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cool mod man, keep up the good work

it was mainly blossoms, leaves were a problem like once, but the 2nd tier plants only give like 1-3 and you'd need like 5 of those just to get another one, then the cave blossoms and tiny tree just take a lot longer to get

I really enjoy this game, just a nice simple game about growing plants, the only thing i kind of want is a smoother plant "difficulty" spike, currently there's: Cheap, also cheap, expensive, really expensive
there's not much of an inbetween but besides that i like it!

ok cool, new to game dev so i'm excited for this :D

Does the game need to be created within the duration of when submissions are open? And do we need to use our own created assets made within the submission time?

nice sequel to a nice flash game

ok, i didn't know you made this, you make a lot of things and games that i know and play and i didn't even know

great job

This is a great mod! i'm new to the NT modding community but i love this character, he feels super unique and is just fun to play, i also like melee items so...

there's a little button on the shop in the bottom left called "equip gun" use that when you have 1 empty slot and you'll get the knight gun back

hey angel, should probably say thanks, this was the help that i needed as now i understand how to mod, you've probably seen me on the dicecord but i still never said thanks.

Hey, this is Really cool! but i recently have been looking into modding this game, and i was wondering how to open polymod, i've gotten haxe and openFL but it is so unclear that i'm unsure how to get polymod working, if you have any advice that would be great. Love your work.

This is awesome! I can't wait for the Dicey dungeons modding community to ignite, and this'll keep me interested for a long time. As far as i played it i've enjoyed all the new items! Due to the amount it makes synergies a lot easier to get, while all of them feel unique! this has inspired me to begin modding dicey dungeons, i'll learn eventually and really, Great mod! But one thing is, did you add any items for the bear?