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blue lander media

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I loved this book. Thank you for writing it, and thanks for making community copies available. It makes taking a chance on unfamiliar work a lot easier, and I'm so glad I did. I paid it forward, and I'm looking forward to reading your other stories 🙏

Thanks so much!

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This looks cool :) Do you have a palette file to use when playing in an emulator, or is there one you recommend? I'd like to play with the intended colors if possible

Edit: Never mind, my emulator doesn't pick up the palette information unless it's explicitly loaded as a gameboy color rom. I changed the extension to .gbc and it works as intended. Sorry for the confusion

If you have Java installed, you can just double-click Juego.jar to start the game or Creacion.jar to start the editor

If you don't have Java installed, you need it.

Hi, I discovered MYA in the bundle for racial justice, just wanted to say this is a really cool project! The world needs a visual novel maker that's as easy to use as Twine, this has a lot of potential. Hope you're able to keep working on it!

Thank you!

Ah ok, apparently my archiver only supports LZMA2 for some reason. Very odd. Thanks for the help!

Hi, when I try to extract the zip file I get the error "unsupported compression method" on most of the files in the archive. Here's the full error log:

This looks adorable, but I get a bug in the Windows version. It says "Data folder not found - There should be 'FetchWIN1.0_Data' folder next to the executable" even though it's there. Hope you can get it sorted out!