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Why is there an option to set a sale price below $1.00?

A topic by 100indecisions created Oct 31, 2020 Views: 86 Replies: 1
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One dollar (or 100 cents, as the pop-up always says) isn't a huge amount, obviously, but it's a little frustrating to keep running into sales that really aren't sales at all if the price is under $1. I imagine a shopping cart to buy multiple games at once could be complicated to implement, but is there an easier solution that doesn't result in misleading prices, like something to prevent sale prices being set between $0.00 and $1?


Collecting payments less than a dollar (and even at a dollar) is bad for sellers. The payment processor’s fee will end up taking a large portion of your revenue then you’ll be sad. Try to charge at least 2 dollars. Good luck!

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