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Is there a good way to see all game jams hosted by a specific user?

A topic by 100indecisions created May 26, 2020 Views: 99 Replies: 2
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Obviously any user can manually list the jams they've hosted, but if they don't, is there any way to see that information in the same way that you can easily see a user's library? I want to keep track of the jams by Haunted PS1, for instance, because every time they do one I find tons of stuff that looks amazing...but I haven't found a way within the site to follow their jams or view their past jams. If there really isn't a way to do this, is it a feature that could be added?


There is but we currently don’t link to it from anywhere yet iirc. Try this:

Oh cool, that helps. I guess jams hosted by more than one user must show up differently? I was thinking there was more, and comes up blank...but it turns out that more recent jams like Wretched Weekend 1 were hosted by both Breogán Hackett and the Haunted PS1 account. Is there a way to see those? 

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