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Make your Adventure

Turn your idea into your video game, even without programing skills. Just Make, Share & Play · By Lanyu EStudio

Cool project!

A topic by blue lander media created Jun 11, 2020 Views: 116 Replies: 1
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Hi, I discovered MYA in the bundle for racial justice, just wanted to say this is a really cool project! The world needs a visual novel maker that's as easy to use as Twine, this has a lot of potential. Hope you're able to keep working on it!


Hi, thanks for your feedback!

I can say that you are a really advanced user of MYA. You add your own characters, places, etc…
I had to stop because lack of time. The idea is to add a website for making easier to add custom characters and share them for all people interested in make adventures.
Now I’m focus in developing a crowd game for play the EuroCup by the football fans called #FollowerLeague (can see #screenshotsaturday in twitter) because COVID cancel it :(
When it was finished I will continue with MYA with a Jam with a prize of 1000$ for the best adventure, so keep it up and you will be in an advanced position :)

See you!