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New game page programatically using Server API or butler

A topic by Lanyu EStudio created Mar 14, 2021 Views: 100 Replies: 2
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I think it would be a great idea to add to the API that it be able to create a full game page and load the game from a content authoring tool.
We are developing a visual novel editor where we want the process to be that a content creator using only the editor and once the game is finished can decide its publication from the editor tool. Using a form with the necessary information to create the page, including the price if applicable, the author could have it created and the game uploaded with a single click on the channels needed. Later he could optionally modify the content and moderate his community already within
We have seen that currently the page must already be created in the same way that it seems to be done with other editors such as Ren’Py using butler.
On the other hand, the server API does not seem to have any endpoint to create the web, only GET methods to get information.
Could this functionality be implemented to really bring game publishing closer to creators who may be intimidated by the current process?


At the moment we do not offer a programmatic way to create a project page. Part of the reason behind this is we want to avoid mass generated pages or spammy behavior.

I think we would prefer if someone publishing an game through a tool, that they create the page ahead of time and tool is only responsible for adding the files to the page. This way we can guarantee that all page creators see all the same UI and have the opportunity to fill out any required information and metadata.

Thank you very much for your quick response.
Creators will have to be taught to build their page before publishing :)
Do we need any permission from you to upload the compiled directly from our editor like Ren’Py does?

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