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I did not try to zoom out, or didn't manage to at least. I tried several times because I thought it was my bad and that I pushed them, but I didn't, It happened several times...

Nice game ! You found a way to introduce space creation I love it ! The idea to hatch planet eggs is really cute also ! Unfortunately I could not manage to go beyond the mars phase, because I think that my atoms were spawning out of the screen space, so I couldn't use them. I ended with 2 particles on all my attempts...

I would love to play the game and finish it once this is solved !

Interesting game ! The art was really nice, along with the cool music and sound effects. You can go far with such a game I think, in fact you can extend it to more squares, have new objects ! The button animations are really satisfying :D , and the info button (dictionnary) was well made, good job !

The tutorial was great, cool images, it sets up the context, but I didn't understand that you could attach the objects on the top right to the cards, and that you could launch the simulation again after one is finished. (I had to read the comments here lol)

Some stuff annoyed me a bit, such as the music restarting everytime you reset (I don't know which engine you are using, but on most of them It's quite easy to avoid this kind of stuff).

One last thing, be sure to have people playtest your game, in fact, you do not lock the UI while a simulation is running, thus leading to weird behaviors when clicking buttons and cards during that time. You should lock the UI and unlock it after each cycle.

Very good game good job !!

Nice voice acting ! It made me smile thank you for that ^^
Other than that, we often say game jam games are too hard, but this one was kinda too easy x) you can just rush the enemies and left click them without consequences. I would suggest giving 2 health lifepoints to the enemies so the shield becomes useful.

The art was cute and simple, it fits the name of the game, good job !

Funny game ! I will play it with a friend when I have time, I actually controlled the two characters at the same time it was quite hard xD

The sound ambience is great, and gfx are nice too !

As you are launched straight up into the game, I would have liked a tutorial (yes i've red the itch description, but in game tutorial adds something) because I didn't know what to do, in what order.

Good job for a 3 days Jam x)

Hi ! To be frank, I didn't manage to finish the game... I did not understand how to kill enemies and avoid being killed. It's fine tho, from what I have red you can buy 2 types of platforms, so this can create interesting puzzles, the art style is great also.

By the way, do not mark your game as "playable with linux and macos", because you only put a .exe file with it. If you do so, explain to those users how to play your game on a different OS. (I am on linux so I knew how to do it, but It is not easy for a lot of people ^^)

Good luck on your gamedev journey !

Amazing game for a game jam ! The art really amazed me, the way you create such a universe with so little amount of colors. I found it very hard (as mentioned), maybe it gets too hard too fast. The level design teaches us quite good, except for the walljump that I found the hardest to control.

Good job, never stop !

Actually I thought the same way at the beginning. The problem when doing a "moving forward" system, is that you have to rotate the camera. In fact, if you dont, when you move towards the camera, your inputs are the other way round, because it's on the player's (the object) referential.

But I didn't want to have a rotating camera, so I had no choice but to use this type of input.

I hope this was clear enough ^^

Thank you very much for your return, the movement system is assumed and is working the way we intended... I'm sorry that it didn't suit you...

Thank you for your feedback ! I Understand what you mean by voxel sizes, we will try to do something with better coherence in the future ! By the way, what do you mean by weird controls ? (I'm sure you guessed that it was intended for some fruits so...)

haha thank you very much !

Really fun game ! What really surprised me is the quality of game design ! Everything was well thought and you always have multiple options.

Take care, sometimes the game was taking into account a ghost jump and you would find yourself mid-air without being able to double jump.

The audio was amazing, vocal narration adds a plus. All these easter eggs were funny (sadly they don't add something in the end.)

Good job !

Interesting game, I got confused with the ring because I can't know if I have used it or not, and some hitboxes were a bit... wide.

I loved the soundtrack, the ambience and the little dialogues. Good job !

Good entry, the music and ambience is really good ! Take care when making this type of game, there were a lot of written errors, it's important if you want the player to stick with the story.

Also giving the player the key to fast-forward dialogues is a must.

Good luck in your game dev life !

Good entry ! I I loved how you know what you have to do (once you figure out how to open the inventory), and you play having a goal in mind.

I would have loved to see my cursor in game, sometime I switch cubes without wanting to because I was just on the edge of it. Also having a main volume slider could be nice, the sound was quite loud.

Good job continue to make games !

Haha thank you very much ! This is indeed an aspect we were looking for ^^

Thank you very much for your feedback ! We are taking everything you say into account, especially the different buffer ideas that I find attractive ! (even I had some bad times where I thought i pressed the keys ^^).

Having such a constructive feedback for a gamejam game is amazing thank you for your time, I will definitely play your game !

Thank you very much for your feedback ! We take that into account ^^

In Unity when you build your game, you can choose to build it for WebGL. In this case you can upload it to itch through making an archive of all the files.

Haha i loved this game ! The chore gameplay mechanic is super cool ! Good job with the level design and ideas !

Keep up the good work !

The atmosphere was really nice, i loved the music and sound effects ! I loved how the statues were moving a bit towards you, it adds something to the game. The fact to be able to walk through walls and trees was a bit strange, or at least their implementation.

Very good job guys ! Keep going !

Thank you very much ! I'll go play your game asap !

I loved the visuals and the different colors. The idea is not bad either, but the issue for me is that the game is waaaay to easy, after having 10 turrets you can just afk and never look at it again...

Good job for a 8h project xD

Loved the designs and the music ! Also the difficulty was nice, but maybe when you fail you could respawn all enemies in the room ? 

I loved all the little animations, after taking off a boss and a key. The little arrows are very welcome, the game design is really good !

Good job keep going !

Thanks for the feedback ! Yes the goal was at the end to do a quite hard game, but it had to be kept in the scope level of everybody. I hope you could figure out how to finish the game, even though you had issues with wall jumping ^^

Very good game with polished game design ! Love the music good job !

I loved the ambiance and the music ! Very nice game !
Good job !

Spoiler :
Just a quick word : on the second run when you unlock ghost mode, I pressed E to interact with the purple object (the kind of ladder) and it instantly teleported me to the end. I did not play the entire level...

Yes only the windows version works... We can't modify the project during the voting session so we can't push the fixes...

Thank you ! It is the first time it happens to us... I will try to use your solution ^^

it was on the web version.

The enemy sounds were looping infinitely, and same for the player step sounds.

The dark blue attack could be a fking laser if i kept my right click pressed 😂, that's why i instantly used all ammo.

Quite good for seven days, the audio made me mute the game after 3 mins tho.
Haven't finish the boss yet. 

Would be nice to have a ammo counter because i just tried the dark blue attack and it ran away in 2secs xD

As Kalestri said, would be nice to have smoother controls.

Gj mate

Hi ! Yes we do have a money counter, at the end of each day it appears on the top left corner.

Thank you for your feedback !

I don't really understand where the "puzzle" part you mentionned is, and the enemies were a little weird.

But the dying sound is so funny 😂 gj for that !

Thank you very much man ! Feedback truly appreciated !

Thank you very much ! Yes we took some inspiration from this game, and wanted to add our little touch to it.

Thank you very much for your feedback ! Yes we definitely need to add a progression and finish the game loop ^^

Loved it ! The boss battle was really good, and having this little pattern was nice !

Good job !

Loved your game ! I quickly understood the gameplay and i loved the music ! 

Keep going !

Thank you for your feedback !

Actually if you click on the game name at the end you go back to the main menu ;-) we should have made a thing so the player knows it.

And yup we had other mechanic ideas but we did not had enough time to make them.