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The game looks good. I'm gonna assume that the prison is on the moon cause gravity felt a bit weak 😆 Not necessarily a bad thing, just unexpected.

A family of krakens was living in a shallow bay. One day father kraken got abducted by a wizard.  Wizard took him to deep waters where young krakens were too small to follow. So the kraken family wowed their revenge and started practicing sword fighting to one day take back their beloved parent... 😄   Yeah I see how this could help with storytelling

As someone who gets disoriented quite easily... 😨 

Good thing you gave the small labyrinth option, I managed to stumble out by accident. The medium one I was hopelessly stuck in and I never even saw the ghost.

Arrow keys. But I'm not sure if moving is all you can do or I just failed to find control for interacting. 

A decent little platformer. Did a good job at teaching each skill. Only having to press enter at every instruction was annoying. Especially when I tried the second time after getting killed by the blue blob boss.

Overall Pretty nice.  The combination of character being a bit difficult to control and limit to number of times I can use each skill was quite punishing. A bit nicer instructions for controls would've been nice I only figured out double jump by accident.

I guess this was not supposed to happen? I was having a pretty good time until then but I just can't get past the blue screen 😅

46$ I'm rich!

You made me feel like such a clown. Egg shaped rock...

So simple, yet so satisfying.

A bit overwhelming. 

The colliders could use some tweaking. It was hard to jump around edges sometimes because I was sliding off.

I managed a normal chicken! A bit annoying to play with touchpad. Would have been more enjoyable if grabbing items didn't require as much accuracy as it did.

Egg egg egg egg egg egg egg.... such beautiful soundtrack

You certainly put some effort into art I wish you hadn't... 

Luckily the items were fun enough to make the damage to my eyes worth it.

Decent game. It would be really sweet if falling off the track cracked the egg.

Thank you for the reply! 

There was the blue bar at the bottom that appears at the start of interaction and decreases as you wait. I was worried it wouldn't be clear enough. If I ever continue developing that game I'll certainly try to make the rules easier to understand.

Originally wanted to also add  interaction animation (like a key circling the lock or sth) to make it really obvious that things are happening. Maybe also have some intro level without enemies to give people enough time to understand how interactions work. But time ran out so none of that happened :(

Thank you for your feedback. 

To unlock, just standing next to door for three seconds while having at least one key should've worked. (Or being lucky enough to bash through it while berserk.) Being unable to unlock the door could be a bug not communicating the need to wait well enough. I would be grateful If you could let me know which one it is. 

Very beautiful! It took me a lot longer to collect all pixies than I expected. I could totally see this being a relaxing minigame in some epic adventure RPG.

Overall the game is pretty fun, but there are some bits I think could use some work. 

I had hard time aiming with most weapons as the cards were quite small and moving around a lot, not to mention I had to keep moving myself to not get hit by anything. I also died too quickly many times to really have a chance to practice and get used to new weapons. Maybe it would be a good idea to have some sort of difficulty progression not complete randomness.

It took me a while to understand how to use melee weapons. Would've helped to have one in the starting room with the machine gun. Furthermore I would've hoped they'd be more effective against the enemies running toward me or at least hold them back, but using them just seemed like a sure way to die. 

By the way, do the slot machines take weapons instead of coins? Would explain why I lose my old weapons each time :)

I really liked that game. Only wished that the message at the beginning of the level didn't play every restart. Considering how quickly and often I kept dying it got really annoying.

The connection between fins and directions wasn't communicated that well. Showing it like you did after the first fin left the impression that I can now move in three directions opposite D,S,A being left, forward, right respectively (which led me to assume randomized controls possibly because I've seen that in many games this jam). Also since it's quite dark I honestly didn't even notice the fin.

But once I tried the game again while understanding the rules it was fun. Became way too easy in a minute or so though. Maybe in the future the enemies should also evolve. 

The effects were really cool. I think it would be nice if the potion that makes things normal also worked as checkpoint. Getting sent back to floaty tables when I failed at wall jumping was frustrating especially when getting the potion gave the feeling of "that bit is over now".  

It's modern art, baby! You captured the feeling of trying to rush things done before the deadline very well: constantly rising frustration and work becoming increasingly messy and full of mistakes. 

Really loved that game. 

For me the perspective certainly added to difficulty.  Maybe that was intentional, but I still would've preferred looking straight to box openings.

I liked how grappling worked with movable objects. Unfortunately the grappling direction was completely off at times. Felt quite buggy. 

Pretty sure I've played something with mechanic very similar to that one, except you also got points for flips. I think it was snowboarding themed or something, but I'll be damned if I can find it again.

I really liked that there was a timer so I would know when the shooting changes. Otherwise I would've been quite angry if I died because of it. 

I feel like the game was veering into frustrating rather than fun because hitting the enemies was a bit too difficult. I do think this game could be a lot of fun with a bit more balancing.

It was easier to just avoid enemies than to use music on them. The concept was cool though.

I had fun. I love the art style and overall look of the game. Pretty stupid of enemies to give me free points by approaching from below though :)

I managed to pick up candy, but didn't manage to give any to customers. Some instructions (such as which candy is which) and a restart button at the fail screen would've been greatly appreciated.

I loved the intro bit. You should definitely give notice the game needs sound.

Notice to all players: Make sure to have your volume turned up!

I quite enjoyed the irresponsibility. Noticed several typos and got my health above the max though.