn based game with one turn:

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Sorry to ruin your battery but the web version actually works on smartphones. it's super bugy but it works!

This concept is going to go a lot further!

I'm planning to continue develop this game after the jam! :D

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How did it break? and did you play the web or exe version?

and what screen resolution do you have?

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here is a really cool game you can play in your browser!

Here is a game :

Will do! 

Here's another one!

I'm going to continue develop this game. So dont worry more is coming!

Let's hope that the next years theme is only two so you can have an extra life ;)

Thank you! :D bamm! 


my game has 5 ratings

Here is my game, Turn, currently on 5 ratings, it's a super cool trunbast combat game:

But the theme is only one, so you have only one life in this game!  Also I wanted the player to experiment with different combinations of abilities.

 I will definitely continue develop this game! Thanks for the feedback :D

I glad you liked it! I will  definitely do that!

That's a great idea! I will definitely implement it in future version of the game. :D Thank you for the feedback!

Awesome!! It really cool to see you play my game. Now I realise that the game doesn't make it clear enough that the enemies moves away form you when you shine your light on them.  Thank you for playing my game!!

Btw, the creepy sound is not recorded on a piano nor a mandolin but an egg slicer!

Remember that good design is a bit subjective and, in the end it's you choose how you want your game to be.

With that said, here is my thoughts on all the level:

lvl 1 - this should not be the first level of the game

lvl 2 and 3 - ok

lvl 4 - there should be a clearer hint that the solution involve running.

lvl 5- ok

lvl 6 - there is no clue at all what the solution are, and it should be some hint/reminder that the player can run thru the wall.

lvl 7 - what?

lvl 8 - this one is really good

lvl 9 - there is no hint that you should exit with your clone.

lvl 10 - there should be a way to find the right path without trial and error.

Finely if you want to learn more about puzzle design i can recommend you to watch game maker's toolkit video about the subject:

Really cool game, you made some really good puzzles! The big problem is that some of the puzzles are presented badly so it is easy to get stuck and instead of solving them, I just tried random stuff until I solve them. For example I got stuck at the first "friend" puzzle because I didn't understand that my "friend" needs to exit att the same time as me.

Also it was really hard to read the text in game, try to use more easely read fonts without flickering when you have more then two word, or some people will have a really difficult time playing your games!

Overall, you have really awesome game and i will definitely take some inspiration from it next time i will make a puzzle game! Great job!

Okay, the description for this game is fantastic! I also like how the game really clearly tells you what hazards will come next. The only problem I had is that the killing hitbox of explosions last too long and are barely visible. Otherwise great job and awesome entry!

I have played it now and I must say that this is probably one of the most polished game of this game jam! The art and music really matches the theme and the mechanics are fun and interesting.

The big problem with this game is that the random generated solution doesn't work that well. The puzzles feels uninteresting. I think this game would have been a lot better with a few handmade puzzles instead. But overall a fantastic game and I think i will return to it once I'm don rating all game in this jam!

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You forgot to upload the .pck file so your game doesn't launch, it would be awesome if you could upload it!  oops, you already have. My bad!

This game looks and sounds amazing. I love how the walls is moving in making the levels smaller. The only problem I have with this game is that the light mechanic doesn't work so well with this game. In the levels with flying bombs, the bombs are almost impossible to dodge when you can't see them and in the other levels it doesn't it really add anything to the game. Otherwise great job!

Thank you for your comment and I'm glad you liked the game!

Loved the dash puzzles in this game but the controlse was a bit confusing. Also it would be nice if were possible to view the riddle again at the end.

Good job on this game! Love the animation on earth. The only flaw this game has is that you can't lose if you constantly goes diagonally (holding A and S key for example). Otherwise great entry!

This game looks very cool but it is really bad at explaining its game mechanics and i feel that the levels are a bit too big and empty. Implement a better tutorial and make the levels smaller and more interesting and i think it will be a awesome game!

I also have suggested that the player start each level with an empty inventory so they can't farme keys in the beginning of the game and just rush through all levels.

Awesome! looking forward to playing it!

This game was really cool love the art and music but i think the player character jumps and falls way to fast. It was cool to see a big variety of enemies! I will try to learn the controls better and see if I can improve my score :D

Thank you for the feedback! Do you have suggestions for how the controls could be improved? Currently it is an linear acceleration (and de acceleration when the spacebar is not pressed) in the direction the player is moving. Maybe have a non linear acceleration or having fixt orbital path instead of using newton's gravitational law 🤔 . What is your thoughts?