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Could You Port To English Please

A topic by Lord_Kitty created Jun 24, 2020 Views: 189 Replies: 3
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I want to use this as your page is in english but the videos and pages are spanish so I cant use this.


The game and editor is multilanguage but the adventure is done in his own language. We need do more adventures but we are spanish native. Now we are working in another game, when finished it we will continue with MYA. One thing we had planned is a JAM with a 1000$ prize for the best adventure and all participants have to share all the adventures publicly. We will appreciate in first place the english content, so you will have a lot of adventures to play. I encourage you to create your own adventures to share with others using the editor (Creacion.jar).

I dont understand either...


I mean the executable is multi-language, but the content depends on how the creator makes it.
For example: MS Word is translated into several languages, but the document written in it depends on who is writing it.