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Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

There’s no refresher via panels or menus, but there are some subtle icons on the 4th, 5th and 6th spool. 4th are islands (no same color around them), 5th have the same thread right by them (side-to-side), and 6th have the same thread right below or above them.

I appreciate the honest criticism - it is helpful to hear that you didn’t discover the time feature until the end. Now I know what to improve for next time!

It will run, but I am not 100% certain how well. Email me at and we will work something out so you can try it.

No, only 64-bit on Linux unfortunately. It is an x86_64 executable. I’ll update the file names to reflect this.

Glad it is all working - that does stink about the SD card!

Whoa, can’t believe I made that mixup - thanks for letting me know!

Community really wants this - I am currently working on hand-made puzzles for next update 👍

Someone else mentioned that time was ridiculous also, so I will increase it in the next patch. Thanks for playing - happy you enjoyed it!

Not picking up, but instead, releasing Across-Stitch just in time!

Whoa your download is 500MB zipped and 1.7GB unzipped! Prune as many dependencies - I think you accidentally bundled a lot of unused packages. Also, it looks like you compiled this with GCC into a binary most computers can’t inherently run. How do you run your game?

Ah you beat me! I am CJL haha.

Looks like we had a similar idea with the theme! I enjoyed the pixel art and UI a lot.

This concept is super clever; I was not expecting a strategy game when I saw the title screen. I had a lot fun! Do you plan to keep working on this? You should add more agents and enemy types - this game has a lot of depth potential!

The polished particles, UI shake, and gun feedback are crunchy and satisfying. Is that your voiceover during the intro? That’s awesome if it is - looks like you had fun making this!

We would love some feedback!

Can’t wait to see the stream!

Graphically, there is a lot going on here that is impressive! Palette swaps, sprite style changes, animations, and so on. You are all really talented.

Narrative games aren’t my cup of tea, but there is a good bit of variety in story-telling and scenes so I was able to keep going which was nice. It was cool to see this game interpret “plant” from a poem.

For some reason, I could not get the left and right movement to work sadly.

It took me a while to understand how and where to drop a seed, but once I figured it out, I really enjoyed this game! The concept is unique and familiar at the same time, and the challenge of flying and placing seeds was at just the right amount of difficulty.

Super cute acorn with animations!

I think by making their collision box the size of their torso (their head gets stuck on corners lol) and their speed faster, the gameplay would improve, because the window to pass the squirrels is reeeeal tight.

Maze games are a perfect fit with Gameboy, nice work!

Haha thank you for checking it out!

Thank you for playing and rating!

The story, layout and idea felt original and fresh. I particularly loved the fade-out transitions and UI - which really felt like a Gameboy!

On the critique side, I felt like the combat was a little out of place and clunky, and the view of the room was too small.

Cool game and awesome art!

We really appreciate the constructive feedback. I agree about the slowness, and it was indeed hard to see where the arrow was traveling and it’s trajectory. I’m happy you found the the concept interesting - thank you!

Uh oh, your files didn’t seem to upload! You should be able to upload them in the next two days. Looking forward to trying your first game!

Yeah, I was going for a “you are your own worst enemy” to the design since the boss ended up taking too much time. I also wanted to incorporate a rocket jump by aiming down and holding the shoot button - hence the recoil lol. Thanks for playing!

First off, huge congratulations for reaching the finish line and submitting something that you worked on solo. That is impressive and you should be proud of yourself!

I can tell you are a musician, the music stuck out to me for its high quality. Besides the music, my other favorite part of the game was the quirky theme and creative originality. This reminded me of a party game, the formula is superb - however nothing is really challenging the player during the tree burning sequence. I think if you added more tricks/obstacles/twists to it - you made something extremely fun.

This was a really cool twist (up to you if pun is intended lol). I like the originality and simplicity - awesome stuff!

My only really minor complaint was the turning was so stiff and rapid. A real slight blend/lerp will smooth that out.

I like the ability to place buildings anywhere and then put something on top. Also like the idea of combining stealth with tower defenses - I have never seen that before!

I know there was still more work wanted, but if you were to put more time into the game, the first two things you should add is a zoom-out/zoom-in feature with the mouse and a lose condition.

Great work and great idea you two!

Which of these would you like to see as the base for Knitweave Jam 5?
  1. Adventure
  2. Puzzle
  3. Platformer
  4. Fighting
  5. Survival
  6. Simulation
  7. Shooter
  8. RPG
  9. Sports/Racing
  10. Stealth

“Sam Hogan”-esque, I like the visual style a whole lot!

The single jump feels good! But as others mentioned, the double-jump feels off, because either you’re falling (so the double-jump only slows down the descent) or you double-jump right after jumping (so you go really high!)

That is a quick fix; the real meat is the level design and the character charm you added! It put a smile on my face that you took the time to add an intro, tutorial, and dialogue. Great work!

The shoot and bounce sound effects were a great touch - it added depth!

It was a smart decision to start simple and then polish with some flair. That made this feel a lot more complete. Awesome concept and impressive execution!

That sounds like a cool idea! Glad you could at least make it and participate!

All good - thank you for joining and showing off what you have so far! I am happy to hear the prompts triggered something cool. I will be on the lookout for your game. Best of luck!

Hey all, just realized the HTML version has an annoying bug right at the end. The screen gets really dark.

Download the Windows version to bypass this bug - if you want to finish the game!

How do the submitters feel about a late policy change - voting being public? Right now, it is only other submitters can vote on submissions.

I feel like it benefits small amounts of submitters by giving them more votes. On the other side, someone could in theory get a raid of people to rate 5/5 on their game.

Let me know what you think, and if there is positive feedback, I will change the rules tomorrow evening.

I agree that the map is large, but the idea of light looks good and was smart for a searching game. Nice work!

I like the use of speed to compensate the difficulty. Gives more replayability like an arcade game. Great job :)