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Thanks! Yeah, still i really wish i could've gotten a tutorial in but i just didn't have the time. Glad you enjoyed! :3

They do dance, but i didn't add the music notes because they don't give any happiness. Thank You! :3

Yeah, there's a lot of polishing i wish i could've done, but the game required a lot of art, so i wish i could've added a tutorial. Thank You! :3

Thank You! :3

Thanks! Earlier in development the game was really easy, so i ended up making it more difficult, mushrooms used to give you 30 coins and stuff. :3

you die

Thank You! :D

Thank You! :D

b r u h : I

Thank You, i totally plan on making more games! :D

Huh, i never really meant for the inverted controls to be a mechanic but this post gave me some insight into it. If if do revise the game later on, i'll probably divide the cars between the two lanes. Thank You for this comment and for playing! :D

Thank You! :D

This is a really great game! The main mechanic is interesting and really fun. My only complaints comes with the controls, i'd end up pressing space instead of jumping but otherwise ti's fine. Also, the crate level's pressure plate, if you press interact on it, it crashes the game. Amazing game! :D

also, sound design and art is good, though i wish the main character had animations, and the difference between the background and foreground was more distinct

This is a really cool game, the puzzles and the elements of them feel really well done, the game however, feels a little under-polished, there are a few bugs and collision is kind of chunky. Great Game!! :D

This game is hard, the controls are hard, the platforming and movement is hard. But it's still a fun game, the music is also great! Good Game :D

The art for this game is amazing, though i had some trouble figuring out the mechanics at first, but after i got them, it was fun. I do want to say, it feels very easy to get overwhelmed, mostly because the enemies often overlap, making it a lot harder to hit with the specific arrow, maybe have the wrong arrow pierce wrong enemies? Good Game! :D

There's a cool story, but in the late game it felt really hard to advance because sometimes when you press jump, it doesn't jump. Also, even a little animation with the characters would've been nice. Good Game! :D

Yeah, that's by far, the most common complaint, but i'm glad you enjoyed! :D

Yeah, i didn't have a lot of time for playtesting, so it turned out a bit harder than i thought. Thank you! :D

Thank you! :D

Yeah the other weapons it works for aesthetic purposes and looks nice, but when you need something to aim directly at the mouse, for the dagger and bow, it just doesn't really work. But they're only 2 weapons, otherwise it's really good!

This is a really cool game, i nice twist on the classic game. The music is also great, but besides that, it's a good game! :D

The mechanics are interesting, but i feel like the game needs more polish before it can actually work well, otherwise, it's fun!

It's a cool idea, but the amount of content, lines you can use, different pockets, etc. feels very low, but the concept is really cool. also the lack of music and sounds throws me off

it really doesn't feel that fun to play. There's little to no explanation

This is a really cool game, the main mechanic is one that i haven't really seen before, besides maybe in smash bros. But the music is good, along with the background and title art! but the character feels a little stiff. I also wish the game was a bit longer? But either way it was still really cool.

The sprites for the game are really good, along with the sounds. I don't think it relates to "two" very much, but the game is still fun. However, the dagger feels near impossible to control because it never aims towards the mouse, and the bow just doesn't work. But this is impressive to have made in scratch!

This is really fun. The gameplay feels fast and fun, while still being fairly simple. Tough the art isn't very good, the FX, like the trail for the cursor, are all really nice, the background and death animations are also amazing. Though it's really easy to get overwhelmed by the green guys if you don't take care of one, that's not a huge deal, and sometimes the cursor detection on the yellow guys can be glitchy. Great job!

It was a fun game, art could have used a bit of work, and the jumping felt floaty, but otherwise, it's fine

Yeah, but what i mostly meant with the floaty controls, was the dang platform level, that felt near impossible. But still it turned out pretty great!

Oh boy, this was fun. It's a very interesting concept, and the game itself looks good, but it kind of comes down to the controls, they can be very irritating at times just because of the driftiness of everything. Also, it took me a while to understand the grey and white blocks because the light seemed glitchy when passing through. Fun game!

For all beginners in unity, this game is fun, the puzzles are interesting, though sometimes the stretched kill things have funky hitboxes, and the music is a bit too loud for this type of game, something smoother and some SFX for pushing buttons or things like that, but it is two.

Oh ok, sorry.

Ha, I guess i never did do really proper playtesting and i saved creating the levels to near the end. Thanks for the feedback! :D

Yeah, i originally kept it like that as a risk-reward strategy  but the more i look into it, it would have just been better to add a wall on the road divider so they couldn't pass it. But there was a scrapped 2-player version where the cars  had collision so they couldn't pass each other and it made some levels straight up impossible. Thanks for the feedback!

yeah, the random generation was extremely hard, it almost made me lose most of my time, but yeah, the more i looked into it, it probably would have been better to keep both cars in one lane, and the inverted controls were kind of an accident, i never noticed they felt weird during testing. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed!

Thank you! :D

Oh ok, i see that now, but yeah, the one kind of flaw would be the dropping speed and the interval between drops, but it's still cool