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To me, it was a little obvious but it might be because I was waiting for Asian representation as an Asian gal. Nonetheless, what is her name? She must've slipped my mind. I did Gavin and Percy's routes, and can't recall a Korean character. Maybe I'm just oblivious and my "anger" is misplaced.

As a game that obviously champions diversity, I'm a bit offended about how your Asian diversity plays out...using Naomi as an "IT girl" and half her quotes are about her experiences in Japan. I mean, I know it's anime-styled artwork (the artwork is fantastic)- but I can't get over the fact that your only Asian representation is an IT girl who talks about living in Japan all the time.

I loved other aspects of this game, the writing was great, the voice acting was fun, and the little dialogue trees were very unique. I clocked in about 10-15 hours, replayed a few sections, but at the end of the day, Naomi really bugged me. It's clear you guys were going for a diverse angle, which is thoroughly appreciated as a WOC, but if you're doing so, please try to do Asians a little better. You don't have to make her an IT girl, I swear. Even an esports player would be slightly less annoying.

Unique dialogue + interesting concept, 3/5

I don't think there should be a god mode, but I think it would be really cool if there was a massing system of some sort or some kind of "scientific tool kit," after all, this game is teaching us about breeding and we could definitely put more science into it!

dont see it as a set folder in program files (either 1) "vanished" when i uninstalled it but its still on my pc cos i know that service hasnt disappeared

id assume so, i need to check

thank u but doesnt that mean it still exists on my pc in a way even if the service is disabled?


This is the cutest little thing..absolutely adorable and I cannot wait until I get a letter! Cheers.

Yup, which is unfortunate, but for a good cause and great games who cares...I bought it anyways. I would be willing to pay a few extra bucks for a steam key for the games that have the option tbh, wish it was possible.

Upvoted because I need this! I agree! I just got it from's latest bundle for racial justice, but I'm absolutely in love with the game and would love to have a Steam Key provided to me just so I can play it again and get all the achievements.

Minor thing...there's a typo on the home site of Rose and Daughters, under the "about" section. Amelia wrote "grief ounsellors" instead of "grief counselors." Thank you for such a fantastic game!