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Quiet as a Stone

Throw Rocks Plant Trees. Ambient slow game for casual creators. Countryside exploration and creation. · By Distant Lantern, Richard Whitelock

​why not make it claimable?

A topic by dibdob1 created Mar 13, 2020 Views: 1,390 Replies: 8
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why not make it claimable?

"This game is on sale! Quiet TimeAll purchases are 100% off until March 20th 2020 at 12:00 AM."

If it's a purchase you  should make it claimable ,yes ?


Heya. I think that would mean a Steam key would also be claimable, and I don't believe Valve like that sort of thing. :( So it's currently free as an itch download but still purchasable on Steam. A compromise of sorts...

Making it claimable will only affect Users who claim it here will not automatically receive Steam keys.

Yeah, I just claimed Hiding Spot because it's also on a 100% sale, and the description says buying it includes a Steam key, but I didn't get one. So I think you're fine there.

never heard of that before ,ever ,but thanks anyway !

I have claimed games on here without steam keys 


I totally agree - steam is 100% separate. Claiming just means we still own it after the sale is over.


Hey everyone. Seems you are right! Not sure where I picked up that concern, I'm sure it was the case when I looked into it a while back. 

Anyway! I set it to claimable and extended the sale for a littler longer! :)


Thanks for making it claimable and being so gracious as to extend the sale. For a ~700mb game it really makes a difference not having to save it to a hard drive and keep it backed up for when I feel like playing it.