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A Mortician's Tale

A death-positive game where you play as a mortician tasked with running a funeral home · By Laundry Bear Games

Steam keys?

A topic by 100indecisions created May 27, 2020 Views: 1,515 Replies: 8
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I bought the game as part of the GDC Relief Bundle a while ago, and a few of the games included had Steam keys as well. Is there any chance Steam keys for A Mortician's Tale could be retroactively added as well? Totally understandable if not, given that it was a pretty big bundle; I just figured I'd ask (mostly because I like getting Steam achievements--yes, sorry, I'm one of those people).


Upvoted because I need this! I agree! I just got it from's latest bundle for racial justice, but I'm absolutely in love with the game and would love to have a Steam Key provided to me just so I can play it again and get all the achievements.


I do see that bundle specifically says no Steam keys will be provided, which makes sense given the massive size of the bundle compared to the minimum price. The other bundle did at least have Steam keys for a few games.


Yup, which is unfortunate, but for a good cause and great games who cares...I bought it anyways. I would be willing to pay a few extra bucks for a steam key for the games that have the option tbh, wish it was possible.

Developer (1 edit) (+8)

Hey, everyone!

Unfortunately, for a bunch of logistical reasons on our end, we decided to not give away Steam keys with out sales.

That said, for those of you who showed interest in paying for a key, I would recommend wishlisting the game as we do put it on sale relatively regularly. We have a few sales coming up soon that will make the game fairly affordable on Steam!



Hey everyone, I just wanted to follow up on my previous post to let you know we are currently on sale on Steam if you are interested in picking it up there! It's 75% off for the Summer of Pride event, which puts the game at $2.87 Canadian (about 2 dollars in USD).

Again, apologies for keeping itch and Steam separated, but for those that mentioned being willing to pay a couple bucks for a key, this is your chance!

- Andrew

Just put it in my cart! :D

Hello, may i ask, will the game be part of the Steam Summer sale as well this year? Not the pride one happening now.. i'm meaning the annual summer sale that happens every year from late june to about july 5th?


We will be participating in the Summer Sale, yes!

- Andrew