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Thank you very much for your quick response.
Creators will have to be taught to build their page before publishing :)
Do we need any permission from you to upload the compiled directly from our editor like Ren’Py does?

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We have requested a new functionality in that would allow us to upload stories created with Make Your Adventure to directly from the editor with one click.

If you agree, support it with your comment or a like.

I think it would be a great idea to add to the API that it be able to create a full game page and load the game from a content authoring tool.
We are developing a visual novel editor where we want the process to be that a content creator using only the editor and once the game is finished can decide its publication from the editor tool. Using a form with the necessary information to create the page, including the price if applicable, the author could have it created and the game uploaded with a single click on the channels needed. Later he could optionally modify the content and moderate his community already within
We have seen that currently the page must already be created in the same way that it seems to be done with other editors such as Ren’Py using butler.
On the other hand, the server API does not seem to have any endpoint to create the web, only GET methods to get information.
Could this functionality be implemented to really bring game publishing closer to creators who may be intimidated by the current process?

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Make your adventure was selected for the accelerator program PowerUp!.
We hope that everything that needs to be improved will come true and very soon you will be able to create your adventures in the most comfortable way possible. The whole team is very excited about this opportunity to promote a project that promises many hours of fun.
Please RT if you have Twitter account and follow us for more news!

I just answered you in a previous post related to the topic.
Please, if it has not been clear, ask me in that one so that the posts are more organized.
You can remove this post once you have read this reply.

I mean the executable is multi-language, but the content depends on how the creator makes it.
For example: MS Word is translated into several languages, but the document written in it depends on who is writing it.

The next target is an easy-to-use version as you say, but no wrapping is planned for Unity or C#.
Instead, it will be recoded to run over HTML and share adventures in the cloud.
Unfortunately it is a lot of work and I need to have time for refactor it.
The good news is that, if you want to do your adventure and play others’, you will only need your browser and it will be very easy to share with a link, not with a file like now.

Thanks for your interest! It really helps to gather strength and continue.

Jumping to up floor (using W or tilt with the ship). I did not see the elevator. Also I did not understand the meaning of the arrows neither the use of the boxes (not ammo nor fuel)

Very fun but hard to control! Same concept that

I enjoy very much playing with my son in coop local :)

Very funny clicker!

Simple and funny! What more you need? :) Congratulations, very complete in all aspects!

Very funny! More satellites in motion please :)

Congratulations! Awesome game & really loyal to jam theme. 10/10 in all points.

Funny game! It reminds me to some cauldron minigames of World of Warcraft! :)

Damn swamped controls! :)

I found the game very short (maybe my bad). Why not get power-ups to cleaning screen or recovering health?

Very fun! Maybe better if red tiles start random, not always the same position. Also growing in different shapes.

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MYA use relative path so you have to execute with java from the folder containing the .jar files (which also contains data folder).

First, change working directory:
cd D:\\Files\Apps\make-your-adventure

Then open with java:
java -jar Juego.jar

Same steps for Creacion.jar

If you have no luck send me the log.

Thanks for this useful information! We will make it easier to run the game and the editor to avoid these problems.

Could you send me the log you get in the terminal and tell me what operating system do you use apart from windows?

Thank you!

The game and editor is multilanguage but the adventure is done in his own language. We need do more adventures but we are spanish native. Now we are working in another game, when finished it we will continue with MYA. One thing we had planned is a JAM with a 1000$ prize for the best adventure and all participants have to share all the adventures publicly. We will appreciate in first place the english content, so you will have a lot of adventures to play. I encourage you to create your own adventures to share with others using the editor (Creacion.jar).

Hi, I asked for your OS. I only tried it on Windows and using app and works fine. Do you have Mac or Linux? If you can tell me I could debug it. Also you can open a terminal and execute with “java -jar Juego.jar” so you can copy the output and paste here the log.

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

I can say that you are a really advanced user of MYA. You add your own characters, places, etc…
I had to stop because lack of time. The idea is to add a website for making easier to add custom characters and share them for all people interested in make adventures.
Now I’m focus in developing a crowd game for play the EuroCup by the football fans called #FollowerLeague (can see #screenshotsaturday in twitter) because COVID cancel it :(
When it was finished I will continue with MYA with a Jam with a prize of 1000$ for the best adventure, so keep it up and you will be in an advanced position :)

See you!

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Hi, thanks for your interest!
What is your OS?
In windows just do what blue lander games said.
Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any problem.

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Our contribution:
Good luck with the bundle!