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I was just about to type a lengthy comment about how frustrating it is when someone who searches online for a fix, finds one and then goes: "nvm, found a fix" without stating in the thread what the fix was, but then I saw that you had stated it in the post script and I was relied of the burden of having to type a lengthy, rambling, comment.

Oh wait...

Submitted 1 minute, 28 seconds before the deadline

Wow you weren't kidding when you said last minute...

Hi Adam/Creative Pixels, I really enjoyed your game, and I can't wait to share the experience with my brother, but seeing as there's only one save slot, I'm wondering whether it's possible to backup my save file so that he can start a new game.

I checked where the save file location is listed as %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\adamgryu\A Short Hike\GameSaveNew.mountain, but will the game accept it if it's restored and the date modified doesn't match, and is only GameSaveNew.mountain required or the entire adamgryu appdata folder.

Lastly, are you planning to add multiple save slots?

It would be more sensible to put the titles and gifs together, rather than a series of title screens followed by a series of gameplay gifs.

I think your video was fine. Perhaps a bit crass to up the entertainment value, but your criticisms weren't unfair, save for the few times you tried to use your prior videogame knowledge to, what is essentially, an art project.

Thanks for making it claimable and being so gracious as to extend the sale. For a ~700mb game it really makes a difference not having to save it to a hard drive and keep it backed up for when I feel like playing it.

Making it claimable will only affect Users who claim it here will not automatically receive Steam keys.