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AllSky Free Godot Edition specfically is MIT license.

Just to be clear (as the account name is different) I am the original creator rpgwhitelock.

You can use AllSky-Free's textures commercially in any engine.

Hello. Thanks for this. I would like to submit my game Quiet as a Stone for consideration. Thank you.

Hiya, sorry to hear you didn't find out until late. The sale began on the 13th of March so it was on for quite a while. However given that lots of people are only just finding out about it I have extended the sale until the end of March.

Hey try again, should be claimable.

Hey GuyWonder22, should be claimable now!

Hey everyone. Seems you are right! Not sure where I picked up that concern, I'm sure it was the case when I looked into it a while back. 

Anyway! I set it to claimable and extended the sale for a littler longer! :)

Heya. I think that would mean a Steam key would also be claimable, and I don't believe Valve like that sort of thing. :( So it's currently free as an itch download but still purchasable on Steam. A compromise of sorts...

Yeh commercial use is fine.

0.5.1 Update :

- Some photos were coming out black. This seemed to be related to running at high resolutions and on high quality, on certain preset filters. This shouldn't happen anymore, fingers crossed.

- Photo camera depth of field settings fixed.

- Balanced some audio.

I fully expect it will be pretty quiet starting out. But I have it loaded up on my client if anyone wants to join. :)

The Steam page is now up if you care to wishlist it on that platform.

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Hey all.  If you are wondering what the general plan is then hopefully this thread will be informative.  

 - A steam version!  The 1.0 release is intended to be the steam version. I will setup a wishlist page at some point fairly soon! It's very important to me that whatever the steam store page looks like it fairly represents what Quiet as a Stone is.  I don't want anyone buying it and not getting what they are expecting.  Do you think the current store page is a good representation of what you get?

- More stones and discoverable objects. I want the variety of stones to be quite expressive...almost like paint brush tools. I already have a very large list of ideas for these, but feel free to add any ideas you have in this thread.

- The hidden history, told via snippets of discovered text and figurines. This is an aspect of the design which barely exists in the game currently.  The only clues you can currently see are the books at the beginning (currently used for the tutorial text), the explorer's log UI and the generative place names.  I have high hopes for this... I have been heavily inspired by @str_voyage and the work of Failbetter games here. I love the idea of small segments of evocative text which act almost like ambient audio cues or environmental FX - selling the idea of a larger and imagined ancient world.

Discover and Create

  • A casual creators minimalistic slow game.
  • Unique locations featuring bespoke and generative art.
  • Satisfying interactions. Mine crystals, smash things and place items
  • Create your own unique environmental vignette with discovered items.
  • Discover and toy with rare magic stones.
  • Day to night cycle with evolving weather.
  • Photography mode. 
  • Relaxing ambient audioscape and music.

Remake the World

Starting from your home backyard venture out from site to site collecting precious gems, discovering rare artefacts, stones & books of an imagined world.  Use the items you find to create a miniature scene of your own. The rocks and earth are your canvas.  Make a photographic record with your film camera and move onwards.

All that is good must pass away

Embrace impermanence. Do good with what limited resources are available to you. Pause to look around at a scene you find, play around briefly and let the ambience play in the background, or stay a while and indulge in crafting a miniature world

Development Status

Currently in development.  Buy now for early access / preview builds.