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Does buying the game here (from this page or in the sale bundle) include a Steam key?

Awesome, thanks so much!

When I click "download or claim" on the sale page, I get an error that just says "can't be bought". Is there a good way to fix this?

Does the bundle include Steam keys?

One dollar (or 100 cents, as the pop-up always says) isn't a huge amount, obviously, but it's a little frustrating to keep running into sales that really aren't sales at all if the price is under $1. I imagine a shopping cart to buy multiple games at once could be complicated to implement, but is there an easier solution that doesn't result in misleading prices, like something to prevent sale prices being set between $0.00 and $1?

I'm getting "There are no keys available at this time, try again later" when I try to redeem my Steam key :/

I'm kind of confused...what's the difference between Jack In The Box and the Summer Sale 2020 bundle, aside from the first one being much cheaper? The Jack In The Box description also says all those games are available for free, but some of the links don't seem to work, and at least on all of those games currently do have prices.

Just put it in my cart! :D

I do see that bundle specifically says no Steam keys will be provided, which makes sense given the massive size of the bundle compared to the minimum price. The other bundle did at least have Steam keys for a few games.

You'll have to extract the files with WinRAR or something similar, and then you should get a file you can actually play. Or you can download the desktop client and install the game that way, which should  bypass the need for doing anything special with the .rar file.

I bought the game as part of the GDC Relief Bundle a while ago, and a few of the games included had Steam keys as well. Is there any chance Steam keys for A Mortician's Tale could be retroactively added as well? Totally understandable if not, given that it was a pretty big bundle; I just figured I'd ask (mostly because I like getting Steam achievements--yes, sorry, I'm one of those people).

For that matter I'd love to try all of your "download only on request" games. Can I do that? Thanks!

Oh cool, that helps. I guess jams hosted by more than one user must show up differently? I was thinking there was more, and comes up blank...but it turns out that more recent jams like Wretched Weekend 1 were hosted by both Breogán Hackett and the Haunted PS1 account. Is there a way to see those? 

Obviously any user can manually list the jams they've hosted, but if they don't, is there any way to see that information in the same way that you can easily see a user's library? I want to keep track of the jams by Haunted PS1, for instance, because every time they do one I find tons of stuff that looks amazing...but I haven't found a way within the site to follow their jams or view their past jams. If there really isn't a way to do this, is it a feature that could be added?


Damn. Incredible. I don't suppose there's a third ending if you just don't move at all?

Yeah, I just claimed Hiding Spot because it's also on a 100% sale, and the description says buying it includes a Steam key, but I didn't get one. So I think you're fine there.