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Ayyyy, we're glad to hear the x86 version is working for you! Thanks for playing :)

Hi Sandpixie! A Mortician's Tale is an LGBTQ+ positive game — and features several queer characters and related topics — but it is not a romance game! 

Hey there! Other Paypal purchases seem to be going through with no issues. If it's not working for you, it might be worth contacting Paypal!

Hey Rpermenter112! Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Would it be alright if you give us a bit of information to help us debug the issue? 

1) Which store did you purchase the game from (Steam/Humble or
2) Are you playing on Windows or Mac?
3) If you're playing on Windows, is your operating system 32 bit or 64 bit? This will be shown in System Settings which you can find by searching in the start menu.
4) Does the game ever crash or does it just stay frozen?
3) If the game does crash (and sometimes if it doesn't) could you post your crash log? This link will show you where you can find your Player log files
4) Could you send me your savedata and options files? You can find your save data at: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Laundry Bear Games\A Mortician's Tale and send it to us via

Hopefully we can get this sorted quickly!

Thanks for letting us know about this bug! We'll look into it ASAP.

And thank you for the kind words about the game <3

Hey! We just set the soundtrack live, so you should be able to access it now. We're so sorry about that! 

If you run into any bugs or technical issues please let us know by posting here! Posting in this thread helps us better manage bugs. Thank you!

A Mortician's Tale community · Created a new topic FAQ

What is this game about?
A Mortician’s Tale follows recent funeral direction graduate Charlie at her new job at a family-run funeral home called Rose and Daughters. In the game you’ll be tasked with interacting with Charlie’s desktop, reading her emails from coworkers, clients, bosses, etc, preparing the bodies of the deceased for burial or cremation, and attending their respective funerals and listening to their loved ones’ stories. As you progress through the game, you’ll see how Rose and Daughters funeral home changes overtime too.

Is it a horror game?
It’s definitely not meant to be scary! There are no jump scares or anything like that.

What inspired it?
We have a lot of friends who are / who have previously been funeral directors. In particular, Caitlin Doughty, who is a funeral director / author, and her group The Order of the Good Death were huge inspirations for the game. The game is very inspired by them, their stories from being funeral directors, and the amazing work they all do. The game also features a lot of stories that are directly inspired by our team’s personal experiences with death and loss too.

What does “death positive” mean?
It sounds like a weird term, but basically it means being open to talking about death and grief, and exploring your thoughts, feelings, and fears about mortality. Death positivity is not trying to erase feelings of grief or loss, but instead encourage us to be comfortable discussing them — with the idea that when we are comfortable talking about death, we can make more informed decisions regarding ours our loved ones’ deaths. 

Is A Mortician’s Tale a “death positive” game?
We’d like to think so, yes. 

Does the game feature suicide?
There is one scene in the game that deals with the subject of suicide, but you have the option to skip it ahead of time. 

How long does it take to play?
About 1–1.5 hours or so.

What platforms is the game on?
Currently the game is available for Windows/Mac via Steam and DRM-free through 

Is there a soundtrack? Who made it?
Yes, there is! The soundtrack is composed by Halina Heron and is currently available through Steam or through Halina’s bandcamp.

Who made this?
We’re Laundry Bear Games, a small Toronto-based game studio who likes to collaborate with friends to make weird, colourful games. A Mortician’s Tale is our debut game.

Who made the promotional artwork?
Our good friend Jacquelin de Leon created all of the banner artwork and trading card artwork.

How can I find out about your next game?
We have nothing to announce yet but you can keep up to date with what we’re doing by following us on twitter: @laundry_bear

What technology did you use to make the game?
We built the game in Unity. We used FMOD for sfx/music integration, Blender for all the 3D art, and Adobe Illustrator for all the 2D art / UI / textures.